Romance scam letter(s) from Alina Ruzieva to Eddie (USA)
Letter 1

Hi my dear Eddie!
I'm glad to see the letter from you! How are you??? Every day I thank the God that I found you in this crazy world!!! I never tired to say you Eddie that I love you all my heart and I'm waiting this beautiful day when we'll be together and can speak hug and kiss.
It will be the best moments in my life. I want you in my life Eddie I want to fall asleep and wake up with you Eddie and everyday I want to be yours! I think you love me too and we must do all for our meeting, I trust you very much and I'm sure that this day which I'm waiting comes soon because I truly love you and want to be with you,
it's my dream now but it's realizable. This day comes nearer, I feel it and I think you feel it too. I want to say hello to you from all my friends and my relatives they wish love for us. It's a beautiful life now for me because I have the man which I love. I'm so happy that you responded my request for help. I'm so glad that you understand me and my troubles, and you are with me. I'm so happy that you are so open to help me. I wanted to tell you that people I worked with in the USA,
they want to help me in my situation with money, they want to help me to get my salary now when I'm in Russia and I will be able to solve my problems. But they can only to send a check to some of my close friends in America. Therefore they offered me to give them an address on which they will mail a check. And I thought that I can ask you about it. Because I have nobody closer than you, my dear. And I can not trust this procedure to nobody except you. Honey, it will take just a few days for check to come to your mailbox, on your address.
You will receive this check in few days after my colleagues will send it to you. Now I just need to give them address on which they will send the check right tomorrow. And I need to know if it is ok for you and not will be very hard?? Will you be able to wait for my check to come (it is about 5-6 days)??? Of course to cash the check, you will receive it written on your name. It means that it will be your name and address on this check. I hope I didn't miss anything important,
and hope you get it all right. That's why I need to know your full name and mail address. I'm so happy that you agreed to help me. Please don't forget to write all the information I need in your next letter.
I will inform my USA colleagues immediately, and they will send a check as soon as possible. It is just a little request, which will not take much of your time and don't prevent your plans. When you receive this check, you will be able to cash it and send that money to me in Russia and I will pay my charges in the Department. It is related with my work in America and my arrive to you. Please, I hope you understand that without that money I can't leave Russia nearest time. I'm so glad that my colleagues found a way to help me. Though it is the only way now, but it is very simple. You will just have to wait for my check.
Now I want to ask you, will you be able to receive it??? I hope you don't plan to leave your home after week or so. I repeat, check will be delivered maximum after 5 days since will be it sent. Therefore I need to know about your plans, honey. I must admit that it is the only fast way for me now. Please understand me right. And I hope you will respond on my simple request. You know I do it all only for us, and I will be happy to realize that you are helping me too and I'm not alone in my difficulties. We are together forever!!! Dear, I will wait for your letter hope you will answer me soon. I love you. I miss you.
I can't wait to see you honey. XOXOXOXOXOX.
Yours Maria...
Letter 2

Hi my love Eddie!
How are you today? I'm fine and dream a lot of our meeting.
When my dreams comes true? I don't know but I hope it will be soon, do you know how beautiful when dreams come true,
did you have it already? I think that if the human want something and do all for it, it will achieve the purpose beacuse if do nothing, nothing will be. I very happy because I found you in my life, I'll do all for our meeting, I want it all my heart. Did you ever think about connection of souls?
I don't know but I feel that we approach each other very much.
Honey, check will be at your place in the nearest 2 days. I was talking with my bosses and they told me that when you will receive the check, you will be able to cash it in any Western Union office. So you will be able to send me the money immediately.
It is very useful. Because in other banks check will have to be cleared for several days. Therefore the best way for you is to bring the check to the Western Union office, they will cash it,
and you will send me money at once using my WU info. I hope you get me right and will do it all ok. It will come to your address in few days. My colleagues informed me about details...
$1,642.17, from KIRK A KAISER, he's worker of financial depart in my company. So please be attentive checking your mail box honey:)
I love you Eddie please write me soon, I'll wait for your email.
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