Scam Letter(s) from Illiana Fox to Alen (USA)

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Letter 1

Hi, It's Really nice to hear from you,I really appreciate your mail....I would Love to tell you a little more about myself, I am Julia Greene from Sandiego Califonia...single lady seeking for the right person to share my life with.. I dont believe in age barriers.. age is just a number what matters is love once we can love eachother., I'd like to start by saying thanks for contacting me,and i must confess when i went through your profile it seem we have alot of common...I'm looking for serious relationship.. Just that my heart is on fire at the moment.My dad is originally from Ukraine i consider my nationality White American, My mom was born and raised in the state and my dad was born and raised in Ukraine I myself was born and raised in Ukraine.I'm on looking for a man that's honest,caring,loving and understanding to start a relationship that will lead to marriage with, i will like to have children but if the man i love does not want children then it's okay with me, I don't mind your age, i'm sure you know that age is just a number,if the love is there what else am I seeking for ? all i'm looking for is REAL LOVE.Have never been married and i don't have any kids but i have been in a serious relationship that we are willing to get married to each other but it's so sad that death just took him away from me just like that...and up till this moment I just cant figure why this has happened to me.... so that was why i'm on this site seeking for a honest man to start a new life with and before the middle of the year I know and have the believe that we will both understand each other and our way of life.All the people around me always say i'm a kind of person that's shy,loving,caring,honest and understanding, loyal and i think they are right because i see myself as a person that's shy,loving,caring,honest and understanding and loyal.I want a man that will be straight forward with me as i am .I work as a sales rep in a computer store.It is sad to say that my dad passed away mysteriously, i was 2 years old when he pass away during one of his business trips in 12 Feb.My nationality i consider as white American... what your race? My mother died 8 years ago,am the only daughter of my parents , i have no friends and relatives , i stay alone in a big apartment before i came down here, I have no friends or relatives .I hate lies and i don't cheat, i also hate been hurt and i don't like games, cos am lonely and i don't want to stress or blame myself in anything i'm doing. Am new on this online dating stuff and am seeking for a man who will love and take care of me ,I lost my boyfriend some couple of weeks ago, i'm sure ya know that?.when I was feeling so lonely in the state and have no one to talk to there I decide to fly down to West Africa, i came down here to visit my lateboyfriend , am presently in a hotel right now and have been here for four weeks now.Here I am is so boring to me and looks so Hot I mean the weather how I wish I had someone to advise me then when I was planning to fly down here .And I don’t want to come back to the state living a lonely life again.. am no more a kid I want to move forward in life and meet the right man to give my heart and soul for ever more .You email me and I was so happy to receive your mail cos i believe we have somethings in common that we can share and we can plan a new life together... ,Now I want to know what you are looking or seeking for , what can you do to make your woman happy in life email me back if you would like to know more about me and also build up a relationship because that's what i'm online looking for now .i want you to email me back and tell me all about your self and your difficulties in life your present and your past and also tell me about your parents also or are we the same , you have no parents any more like me ?how I wish my parent are still Alive , I miss them a lot and I will never stop praying for them and my self for God to lead me through in life cos I never want to get hurt in life anymore, I don’t want to divorce with the man I love , if we are meant for each other let me know so we can find away in sitting down and talk , I believe in seeing eachother face to face and talk that will show how much you do care about your soulmate.Hope to hear from you asap today.With love...Julia Greene.



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