Letter(s) from Gulnara Latifyllina to Stefano (Italy)

Letter 1

I like you!To me of 27 years. Height - 172 sm, weight - 53 kg. I have languages - Russian, English, French language. I search for the person who can be with me up to the end of a life. It should be kind, true and understands. I do not search beautiful and the young man who searches only for entertainments. I search for the future husband. I can give mine to the person everything, that it will wish - fidelity, tenderness, passion and love. I very sensitive and kind. I love children, and I love a life. Write to me - miloss@mail.ruI with impatience wait to receive news from you. Venera.

Letter 2

My dear STEFANO!

I am so glad that I felt, that you could be especial. I cannot explain why, but now.. I can see, that you, obviously, more likely exceptionnal.

My feeling and my intuition have told to me to write to you. Therefore I have one important question? You do desire to take seriously our attitudes, and I do not wish to invest my emotions, time or energy in game of time is to straight lines also. Please do not take it as a crime, and I only speak it, I think also by which I always I do. Certainly the fact, that I write again back to you means simply, I feel intuitive trust to you.

As, when you stop to trust work of your internal wishes and expectations on the most important person in your life - to the person, you will be in marriage - you stop to feel really alive. I from my name, I have solved, which I was not going to coordinate less. I can feel, that you have the same opinion!

Possibly something about me? The simple truth - always the best way to begin?
I had formation - foreign languages, and I work in the private company as the translator of the documentation from foreign languages.

I would like alive intensive with the person, with which I can to reach spiritual and emotional harmony. I really should feel true love and the reference of a body, opinion and soul and I believe, that it is a unique way which you can reach real happiness in marriage and a life.

I know that the life is all.. I speak in several languages (Russian, French, English language).
I would like to live, with what person I can respect and love for other part of my days. This kind of the person, I shall be proud to be near to it the party under any circumstances. In last time in my life I really wish to divide deep emotions, to be we like and to give the same love with all its consequences in return.

If you answer me what I sincerely hope... this one you should take it serious!!!

Please don't hesitate to give me an answer. I can only promise you one thing. I am writing to you with an open heart the rest. Only destiny will decide. Let us just be honest to each other and you should ONLY answer me if you have noble intentions that's all I ask. You will never regret it!

I never in my life was more motivated to meet with a man like I would with you...

I wait your answer.

Letter 3

My dear STEFANO!

Your letter from profit is to straight lines in my heart... You have given me the fine beginning of my day. I thank you for it the beloved.

I send you all my love... I mean each word which I have written to you. More I learn your emotional world, more I start to believe, that you can to be valid " the person of my life ". I really live with this hope now every day... You became the most important problem of my current life. I now have received acknowledgement which I felt from the beginning.

I am in physical aspect possibly only 27 years, but in intellectual and emotional aspect I am much more senior.
Certainly I to be that. I have not any around of me, that I can trust blindly. It does you completely by one and becomes empty inside. All we demand social interactions and someone around of us to whom we can trust us. These days it is very difficult to find such person.

All we demand someone, we can give our love. All we demand someone who loves us and who allows us to feel it in many things of a life.

You should be strong in your opinion and your emotions to hold the basic chapters of love.
You never betray that person to whom you promised your loyalty even if sometimes you should make a sacrifice with this purpose. The principle is more important than something. Even if you should pay the high price to hold this principle. You hold it.
There are the people, never capable to give harmony and the constant world and to love to someone.
As in the first problem which occurs, they will forget other person and will think only of itself.

When you deal ONLY with VERY FEW CLOSE PEOPLE around of you, you behave sincerely yours and advantage because these people are more important than something on this planet. This love and tenderness and protection which you should give when you give your promise to your partner for a life.

I wait your answer.

With tenderness.

Letter 4

My dear STEFANO!

I want it, you are opened and frank with me. Is useless to make display, or to be a hypocrite to each other it - only charges of time and energy, and it gives a problem in the end.
You are precisely, who you - and - a way which your person should accept and love you. The life in pair should be opened and full confidences. I hate people who operate other people with lie and false promises, and I am assured, that you had events with them in your life.

You should understand, that I take our really serious contact, and I would like to give you my full belief. I am realistic when we meet, we should feel in very natural way if there is "magic" in air. You want a way to which I smile, a way which I go, a way with which I speak, a way which I dance! Sensation of contact of our leather! I am realistic the woman, and I know, that these things cannot be caused.

I know, that my individuality is rich and deep enough to offer much others to the prophetical person except for sex. Therefore I want it I, the person felt a heat of my heart and tenderness, I grope it. I want it, it was proud about me when it goes nearby with me publicly, I want, to which it felt similarly to.

I shall write to you every day, and I shall send you messages every day. I cannot simply accept you from my ideas more. I think, that it is the right, feeling, that I should go. Certainly as you directly I have many opportunities to find the person here in Russia aswell, but it seems to me, they arrive to me for the wrong reasons and wish to spend time well only with me.

Character I adore already the fact, that I like to laugh, it - is a lot of from and humour - visible aspect of my life, and I think, that the smile sympathic from heart between close people opens our hearts, and it is not necessary for something. I adore the person who is sensual and who likes to concern? I demand physical the contact for example putting in everyone the weapon of others, looking at TV. I will make sure your heart will melt on regular basis.

The main aspect is that he is sincere and faithfull and he doesn't insult me by undecent behaviour towards other women when he is in my company or even without my company. but I think this is something very normal.

Wait your answer.

Letter 5

My dear STEFANO!

You have given me special week. You can be convinced about it! I shall always remember the beginning of this contact to you...
Anyway, as I have told to you already to me, that only I search for the lifelong obligation. I hope, that you will not play with my heart and my sincere hopes and feelings. I promise you, that I shall never deceive you also.

I have told to you already, that I adore kindness in many things of a life... I also as in the person certainly.

I can tell to you, that I would be very proud to have you on my hand. I would like to have the strong person about me someone to whom I can subject your trust under everyone circumstances.
I shall be very fair to you... I want, that YOU all over again felt convenient both favourite and happy in your heart and a downpour, when you - with me. As soon as under these circumstances I be able to have you as my person for a life. For this reason... I suggest to give All of you to opportunity to study me very close with the beginning. I wish to not hide something for you..., because only full thruth brings the world and happiness in a life my dear.

I still have greater love to give mine to the person.
I will stretch my hand to you, please take it... BUT ONLY IF you have the same NOBLE INTENTIONS.

I wait your answer.

Kiss you with tenderness.

Letter 6

My dear STEFANO!

I will take a vacation for 1-2 weeks and I can come to you to see you and your life.
I would like to see your life and your friends. I would like to see your house! Probably I there shall live soon... This normal desire.

I will to go to travel agency to receive the information on my trip to you.
In what city you live? If you agree, what international airport is near to you? You can meet me there?
If you can accept me in your house I shall not take hotel and I shall stop at you at home. I wish you to know well as my future husband...

When we shall see, how all is possible between us, and you will understand, who I - for you. You will look in my opinion and when I do you by the promise, you will understand, that you can be convinced, that I shall limit, that this promise in general happens.

I wish to be proud of you. The first who gives the negative comment to you, becomes mine ennemy immediately. I can be very fanatical.
It would kill my soul if something happens with you. Therefore I shall ask, that you trusted me.
With me your party. You will have advantage, that I can advice you from my experience. Living my party which you will understand every day more to increase, who I can for you.

I have one more question for you. When you will find stability in your life with the good partner, you love also trust which will be you after plans during that moment?

I send you my deepest and most fair feelings of friendship. You cannot imagine however, what quantity successful you were that you have written precisely in me.

I wait your letter.

Kiss you with tenderness.

Letter 7

My dear STEFANO!

I had many ideas yesterday and today. I even awfully slept yesterday at night. And I have decided to risk with you and to meet you...

I can come to you only bay travel agency. Becouse they WILL DOING VISA in Italy for me! Without problems for me.
I have just come back from travel agency up to the Internet-cafe to write to you which I there have learned! I have written the whole 2 leaves, and all is very detailed.
I think it for you and for me, they - joyful news! As already be fast we can together, and probably I begin my new life there with you.

I should give them some documents, and I have taken this list quickly to collect all this. I have asked all in detail for 2 weeks - to Venice to Italy.
They have in detail told to me as how many charges - for the visa and medical insurance. And for the ticket and reservation. I it have told, that I shall live in the future husband with whom I have acquainted in the Internet.
They will do my visa of 7-10 days. As soon as I to pay for mine a trip I shall send at once to you details: number of flight and day of a start, and so on...

And I wish to tell that I am very grateful to you that you will to show me your country and your life. I wish to see your house also. Probably soon I there shall live together with you...
It is such chance for me! All girls will envy me if I shall tell that I go to you for 2 weeks!!
Travel agency have told a total sum of cost of a trip for 2 weeks - 330 euros.

My family has no such money. If you have helped me, that I would thank you when I shall be there. I shall leave my tourist group and I shall be together with you there all the days long and nights... I already have feelings to you.

I very much wish to see you and to press you to my body... I already think of you as my future husband.

I wait your answer.

Kiss you with tenderness.
Yours Venera

Letter 8

My dear STEFANO!

Well, I shall come to Venice to Italy on June, 1st. I already wrote all of you to a detail of a trip. Details of my flight and give time to me when I order and I pay my trip.

And I once again wish to send you the address of my cousine:Shimeeva Anna, Russia, street of Work 56-86,424000

And as soon as you send me a code from bank. And I shall order my trip this very day there. Also I send then to you the information. Venice is my dream!!!

Today again there was a day full of emotions but..., which it has finished big. I feel above the world in this evening. You cannot imagine in general, how many happy I.

I shall try to make your life convenient and to consider you sincerely yours and love... I shall divide my emotions, my heart, my spirit and my body with you. I shall consider you from the beginning as though we are married.

When you will know me better, and you feel softened inside... In time, your character will calm down, when you will understand, that I YOURS the WOMAN my heart, soul and a body. I hope, that I, be able to give you, this belief, real is fast because I want, that you have found the world inside. I really hope, that you will help me accessible full belief also to you. You can simply make it, showing me in small things of your behaviour of the house or publicly that you love me and that you are also proud to be mine.

It can make me the happiest person in the world. I love, no, I demand the person who likes to concern and to carress who gives a heat, and it - so is a lot of sensuality, how many it can only to me in each case, it has with this purpose. At the same time I want, by which you have been very kept, but are polite and correct to other women. Any encouraging smiles or gestures or flirting eyes. If you will make it, that you will kill my soul. I have already understood, that you - the same. It will be easy for me with you on my party.

I do not wish to wish any other person...

With tenderness.


Letter 9

My dear STEFANO!

I so am glad to receive from you your letters.

My love, I once again want to thank you for that you could help me money, but I want to ask you a pardon because I could not receive your money. Today I have learned, that my cousin Gylnara lays in hospital. Her have taken in hospital with the diagnosis - apendechit. When I today have learned, that she lays in hospital very strongly was upset. I very much suffer for her. The only thing, that now pleases me, that we with you soon shall together. But I think, that this time will fly by quickly because we long waited our meeting. The only thing, that now you should make, it to alter a remittance on my other cousin. I understand, that it is not so convenient for you, but also you understand me. As Gylnara now can not receive money, and they are already necessary for me to pay necessary papers. And consequently I am compelled to ask you that you have altered a remittance addressed to my other cousin . And I send you her data: Shimeeva Anna, Russia, street of Work 56-86,424000, Volzhsk-this small village. And consequently I think to you it is not necessary to specify her city when you will alter a remittance. That it did not have problems with reception of money. I once again want to ask you pardon for all inconveniences which at us have arisen. But I know one, that in some days we shall be together and our dream will come true. I very much love you and very much on you I miss.

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Letter 10

My dear STEFANO!

Today I was very glad to receive from you the letter. And I wish to tell to you many thanks that you have helped me with money. And I am very grateful for it to you. And I shall necessarily write all of you to a detail of my trip the day after tomorrow. Because today at us a holiday Put the Great Domestic Victory. I very much love you. And I can soon tell to you it in eyes.

With warm love in my heart. I kiss you!


Letter 11

Hello my finest person on all globe Stefano!
Excuse me, that I did not write to you the letter yesterday. But I had very unpleasant history.
I do not know as you it to tell! I cannot arrive to you while I shall not solve one problem. With me there was yesterday an accident.
My fine only do not leave me, do not turn away. I cannot live without you. You - my heart, my destiny, my life.
I shall give for you a life if it to be necessary. This accident took place on road to Kazan.
Yesterday we with the cousine have gone to bank and have received your money. And I at once have decided to reserve tickets to you.
We have taken with cousine the machine employment. Also have decided to go to buy tickets. The machine should be let out on me because my cousine have made Have no all documents which are required for registration of the machine. After my area of the cousine should leave
The machine back in city also gives Its agency of employment of machines. It was road up to Kazan long, and we have gone by turns.
At 10:00 I have sat down, a rudder, and my cousine slept. Approximately in 20 minutes in the machine has a wheel has bursted also of us, has thrown out for limits of road, and there the machine on inertia has collided with a tree. I had no time to do
Something in general. I and the cousine sitting on the advanced place has been rescueed by pillows of safety.
Serving polices of movement have returned us in Kazan and I should enter into that agency. In agency to me have declared, with which I, that I have not consulted
Management of the car is guilty. This agency has estimated damage to 85 100 roubles (2500 euro).
I at all do not know, that now to me to make. To ask you this money, I do not want, it is a greater sum, and I
Being afraid, that you will leave me. And it for me is worse than death. In 7 days there will be a court!
My dear, what to me to make in this situation? Inform me!!!
We can print together with you this sum??? I damn that day when we have taken the machine for rent.
I carry out me for this purpose. As though directly shows, prevents us to meet. But where the god!!!!!!!!
Why, so it is difficult to connect two hearts of love! My fine, inform to be as I???? I cannot more without you!
You to me are necessary more for my life.
With warm love in my heart. I kiss you!

Letter 12

Hello my love Stefano!!!

Please write to me the letter. Because now, only you for me the unique person to whom I can tell all. Only I can share with you mine to mountain. Please write to me the letter. I shall wait your letter with impatience. I love you. Please do not leave me!!!

Yours Venera

Letter 13

where are you Stefano????????????????????????

Letter 14

Hello my love!!!

I did not receive from you the letter long time. Please write to me even pair offers. Because now I do not find to myself a place because you do not write to me.

I very much love you. And strongly I miss.

Yours Venera

Letter 15

Hi mine lovely Stefano! How you? How your day? Tell to me about weather in your district. It is interesting very to me to compare weather in the district and somewhere away from me, for example in area of your house:-). At us the sun now shines, but recently there was a rain. It became warm now. It was cold very for a long time. I thought, that all the summer long will be such cloudy and cold. I thought, that such weather is that we cannot meet you. And I want it very strongly! I cannot without you! You as a drug for the addict: first you try it only with curiosity, but in due course you become we depend already on it and cannot live without it. And in my case: when I began to correspond from you, I did not expect for something special, but it was pleasant very for me to communicate with you. You have seemed to me really interesting person. But now you are necessary for me as a medicine as a hobby! I cannot live easy without your letters my love! Every day, when I do not receive from you the new letter is the lost day.

My love, today when I read your letter, I have been very upset by that you cannot help me. Because now I had a unique hope only on you. In fact in 4 days I will have a court and I should compensate all damage. For these days I could take the loan in bank and have put in pawn all my ornaments. And now I have 750 euros. But I do not have not enough 1700 euros that I could pay completely for broken the car. Because if I cannot pay money me cannot let out from the country while I completely shall not pay off. And because of it we cannot meet. Dear I has addressed to you for the help because I do not know where in such short term me to take money. But if you could help me I necessarily would give you of money after our meeting. Because another's money are not necessary to me.

And now I am very upset, that our meeting can do not take place. And all because of what? Because of any money!!!! Any dirty smelly pieces of paper with a paint!!! But I think, that together we can solve my problem. And our meeting will take place on June, 8th. I very much love you. And with impatience I shall wait from you the letter.

Yours Venera!

Letter 16

My dear STEFANO!

Today I was glad to receive your letter because only your letters now please me. But today, when I have read your letter, I have been afflicted by that our meeting now can not occur 8 numbers, because now I should search money to pay for broken the car. And now I am am hurted simply with a head from these problems. Now I am simple in a panic because I do not know where me to take money. Because if I shall not find money, how to me the lawyer has told, me cannot let out from city while I cannot pay for the car, and it means, that we cannot meet now. And now I shall work on several works that on faster to pay off with the debts. My love, excuse me for the short letter. But now at me of all think only about where to take money and consequently to me now it is necessary to work much. I very much love you and I hope, that our meeting will take place soon. I with impatience shall wait from you the letter.

Yours Venera

Letter 17

My dear STEFANO!

I did not receive from you the letter long time. Probably that with mine e-mail there were problems. And consequently I write to you the letter from another e-mail. Please write to me the letter on this address. Because your support is now necessary for me. I love you.

Yours Venera

Letter 18

Hello my love Stefano!!!

I very much am grateful to you, that you have not left my letter without the answer. Excuse me, that I have not answered your letter at once, is simple now in Russia illness-flu goes. And I all this time laid at home with temperature.But todey, when I read your last letter at me tears on eyes have appeared. Re-reading your letter I many times thought, what unfair life. I know, that in relations between people never should be a lie. And consequently I always was with you ipen and never you deceived. But all the same at us the problem in our relations has turned out. And now I very much regret that then I have taken this machine in hire. Because now I really had monetary problems and I did not know where to me to take money. Excuse me if I asked money you. But I did not know where to me to take money. If I have correctly understood you, you have asked me why I did not speak where you could be sent money? But you spoke me, that you do not have money and therefore I did not send you my coordinates. But now I write them to you: Venera Gataulina, the city of Kazan, street of the World 56-84

I also very much regret, that our meeting did not take place in the specified day but as you already know at me not so long ago there was a court. And me have told to pay full cost of damage. And if I shall not make it, me can arrest and withdraw all property. And you probably understand, that then to me had no time for it. Because I do not want, that me have planted in prison. And now I very much regret, that our meeting did not take place and because of it you have ceased to trust me.

And now I am strong about it I regret. I now am ready to go to you on foot that you have believed me. I am ready to return our relations and would be very glad, that we had same love, as well as then. I know, that now it will be difficult, but now all depends only on you. Whether you can believe me again. I know, that it will be difficult, but I ask you to believe me and to grow fond of me as earlier you loved me.

I also want to speak you news. Today I have solved the problems with damage. As I was helped by relatives. They gave me the money that I could pay the penalty. And I would fly to you a next flight, but I should go in the city. Because I should work and give 1500 aa?i. Because my relatives have took this money from very serious people and I should work to not bring the relatives. And as soon as I shall pay with the duties and necessarily or I shall give you money or fly to you. But again to choose only to you. Because if all of you can help me money we can meet you in some days. As I on former very much love you. And very much on you I miss. I do not know how many months I shall give this money. But I promise, that I shall write to you looking on anything. On it I shall finish the letter and with impatience I shall wait your letter. I very much love you and very much on you I miss, looking on anything.

Yours Venera.