Letter(s) from Marina Balabaeva to Chris (Belgium)

Letter 1

Hi Chris,
I am so pleased, that you have again written to me the letter. I have received your letter and I hasten to send you the answer. I write to you because I for a long time wanted to find the serious and clever person who understood me and concerned to me with kindness and tenderness.
Now I want to write to you as at me passes usual day and as it is a little about me. My day begins in 6:30 mornings and first of all I go in bathing. The ambassador, I as well as all women bring myself to the order, i.e. I do a make-up, in fact any woman needs to look beautifully. Then I have breakfast and at 7:30 I leave from a house and I go on a stop. I go for work on public transport, but sometimes at a stop there are many people, and I go for work on foot. In general I like to take a walk before my work, from a house 20 - 30 minutes of walking. My working day lasts from 8 o'clock till 19 o'clock and by the end of the working day I come tired and at once I go to accept bathing as after that I feel restoration of forces. Now in my mode of day visiting Internet - cafe was added to write to you letters to that I am very glad.
I the unique daughter and at me was not present neither sisters, nor the brother. I live separately from the parents as in the inheritance the apartment has got to me from the grandmother and I have moved there to begin an independent life and I I solve the vital problems. I very much love pets, and at me very small kitten, his name is Baklan recently has appeared, and we well are friends together. I very much love him, he tender and likes to sleep with me at night under a blanket. I have found Baklan, to be exact he has found me, he has simply melted at my door and mewed. From such plaintive miaow, I think, each person would shelter such small lovely kitten. And since then we live small amicable family. We as have holiday, only once in a year for one month.
Yes, I liked your photos in the last letter, and your garden simply remarkable. Certainly I want as it is possible to receive is more often from you other photos, in fact you have told, that at you it is a lot of for me photos. I have many things to tell to you Chris, but for today I shall finish my letter as I want to inform you, that I like to laugh and smile, and your letters it that forces me it to do. I love a life, to be happy and healthy. Write to me about itself all that you will want, I with pleasure shall read your letters. I wish you remarkable day and I shall wait for your following letter.

Your familiar from Russia, Marina.

P.S. I have sent still more some my photos where I had a rest on a summer residence at the girlfriend in that summer. I flight near a wooden bear, and we have nicknamed it is Baloo.