Scam Letter(s) from Anna Kruchinina to Tony (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello my foreign friend Tom! I'm glad to hear from you today. I am sorry for a long delay of the letter. But unfortunately I could not write to you earlier. I want to tell you that when I write to you my emails I spent much time for it because I must write my thoughts on english but I think you understand all my words. Sometimes I use the dictionary because can't know all words but I write the most part of email by myself. Today is the spring day here in Slavgorod but as you know there is cold climate. I think that climate there where you live is much warmer. I like when the sun shines and warm or hot weather. It will be great to meet each other in the future but I know that we must learn more about each other. Maybe I could come somewhere even in your country. I like to travel but I'm the lonely woman and I don't know where could I to travel. When I was young my mother and I travelled to the black sea in the summer, it was the pretty time when I was young. Then the situation in our country changed. I think you know that our country called USSR then it become Russia. The economic situation changed and we have lost the opportunity to travel there because the grants finished. I'm not rich woman but I like to work and I'm dentist as you know. I think that medicine is great speciality and in other country I could to earn more than here. Maybe oneday I immigrate maybe to your country but I don't know the future. My personal life is not too good now because I'm alone. Two years ago I had a boyfriend which name is Yuri, he is the factory worker and it was not the best time because he drink alot and sometimes beat me. I has stopped the relationship of course. I'm trying to be open and I want that you Tom will be open with me too because we are trying to know more about each other. Now I make about 5-8 thousands of roubles per month here and pay the taxes. It's about a little more than two hundreds american dollars. I rent the flat and it's cost 3 thousand of roubles per month. I know that many people acquainted through internet and come to each other, so I decided to try to know you better. I'm glad Tom that you write me and want to know about me. I want to know about you more and I hope you will tell me about yourself more. I want to meet man which will respect the woman and which will have trust the woman because I'm trusted and honest woman. I'm sure it's possible and I'm interesting in knowing you better Tom. I want to ask you some questions: do you like to hug? do you like to hold hands? to make woman smile? I like this things. I'm romantic person! I have the good mood today and I want to smile because I feel that someone special write me emails and I communicate with real person from other country which name is Tom! How are you today? I hope you are good. Today I had a hard working day but in the evening I come home and will cook beautiful dish called 'golubec' I don't know how to translate it to english. It's the stewed meet with rice wrapped up cabbage sheets. I think if you will taste it oneday you will like it! What dishes are popular in you country/city? As you know I'm in healthy image of life I'm not drink and smoke. Sometimes in big holidays I could taste a little wine. I think that the people must aspire to health, I hope you think so also. I know that tomorrow I will work again and if you will send me your email I will send you email too! Do you really interesting in knowing me? It's so amazing because I'm interesting. Can you tell me what the prices in your country? For example the bread cost 7-8 roubles here, the juice (1 Litre) cost about 40 roubles. How much cost the automobiles there? The russian cars cost about 120-300 thousands of roubles. I havn't a car and driver license but I think it's not difficulty to drive the car. I think that if the human want anything he will do it anyway in general. I will finish my letter today and I will wait for your! Hope you have a nice day Tom and everything is good! I again scanned a picture where I smiling and send it to you. Hope you like it. Anna



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