Scam letter(s) from Natalia Vohtomina to Rafael (Australia)

Letter 1
hello friend Rafael.
I have be interested in you and now I want tell you a little about myself. I live in Russia city is Volgograd. To me 28 and my birthday June, 9. I live with my mum her name is Svetlana we live together in an apartment and we have two dogs Tusik and Bobik. daddy at me are not. I studied in university and now I work as the librarian, I very much like this work because like to read. In this letter you see my pic. i hope you like me!? I was advised by mum and friends that I tried to find serious relations in internet, now iam single but I very much want to find serious relations. Here I shall finish and hope you is interested in me now if yes then let's find out each other better. pls inform me about yourself more, I want to know you and send to me yours pics! ok? I wait your answer. your Nata.
Letter 2
hi my friend Rafael. I have checked up my inbox and was very glad got your letter. Thank you for answer. i really like you. Rafael seems to me if we shall correspond more, we can to find out much in common and interesting about each other. In the past I had relations here, but I could not find man who would respect me and would be my the only, here men do not respect women and problem of drunkenness spoils men therefore I use internet in hope to find close man and I has met you and told to my friends about you and they like you. my friend seems to me that necessary for us to find out each other better then probably we shall more than friends, time lets us know. Rafael I want to know what you like to do at free time? what music you like to listen? You like to have a rest on a nature? Tell about yours hobbys? and please send to me pics! ok? I think that now I go and I shall wait your answer with impatience. Yours Nata.
Letter 3
Hello Rafael. how are you today? I hope all great at you. In this letter I want to tell about my hobbys. I have much hobby. when I studied at university I with my friend Masha frequently visited a sports hall where we did gymnastics to us it very much was pleasant because gymnastics invigorates and strengthens an organism. After gymnastics we at once went in pool to float to relax muscles. Also I like to ski and skates in the winter. In general I with friends like to visit cinema, theatres, museums and another, for example, billiards club. From films I liked american film "Sweet November". I like to listen to group Roxette,I think you heard their songs too. I like to go to restaurant and to eat food of the different countries. in past we frequently did all this. But now I have not enough time because I have a lot of work. When I have a free time I with pleasure do something interesting. Rafael now interesting to me to find out more about your family!? I hope you tell to me more about it in following letter. On it I shall finish my letter. I wait yours your letter and yours pics. your Nata.
Letter 4

Hello Rafael.
Iam very glad to receive your answer. I was glad learn a little about your family. Here I shall tell you a little about my family. You already know I live with mum, daddy has left us when me there were 10 years and since then I live with mum. My mum very good person, she kind woman and always best assistant. Iam very grateful to mum for that that she has well to bring up me. Here a photo me and mum, she spoke to you hello. I dont have brother or sister. I the only child at mum. My mum pensioner already 1 year, in past she worked as doctor in hospital. She very good doctor the pediatrist. she is doctor which treats children for children's illnesses. My mum very much loves children and wants that I have faster given birth to her to grandsons. I never was married and I have no children but very much love children and I want to lift 2 or 3, how many you want children? you like children? I shall be glad if you in following letter tell me more about your work. Your work is difficult? You like your work? Please send me others pics! ok? I wait your answer with impatience.Nata.
Letter 5
Hello my dear friend Rafael. iam 28!!!! its pics news!
ok I will tell you more about my work. As you already know I work in library. My working day begins at 8 am in morning and comes to an end at 6 pm in evening. Our library is the most important and big in our city. in this library total a plenty of books of different genres and directions, it is a lot of encyclopedias and scientific works are stored in storehouses. Therefore to facilitate search necessary book library are divided on sectors. When to us comes reader him meet our adviser. adviser help to find necessary sector in which to be stored necessary book for reader. In these sectors too there are other advisers. I work in sector science fiction. I help to find to reader book necessary to him. I am proud of my work and I like my work. of course maybe you think in first that its very boring work, but I shall not agree in it. Its very interesting. You go to Library in your city? You have much read books? What your favourite book?
and tell about your beautiful city! ok? I wait for your letter with answer.
Yours Nata.
Letter 6
Hi dear Rafael. I again write to you answer to your letter. Iam glad find out about you more with each letter. I want tell to you about my remarkable city is Volgograd. In Volgograd more than 1 million inhabitants. Its very beautiful city where many sights. The basic sights its historical monuments, in it letter I have applied pic big monument at edge of city, he will ***** in honour of wars were for a long time and consequently city of Volgograd name city the Hero! And another pic is my house where I live from childhood in street Fadeeva! Here a lot parks, museums, clubs, cinemas, an ice palace where we go to skate. I very much like my city, I with friends frequently go in cinemas, we look comedies or melodramas we attend theatres, we like walk in evenings on parks, sometimes we go in cafe, we very much like have a rest together. In city there are industrial enterprises, they well develop, accordingly and city prospers. Hence I live in remarkable city. Rafael i see you good man and I shall be glad to find out about your character, what qualities you like in person? What you dont like in person? I want to know your character. I with impatience shall wait your letter. For ever your Nata.
Letter 7
Hi Rafael. Thank for your letter. yes here in Russia we too celebrate Easter, its big holiday here and i wish you a happy Easter.I was glad to find out about you. I think you would like find out about my character more, about what attributes character in people i like and dont like! Now I try tell you about it. I dont like false people, from childhood my mum spoke to me that i speak always only truth and it remained in me, I know many people which may talk lies much and I very much dont like these people, I dont respect such people and try to avoid talk with them. Now I want say you about relations which I want have between me and my future man. seems me that in serious relations should be honesty, mutual understanding and most important this trust, without trust there may not be serious relations. Honesty should be always,means that should not be any secrets,never hide anything from loved person even if it very seriously at once is better say, it will be best way for both.As I already spoke trust this most important in serious relations, I think believe necessary always and of course that it was mutual. I dont like jealousy, I think that if people love each other then jealousy never will be and they will have happy family,also in such family should be an equality.I very much want creation happy family, its important for me, and I very much want to be happy with someone and he maybe you Rafael, time gives us answer. I very much like kindness and tenderness. by the way, in you I begin see all these qualities, maybe you is man which I search. Seems me that I have told you all that I think about serious relations. You remarkable man! Write me and I with pleasure shall read your letter. Your Nata.
Letter 8
Hello my dear Rafael.
Thanks you for your letter. I fine here and hope you too!
yes I was glad to hear a song you have sent but sorry I cannot send because here the Internet communication bad therefore much MB I can not send! the first lines it letter I want tell you that i very much like you and i very like correspond with you.i think that i and you look in one side also we have something the common, at us identical ideas and i like it! Rafael seems me that now our friendship increased and becomes more than friendship. I can tell to you that I dont regret that was registered in agency where I have met here you Rafael and i at once have liked you, seems me that you remarkable man. Rafael how you think our meeting it something is more than friendship? we have good mutual understanding and i think for us will not be distance is barrier, we could find each other even if we far, you agree with me? All i tell you I tell sincerely. When I saw you in first time i at once have interested in you, but now when I find out about you more i like you more and more, and now I can tell that you very good man! With each letter we become more close each other and now I value our relations, I think our relations constructed on trust, mutual understanding, and love its a basis of happiness on ground. Write me what you think about it? I with impatience shall wait your answer. For ever your friend Nata.
Letter 9
hi my dear Rafael.
my dear at us in Russia rarity can be met good man. At us many bad men, at us are a problem alcohol and addicts. Therefore I have gone to Internet search man. And seems me that I have met him. I correspond only with you, and more nobody is necessary for me. Rafael we corresponded long time and now I know about you much and I know you fine man and speak you sincerely that i like you very and seems me that you man with which I want to be. I hope it does not frighten you!? i know now you far from me, but i think we do more closely each other with each letter. my lovely you agree with me? Rafael I would be glad talk with you in person. seems me to talk in real better than chatting through my opinion if we meet in a reality we can learn about each other better and find out there can be we together for ever or not.yes dear? I understand what to meet in person to us necessary to overcome distance and time between us. My dear you imagined our meeting sometime? I can tell that I think of you frequently and hope that your feelings to me sincere too. If your feelings are mutual then i will very happy know it. My lovely Rafael I think that you can do me by happy girl and Iam glad that I have met you.ok I think that I could show you my feelings and pls write me what you think? I wait your answer with impatience. Yours for ever Nata.
Letter 10

Letter 11
hello my lovely Rafael.
I have again received your letter and is very glad that at you all well.
iam great here now seen your letter. my dear at us in Russia rarity can be met good man. At us many bad men, at us are a problem alcohol and addicts. Therefore I have gone to Internet search man. And seems me that I have met him. I correspond only with you, and more nobody is necessary for me. I again thought of you last days and again imagined as I have met you in person, I really think that it would be wonderful. Rafael I want to tell that you has given me new sense in life and now I dont feel itself lonely girl, now I know that in world there is man i like! I think, if I could meet you in person I can show you my sincere feelings my tenderness, caress and care. I would be glad walk with you on a nature, then sit with you at a warm fireplace and recollect as we long time corresponded and embrace each other. My dear Rafael seems me that it no dreams, its possible to make. Rafael pls write me what you of think? oh I know your full name and this very long name. My full name Natalia Vohtomina! I shall try to check my inbox frequently read your answer and write you new letter.I shall miss you and I hope you too! kiss for you. For ever yours Nata.
Letter 12
my dear Rafael! Once again thank you for the kind letter.
Today I have day off therefore I at once answer your letter.
Dear Rafael ideas about you dont leave me for one minute, I always think of you!
After long correspondence I have found out about you much and now I have to you very warm feelings. You fine, sensitive, kind, you deserve the most good compliments. i really like you very much! i think now already some days I feel sincerely feelings to you. I wanted find man who is pleasant to my soul and i think i have found! It you my dear Rafael! Iam very grateful to you for attention to me! dear you really dont play with me? pls answer this important question for me! ok Rafael? Rafael I thought about to visit you sometime. Rafael but I of nothing know about what necessary to do for visiting Australia. maybe visa and many other documents is necessary, now I dont know nothing but if you want to meet me then I can visit travel agency and find out all. ok? dear yes I have mobile but its phone mums therefore I shall inform you when I can wait yours call. ok? I think on Tuesday or Wednesday, its ok? And pls inform me your phone number maybe I try call you >from a pay phone! ok? But my dear I use translator therefore maybe I bad shall understand you, but I study English every day therefore I think when we meet for us it there will be no problem! now you very important for me man! And I very hope that we shall meet in person. I think we shall spending fine time and Iam sure we find out each other much better than through email. ok now I think I shall finish this letter and shall wait for your letter with impatience! All my ideas about you.
yours Nata.
Letter 13
Rafael. You read my last letter??? I answered you all questions you ask!
And I really have no mobile. Mobile my mum has, you dont trust me???
I shall call to you but not today.
yes I use translator PROMT!
yes I had serious relationship! dear its a ****** question! You so dont think?
Tell me who now in age of 28 years had no relationship??? I had it 1 one year ago, but he did not respect me therefore we have finished.
Read attentively my letters if want to know me better. And I spoke that I can visit you and learn all about arrival to you but you did not answer it.
can i know why??? It seems to me you at all read my letter.
Letter 14
I was glad to hear your voice. dear I should work now.
dear if you really want meet me I can to inform all what i has found out from manager travel agency.
I wait your answer. Yours Nata.
ps. You have a sweet voice!
Letter 15
hello Rafael. I have received your answer again. Rafael I am very glad that you want to meet me. I think it really will be wonderful for us and meeting in person gives to us know we shall together or not. ok now I shall inform you that I have found out in travel agency. To me have told that come to Australia I can through tourist visa. tourist visa allows to be at you up to 3 months. Also I should do passport for travel abroad, a photo, and other documents. dear I really was surprised with cost documents. Cost for all documents 620$ American dollars. dear it really very has surprised me, sorry but me its a pity to speak you it I cannot find such money, its a lot for me. dear maybe you can help me? Rafael If you help me I to you shall be very grateful and we shall meet in 1-2 weeks after payment. dear iam so sorry but I really want to meet you. I imagine our meeting at airport. ok now I wait your answer. kisses! Yours for ever Nata.
Letter 16
dear iam sure i can do visa and come to you!
I was registered on yahoo and now I wait your answer in online!
If you have no yahoo id then be registered on
I wait your answer.
ps. my yahoo id is ntden27
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