Scam letter(s) from Vladlena Bularova to Andrea (Italy)

Letter 1
Hello, my dear! I am grateful to you that you take your time and attention to read my message. I am writing to you because just like I search for a person who will fill my life with a special sense. We can be the two missing halves ..but only time will tell this. As for now I will tell you something about me . My name is Vladlena . For me every day is like a small life story. I try to live my life in a full way and enjoy every single moment. But life is never full without love. Life is too short and passes to quickly to spend it alone or with someone you do not truly love - that was what brought me to the dating site. I am extremely romantic and I enjoy special moments of the night time with a fire place, white wine and slow melodic music...All this is only a small part of my life. But if you write me back you will get to know much more about me. I will be glad if you answer me to this address With love, Vladlena
Letter 2
Hello, dear Andrea! Thank you for your letter. It is great that you answered to my message and gave us a chance to correspond and get to know each other better. I enjoyed your letter, you gave me an impression of a man who is very interesting to communicate with . I am glad with this opportunity we have now to have interesting communication, friendship which can grow into serious and happy relations within time. I hope that we will be much more then friends in future:) You teased me with your chocolate cakes!:) You know i have enormous sweet tooth and I would not refuse to try your cakes. I like different kinds of food but especially I like Italian cuisine - pasta, delicious Italian deserts. I adore Italian meals! My first letter was brief but I think it gave you some impression on me. I will tell you more about myself and let you come into my world. I was named by my grandmother with a beautiful name Vladlena but you can call me simply Lada, my friends, family and close people call me so. I am twenty five years old and I come from Ukrainian city Antracyt. It is amazing that you live in such a historical place where Romeo and Juliet story took place:) I work and study at the same time. I receive now my higher education and I study Staff Management .It is a very interesting and exciting subject , I enjoy it, I want to make it my future profession and I am looking forward to finish my studies this year. In my free from lectures time I work in a hotel as a chambermaid . A job of a chambermaid is not what I am dreaming about but I am not ashamed of it,too. I live together with my mother, she works as a teacher at the university. My parents got divorced when I was a little girl and I hardly remember my dad because I haven't seen him since that time. I also have elder sister, she has a charming little boy of one and a half year old. I adore him and I dream about my own kids ,too. I make it cozy wherever I am. For me family and home mean a lot and these are things I will never give up. Like you I am very active in my life style, I love sports and outdoors. Nature is my passion - water, crystal air,picturesque landscape - all these are my natural phenomenon. I am a woman who lives simple life but I am sophisticated and I value fine things - I like fine literature, music, delicious meals and interesting talk with a clever person..I think that communication is one of the biggest pleasures people have in life . I like to communicate with intelligent people who share the same passion I have. I get pleasure from these things and I try to surround myself with them to feel happy. My darling Andrea, did you enjoy what you got to know about me?:) I hope that you like my letter and I will be looking forward to hear from you again. It will be my pleasure to continue our correspondence. I wish you to have a very nice day and I hope that you will answer me soon. My warm regards to you, With love, Lada
Letter 3
Darling Andrea, Thank you for answering to me. It was nice to open my mail and see that you sent me a letter. Thank you so much for your letters ban the great photos you sent me, i enjoyed them so much! I do not want to stop with our letters, I have a good feeling that our lonely hearts can complete each other:) My Darling Andrea, how are you today? I hope that you are in a good mood and this new day is a happy one for you. We just sent to each other a couple of letters, we know enough about each other's lives but we still have so much to tell each other. I will glad tell you more about myself, there is so much that we need to share with each other,right? My biggest dream in life now is to find my soul mate , a man with whom i will create a strong and happy family. I am dreaming about happy family life with my man and kids, I am very giving person and I have a lot to give to my future husband. I am missing a beloved man in my life now and I want to find him to complete empty space in my life. I belive that life without love has no sense. I am sure you will agree with me! During the last time I feel something missing when I wake up in the morning. It is hard to wake up alone , to have a breakfast alone.. do you know this feeling? I guess you do know it if you are still looking for love on the dating site. I am tired of looking for the right man, who will love me and appreciate me as his lover, friend and life partner. I was not lucky in relations in the past, men in my country take me only for my beauty but I need a man who will treat me like I deserve it and care for my personality. I do not see a man I am looking for around me but I am very open-minded person and I want to try and look further, to search for love in other countries . I am not afraid or confused of difficulties with moving to another country but I do not know English well enough now. It makes my search a bit complicated but when I meet the man I was looking for I will learn more language for him and happy future together. Now the way out for me to write to you is to use translating service where I get my letters to be translated to you. I hope that language will not make wall between us and if we are seriously interested in each other it will not be a problem for us, right? I want to know what do you think about it. My dear Andrea,this letter tells you what type of woman I am , what is inside my soul. I am open to you and now you can see if I am that one you were looking for. I am glad with a chance to write to you and I hope that we will write more and more letters to each other. I wish you to have a successful day and will be looking forward for your reply. I send you a soft air kiss:) Take care of yourself and write me back soon. With love and warmth, Your Lada
Letter 4

Hello, my dear Andrea ! I am happy with new letter from you. every time I get your letters it is like a holiday for me. I appreciate our communication very much , I like that we can share everything with other. It doesn't happen very often that people feel so comfortable with each other, they they are so open and honest and i think that our letters are something special. I am curious how was your day? When I think that someone on the other side of the Earth there is a man who is thinking about me ( I hope you do:) it warm my soul and makes me long for your letter. We have written some letters and I already feel that we know each other inside and out . We can talk with each other on different topic, both about our everyday life and what is inside our souls. I appreciate such communication very much and I haven't met a man who would give me such feeling like you for a very long time. I am day dreaming about the day when you can express your love and care for me in real:) Sometimes I wander , what are you doing in this moment? What are you busy with? it makes me want to be with you and share you everyday life events with you:) My dear Andrea , I am so glad to hear that you say my bad English is no a problem for us! I am longing for our meeting and i would like to be able to talk with you myself without any help. I have so much to tell you!I realize that communication will be very important for us in future if we feel like we are meant be together. I start to think over learning your language seriously. I belive that it will not be hard but it will take time till I can talk to you myself without help. I will get to know where I can take classes of English. In my university there are different courses and I am sure they must give some English classes ,too. I will find about it in the nearest time and try start leaning English soon . I will be waiting for your answer and thinking about you. I have a good feeling about us and I hope that my intuition is not mistaken:) I wish you to have a nice day and sweet dreams at night:) I long for your new letter. Take good care of yourself and pass my warm regards to your family. I hugh you tight and warmly, Your Lada
Letter 5
Dear Mr. Andrea, We are glad that you have made your decision to use our service and we will be glad to help you and Lada to communicate. We have informed Lada that you are going to continue writing to her and she is waiting for your letters with impatience. Let me introduce you our service. One letter price - 5 USD which includes: printing a letter(1 USD) , translation cost (2 USD)Internet connection(2 USD). The price of photos is not included. Scanning and printing photos for you and your lady is a separate option in our service: scanning of one photo- 2 USD;printing of one photo - 3 USD. We can also assist you and your lady in telephone conversations. Ten minutes of telephone translations - 6 USD We propose you also to use our "unlimited service" which is a good way to save money while you are corresponding with your lady. Our option "Unlimited translation" includes only translating letters without scanning or printing photos :one month "unlimited translation" - 150 USD;two month "unlimited translation" - 300 USD;

Our option "Unlimited correspondence" includes both printing letters and scanning and printing photos: one month "unlimited correspondence" costs - 200 USD ;two month "unlimited correspondence" costs - 350 USD

If you wish to talk with your lady on the phone , the price of calls is charge separately and it is not included into unlimited services or any other option in our service. The fees of calls are charged according to our price list. You can make transfer on your lady's name through Money Gram or Western Union money transfer systems. Your lady will receive money and bring them to refresh account in our service . You will need the following information to send money to your lady: Full name: Bularova Vladlena ; Home address: Ukraine, Lugansk city, 190160, Volkova block,18. You can also make transfers on-line following this link:

When your account is over you will get an e-mail from our service informing you about the state of your account in our service. We will be glad to have you as our client. We will be waiting for you to contact us. Best regards, "Second-Half" Top-manager Ylia Morozova
Letter 6
Dear Mr. Andrea, We are to inform you that your lady Lada has refreshed account with the amount of 77,12 USD. We will be glad to assist you and your lady in further correspondence. Please, send all your letter to your lady to this address that we give to our clients The lady wrote you a letter but it will be translated to you tomorrow as the account has been refreshed recently and our service works from 9 am till 5 pm Ukrainian time. The letter will be translated and sent to you tomorrow. Thank you for using our service. Best regards, "Second-Half" Top-manager Ylia Morozova
Letter 7
My dear Andrea, I am very happy that I can write you again! Andrea, dear, to say the truth it is really hard to express to you how I feel now.. From one side I am very glad that we can stay in touch but from other side I feel ashamed that you paid for our letters.. I am very sorry that I involved you with my troubles but my account at the translating agency ran out and I had no possibilities to pay for letters again. I was upset because of this , we had a wonderful correspondence and I really enjoyed your company in letters. I was upset it all can end like this but then a manager from the agency told me that you contacted then and you want to stay in touch with me , you would take care about account. Andrea, I am very grateful that you gave us a chance to continue our relations.. I know we will use this chance and not miss it:) Tell me, how have you been doping all that time? What news do you have?.. Did you miss me?:) I hope so. My days were just as usual - I was studying at university and working at the hotel but all the time I just could not get you out of my head.. The words from your letters and your photos touched my heart. Tell me what news do you have since we wrote each other for the last time? What plans do you have for the weekend and what are you going to do on Sunday? Here we are having such a great weather and I just wish you could be here with me now to enjoy it:) it is just like a real summer outside , it is so warm that people start to go out in light clothes, T-shirts, dresses.. I love this weather and the city looks so beautiful surround by trees in blossom and green leaves all around. I wish you were here with me just to take your hand and make a walk thought the streets of my city:) Andrea,I really missed you during that break we had between letters and i am looking forward for your answer with impatience. I hope that you are doing well over there. I send you a soft kiss like a sign of our reunion again:) Please, write me back soon, I am longing to hear you. With love, Your Lada
Letter 8
My Dearest Andrea! I am so happy to hear form you again, I must confess I missed you so much!:) I was not able to answer you earlier even though I knew that you wrote me a letter on Monday. But the agency closed for two days because of the holiday we had and I could not get your letter translated:( I missed you much, I was thinking about you and wanting to share the holiday with you:) We celebrated Labor day here on the 1st of may, do you also celebrate this holiday? Mom , granny ,my sister Helen and nephew and me went out for a walk to enjoy the celebrations and i also wish you were here to join us and enjoy the holiday all together!It was a great holiday here , with wide celebrations, fireworks, holiday parade and concert in the center of the city. My dearest, my precious Andrea.. when I read your letter it made me feel so happy. I have a good feeling about you and me and i feel that we can make a perfect match. I also think about you daily and daydream about you:) You are in my heart and on my mind! You are such a special man for me, you are so different from all the men i met before. You are so caring, giving, so tender. Your letters touch my heart deeply and i can easily fall in love with a man like you! I know that love , a deep, strong feeling takes time to grow in your soul, but I belive the more we write to each other the closer we become and the stronger we feel for each other. Like you i am also very giving woman and i have a lot to give to my man. I prefer to give then to receive and I want to make a person by my side the happiest one in the whole world surrounding him with my love and tender care. Love - is like a gentle flower that needs care and without it it will fade .. Will we take good care about our flower?:) I want you to know that I am serious about our future and I also hope that we will meet when the right moment comes. I want to do everything to make our relations be happy and strong make them work out! My darling Andrea, I also want to thank you for your wonderful letter that made my day be so bright:)I will be thinking about you till your next letter arrives!I wish you a great day today and take very good care of yourself. I kiss you softly and hug you gently. With all my love, Your Lada
Letter 9
My Dearest Andrea! Your letter was a bright spot of my day!:) I also missed you much and I was longing the whole day for this moment to come and write you a letter. I was thinking a lot about you:) I am sorry that the weather is cold for you, is it normal for Italy to have such cold weather this time of the year? when it is chilly and windy i prefer to stay in , hide under warm blankets and cuddle together, watch some romantic movie.. My dear Andrea, I like so much our letter as we are open with each other and share our inner thoughts, dream hopes with out any hesitation. I think it is the key to our relations. I feel that I can easily fall in love with a man who you are deep inside your soul and i am sure hat meting will not bring us any disappointment! I belive it will be an unforgettable experience for us! I agree so strongly with you that love it is not just a feeling man experience to a woman or vice versa. Love can be so different! But however love is what makes the sense of our life. One of my life principals is to love and treat people around me like i want to be treat. I belive that if you have someone in your heat distance doesn't mean at all as the hearts are linked no matter how many kilometers keep bodies apart.. that is what I feel between us, I feel that our souls and hearts are connected through distance and it was a sign of destiny that we met! I never lost my hope to find true love, without love you loose your point in life and then it is hard to live, isn't it so? I think that any person who is trying to find the right one has experienced disappointment in previous relations and I also think it is normal as we try to build a bond , try to find out what we really need in relations. But bad experience is not a reason to lose your faith in true love! The on who is searching will always find.. You are right,love is no a habit, it is not something we should take for granted. Love is a gift of destiny an we should take care about it like about gentle flower so it will blossom and bring you happiness through all your life. Andrea, my precious, I am so happy to have met you.. you are a man who is rich in his soul. I can easily fall in love with you:) We have a great possibility now and i belive that it will work out for us and we ill be very happy together. We share so much in common and we will complete each other like two missing halves! I already feel that an empty space in my heart is filling in with your letter and my days get new sense when i know that you have entered my life..thank you for this! Dear, I wish you a great day and I will be thinking about you, I promise you this:) take very good care of yourself and write me back soon. I will be longing for your answer. With all my love, Your Lada
Letter 10
My Dear Andrea, It is so hard for me to write this letter to you know, I hardly hold my tears, I feel that I am loosing you and i can't stand this thought. I want to be honest with you - I was afraid that you will find this link and I was praying to God you would never find it. I was always honest with you and I have nothing to hide form you! We have such wonderful open, close and warm communication and I can't accept the thought that it can be my last letter to you . Please, give a chance to explain you why you have found my profile on that shameful list.. Andrea,we are both grown up people and we have our own past. I was always honest with you and i want to be honest with you now ,too. Before we met in the Internet I used to write to other men, I am sure you did the same ,too, but since we have found each other you are the only one for me and I have no interest in writing to other men. Earlier I was corresponding with one man in the Internet, at the beginning everything was perfect, I thought he was the right one. He seemed to be a real gentlemen , we corresponded for a long time and he knew everything about me because I trusted him. He decided to meet but when he came to visit me he appeared to be another person, not the one he had shown to me in the letters. I will not tell you everything in details , it is very unpleasant to me but he was very rude with me . He treat me disrespectfully and even tried to force me make love with him.. It was horrible, our relations turned to be a nightmare. I refused to stay in touch with him anymore after all he did to me . But he was not the one to drop everything so easily and when he was leaving home he told me that he would make me regret that i refused him. He told me he would not let me be happy with other man. We had a long correspondence , he had all my photos, all letters .. now as you can see they are shown in the Internet in that shameful blacklist. I am helpless about this situation because the web sites trust foreign men more them women, they think men are victims and they let anyone to pace woman's photos in a black list without any proof she is a scamer. I can't remove my photos from these sites, the are all over the Internet and i feel so ashamed of it because I am not guilty in this at all! I do not want to loose you because of this, do not let him destroy our happiness. I was always honest with you and now i am telling you the truth like it is even thought it is hard and painful to speak out bad past experiences. Andrea , please, trust me, it is not my fault that my photos are in the Internet, i will do everything to prove you my feelings and serious attitude to you just tell me what should I do . I will do anything for you because I fell that you are a man of my dream that I have been looking for so long! I do not want to loose you and our special connection that we create through our letters.. Please, belive me, i was always honest with you, i am honest with you now,too. I need your trust. Andrea, my dear ,I will be waiting for your answer with the hope that my past can't change your feelings toward me. I need you and I do not want to loose you. You are so special for me. Please, answer me soon, I need to hear you.. Your Lada

Letter 11
Andrea.. I keep on coming to the agency with the hope that you have written me a letter and it hurts me to see an empty mail box. I wrote you a letter and I explained you everything I do not underatnd why you do not belive me?? I put my heart and soul in our correspondence and i was always honest with you and it is hard for me to realize now that you do not belive in me. I suffered so much form that awful situation with my past relations and when I met you gave me my faith back and i started to belive again that i can meet my soul mate on a dating site. You are a special man for me and through your letter i started to fall for you . Now I realize that you do not trust me but you trust some sites that have no proof about what they show off . I trust you, I though you trusted me ,too, and now i can't belive that I was mistaken about you and our relations mean nothing for you. Andrea, I cried all my tears out during the last days!! I feel that i am loosing you and I do not know what I can do to make you come back. I need you. I do not imagine myself without your letters as they have become a part of my life already. I need to hear form you, please, answer to me.. Lada
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