Scam letter(s) from Natalia Klyus to Mike (Switzerland)

Letter 1
My dear Mike! Thank you for your beautiful words! They warmed my heart and made me the happiest woman in this world! I'm feeling like I got a great gift from the Heavens, and I wished it was with me forever.. I will remember about them always!
I think, you're have a grate soul and this is much more important than bright appearance. I think too.. we're match each other, and I never had a such feeling before to a man, whom I knew for a such short time.. It's not much snow here for now, but it should be on the next week, if belive to the weather forecast.
You warmed my heart by this letter, my dear Mike.. And the same time, this is a reason for my grief became deeper with every minute... I wished, dreams would come true.. But my Darling, I don't knew what to do now.. The reason is - my mom should stay in hospital for the time. She need the medical checkup, and this is will cost for us a lot of money. I have to renounce from our conversation, because I can't pay for the translations of our letters in this case. I'm very sad, and I wished cry, because I feel you're became very special for me. I almost can see myself near you, so close... This picture is always in front of my eyes. And I thought about it during last two nights, I can't even sleep. But, my dear, you understand me, I can't choose between my feelings and the health of my mom..
I don't knew, what to do. If only it could be combine with our correspondence.. But I really have no this possibility. I have to say it with a heavy heart.. As you understand, I don't knew what to do with your planes come to me.. We should agree it (all schedules, yours and mine) in letters. And this is one, what I can't allow to myself now.
As far as I don't speak English, how we could talk on the phone? I could ask about it in the translation firm, maybe they could help with this.. But I don't knew, my account there almost over, so what they will say? I wished always be your girl.. And only your. And tell you about so many things! I have so many thoughts, I wished share with you... But it's all breaking down.
I don't knew, how it happened, but you take away my heart, and I can't stop thinking of you.. I will wait for your letter, my dear Mike,
sincerely your Natasha
Letter 2
Hello, Mike! Thank you for your letter and for your photos too! I liked them really:)) So let's start our conversation.:)) As you knew, my name's Natasha. Exactly it sounds like Natalia, but my mom call me Natasha, my dad - Nata, and you can call me as you like.:) I'm 27 years old, and I finished Medical University two years ago. I'm living with my parents in small town Belovodsk. And, as far my sister (she's older, than me, and she have own family) is living apart from us - I'm staying with parents, because they need my attention now.
Now, I'm working like a pharmacist-consultant in small pharmaceutical firm, and my work is connected with a distribution of medicines. It's good work for me, and I like it, but I have not in my life the most important, for my opinion, thing.. It's love. Yes, I'm missing this feeling - love and be loved.
I knew, I'm not ****, so I could find a guy here, in my country. But I'm living in very small town, and the guys, who was interested in something ******, than stay in bar every evening - they're went to the big towns, and guys, who're staying here - are not really match for creation of the good family with them.
I hope, you understand, what I mean - they're drink too much and they are interested in anything, except themselves. I can't even talk with someone about books what I read, or movies, what I watch.. I wished be with a man, who have the common interests with me. And who would be interesting for me. Sure, I have a friends, but all from them are female, and some of them are married already. Some of them even divorced, but this is another question, agree? It's my main dream now - find my beloved man, my ONLY man, who will be with me, who will understand me, and with whom I could talk about everything.. I knew, he have a kind heart and the nice smile, and it's something special in his eyes..:)) He would care about our family, as and I would love to do for him everything, I'll make him happy, I knew it!:)) I wished share with him all my life, and just be happy together, is this impossible? Hope, it's not so.:)
Well, I'm just trying explain why I'm here and what for I'm searching. I knew, than I'm able to love with all my heart.. I just have to find him.:)) I heard about happy cases with foreign marriages, so I think, this is not bad chance for me, and for someone, who's feeling lonely as I do. What I can tell more about myself in this letter? I like flowers and animals. And I have two cats - Bast and Gerda. They are completely satisfied by this life. At last, they're looks like!:)) I like read books, listen good music (classical as usually - but my mom said it's too boring for her:), I like watch movies, the romantic comedies as a rule, but this is could say almost every girl..:) I have a small collection of a Teddy Bear toys..:)) And I like summer, sun light, and bright colors!:) I like also cook for my family, and I like to do something by my own hands. I like children (I'm always with pleasure looking after sister's little son, when she need my help) and we're a good friends with Denis already! He likes come to us, and I like look at happy smile, and shining eyes of this small boy, when we do something together.:)) And I like dreaming, and share of my dreams with peoples, whom I love.
And I wished knew more abut you, certainly! Tell me more about your family, and about your work.. What's your life looks like?:) Hope to hear from you soon. With best regards, Natasha
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