Letter(s) from Ilnara Sagidullina to John (United Kingdom)

Letter 1

Dear John ! I have seen your address on www.livedatesearch.com and I liked your structure. I have decided to write to you the letter. I am very glad to write to you the letter. It will be pleasant for me to get acquainted with you. I shall tell to you a little about myself. My name is ILNARA, 20 years, growth of 166 sm, weight of 53 kg. I shall not describe my appearance because you should see it on my photo. My private world same beautiful, as my appearance. I shall tell it in a few words. I cheerful, very nice girl. For whom I search in this hard life... I believe that I'll meet in my life serious man. Who would like to make strong and friendly family. My dream is a strong, tender, kind and solve man. I hope he will be able not only take my love but to present me his. This small letter. If I have interested you, write to me your the answer and I promise to write in more detail about my individuality and I shall send you a plenty of my photos. I shall wait....

Letter 2

Hello my new friend John!
I am very glad, that I write to you the letter. I want to inform you little bit more about myself. I live in Russia, in the city of Yoshkar-Ola. It about 850 kilometers to a southeast from Moscow. My name Ilnara. My growth of 166 centimeters and my weight of 53 kgs. I was never married and I do not have any children. I did not think while to have children, because I still very young. I shall think of it when I meet my beloved. I very sociable. I shall be very glad to communicate with you. I love comfort and I like, when in family mutual understanding and love. It seems to me, that such families the happiest. Date of my birth on February, 201987. I 20 years old. I think, that I not so young for you. It seems to me, that distinction of age not the most important in our life. The main thing soul of the person. I very adult in soul and my thinking serious. I have left school 2004 and in the same year I have acted in Mari State Technical University. I study at Faculty of Management and the Right. My speciality the manager. I study English at university, but still know English more not enough. We investigate it superficially. Therefore I use the program of translation for dialogue with you. I very much hope, that my English will improve. I am a part time student. I visit university during session. In the rest of the time I work in flower shop. I sell flowers. I very much like my work. Unfortunately, I have no phone because my phone has been stolen one month ago. I also do not have own computer and I use the Internet of cafe. I have no any brothers and sisters. I live separately from parents because my parents live in 120 kilometers from city. My parents very much love me and I too love them very much. I visit my parents depending on mine a free time. It happens in weekend. I always try to help them because they old and they become helpless. They have given birth to me when he was many years. Therefore they rather old. When I arrive to parents I have rest from city noise and movement. I want to know more about you. Write to me more about itself. Where do you live and where you work? How you concern to a difference between our age? You have family? Children? Tell to me about the character. What it is pleasant to you and what you hate? You have pets? If you can, have gone to me please your photo? You like my photo? If you like my photos I shall send still more much my beautiful photos. I shall expect your answer and I hope, that you will make it soon...
Your friend from Russia Ilnara

Letter 3

Hello my friend John! I am very glad to receive your letter now. I want to tell to you a little more on myself, that I am pleasant to me and that is not pleasant to me. I like to listen to music very much. Music always reflects my mood. When at me good mood, I listen to more cheerful music. When to me it is sad, I listen to sad, slow music. I very much like to dance also. I frequently include music and I dance before a mirror. I very much like to move and I like to consider my naked body before a mirror. I have no any pets because I do not have time for this purpose. I devote a lot of time to study and to work. In the evenings I like to walk in park with my friends. Now it becomes more accessible because Russian colds began to leave. In the summer it happens more possible and we with friends always have rest together. We speak on various themes, when we together. I like to prepare various I peep very much. I know many remarkable recipes of our Russian dishes. You never probably tried Russian Pelmeni and Russian Borsh? These are very tasty and nutritious the foodstuffs. Inform me please, what Russian the foodstuffs you tried? What foodstuffs you like to prepare? I very much want to find partner in life. I think, that it is very difficult to find the good person in the modern world. For many people of money play a leaging role, but for me it has no great value. Because not money in a life the most important. The most important mutual understanding and love to each other. I want to find the man at which a private world it will be similar to mine. For me always it is required, that people were with kind heart and sympathizing soul. I think, that this quality the most important in the person whom I want to find. It is not important for me, what he nationalities and what he has the social status. It is not important for me, what he of age. The most important that in soul it was young. You seem to me the person decent and sympathizing. Inform me more about itself. How for a long time you use the Internet for acquaintance? How many girls write to you letters? What stage of dialogue at you with them? You like my photos? There came to me please your photos. Write to me, that you think about it... I shall wait your answer... Ilnara

Letter 4

Hello John!!!
It was very pleasant for me to read your letter. I want to warn, that I cannot answer you too quickly. As I write from the Internet - cafe. It is very expensive. I cannot is on the Internet - cafe every day, but I shall try to do it more frequently. Also I cannot send you the big photos because it also is expensive. Please write to me as much as possible about the life. And I as shall write more about myself. I want to inform you little bit more about me. I want, that you knew, that I like and that is not pleasant to me. I like, when people are frank with me. I hate lie very much. Still I think that it will be interesting to you to learn, what for I have addressed to the help of the Internet to meet loved. I have been deceived earlier and my heart has been broken. Simply I for a long time dream find the man with which could to connect the life. I have not found such person in Russia and have decided to find him in other country. It seems to me, that in Russia everyone want to deceive only each other. Sometimes it seems to me, that men start conversation only to deceive me. Earlier I was the naive girl. Now I became stronger girl. Now my outlooks on life can be made even to sights of the adult woman because I already am able to struggle for my love. I never left the friends in a trouble and all of them are grateful to me for it. Also I very sociable and all my friends speak, that with me it is pleasant to have conversation. Recently I began to feel like very lonely though at me it is a lot of friends. I think, that I am very lonely, because I do not have loved the man. I understand, that I still very young and naive. I nevertheless hope to meet worthy the man. I was brought up in very strict family. My parents to me did not allow to go on discos because they were afraid for my virginity. I think, that I was brought up in old-fashioned family. I was always cleaned at home at my parents. I always like to do something houses. I do not like to sit without an affair. Sometimes I see lazy people and it seems to me, that such people do not have any purpose in a life. Therefore I hate laziness. When in my room cleanliness and the order at me on soul it is fine. Also I think, that external beauty of the person not the most important in a life. I think, that the most important in a life is a beauty sincere. I would write to you the even greater letter, but my time comes to an end. I devote a lot of time to my study and work. I work to support myself. My parents very old and they cannot give to me many money. I hope, that my age does not confuse you. In soul I very adult. Now I shall wait your answer if I still interest you.
Yours faithfully ILNARA

Letter 5

Hello John! I am very glad to receive your letter today. I am happy, that you like my photos. I was affairs in the winter in studio. I always read your letters with a smile on the person because you seem to me interesting by the man. I did not think, that you such remarkable the man till now. Now I hope very much, that our dialogue will not be stopped also we shall have more serious dialogue. Yesterday my parents came to city to pay for my study. They try to help me with payment of study in spite of the fact that they old. They try to give last money for payments of my study. When we met them, I have told him about our attitudes with you. First they were categorically against our attitudes, because you from other country. Then I have overpersuaded them, that you very good and remarkable the man. They love me very much and they have told to me, that I should follow helps of my heart. They have told, that I should be cautious in a choice of loved of the man. We had walk on city and we had a lot of conversation. I love parents very much and I always listen their opinions. They with interest listened, when I spoke them about you. Then they have left home for village and to me became a little sad. To me it is sad, because I feel lonely. When we have made friends with you my heart began to be heated up a little. Now, when to me it is sad, I start to think of you and my mood rises. My parents sent greetings to you and to your family. They also wish you all the best in a life. Also they ask you that you did not offend and did not deceive me. I like to correspond with you very much because you seem to me the close person. It would be fine to lead with you, even one hour together. We could study each other better and we could have dialogue with you confidentially. To me it is sad, because it is impossible for us. I hope, that our hearts can overcome this big distance and can sometime incorporate. Now I work as the seller in flower shop. I do it to feed myself. Concerning virginity, it really the truth. It is a shame to me with it. At my age all other girls have sexual experience. It seems to me, that I rather old-fashioned, similarly to my parents. I hope, that it does not stop you for dialogue with me. On it I finish my letter because I should go. I shall wait your answer....
Sincerely yours ILNARA

Letter 6

Dear John,
I feel the happiest girl in the world because I receive your warm letters. I want to be frank with you. I want, that you knew, that I love you very much and I like to communicate with you. My intentions very serious and I do not want, that with me played games. I think, that you unique the man with which I shall be happy. Earlier I did not think, that I can grow fond of you. In fact we are divided with very big distance. We live on the various ends of the world, but we have an opportunity to communicate with each other and we can admit love each other through the Internet. I dreamt, as we walk with you on seacoast or ocean under the moon and stars. We speak each other amusing histories. We are dared loudly and we look in the face each other as though only we live in this world. You can think, that it is silly also you can laugh at my dreams. But I think, that you understand me and you will not laugh over me. In the morning my sweet dream has ended and began usual day. My everyday life very strongly differs from my dreams because you are not present near to me. I grieve on you and under your letters always. I am pleased, when you speak to me, that you like my photos and my letters. I hope, that this letter too is pleasant to you because I write to you the sincere letter. All my words are written from the help of my gentle heart. I dream, that you in the future will embrace me and to tender kiss. I would like to appear for one instant near to you and to kiss you. My employment will end at the end of May. Then I shall be free till September. I shall be very glad to meet you. My lovely, now I should go and I am compelled to finish my letter. If you will think, that I have written to you bosh and if you will not answer I shall not take offence at you. If you will answer this letter it will let to me know, that at you too serious intentions to me.
Write to me back... Send me your new photos.
Kiss you...

Letter 7

Hello my love John!
I am happy to see again your letter in my box. Your letters become a habit for me. And with each your letter I am more and more attached to you. I for the first time test similar feeling. In fact we still did not see at all, and at us such attitudes develop. This miracle which I so for a long time waited is probable. When I read your letters my heart is overflown with love and it starts to beat all more strongly and more strongly. Sometimes it seems to me, that my heart is ready to escape from my gentle breast and to arrive to you with my letter. You should know, that you always in my heart. To me it is melancholy, that we are on such big distance from each other. It would be wonderful though for instant to appear near to you. You very romantic the man and I hope, that we shall meet you soon. Then we can enjoy with each other. I like to dream of us with you. I always dream, how we are kissed with you. I am forgotten and I present, as it occurs. In my dreams it occurs slowly and gently and both of us enjoy it. Dear, I love you very much and I do not have not enough you. I live your letters. I am happy, that at us with you attitudes develop. My lovely, you are happy, what you are familiar with me? If your intentions really serious we should consider a real meeting. I suggest you to visit Russia because I cannot arrive to you. I cannot visit you because I not the rich girl and at me is not present money for my travel. I very much would want to visit your country because it is my big dream. I shall be very happy, if we shall meet you soon. We can have joint time. I very much would like to look many amusing places in your city and the next cities. I very much want to travel, but I do not have enough of money for this purpose. My parents will not be against I shall live in other country if I meet my beloved. I have not made still a photo which you asked to make because I did not have camera. I shall make it as soon as you will send to me. Now I shall finish my letter and I shall wait your answer with impatience....
For ever yours ILNARA

Letter 8

Hello my dearest John!
Thanks for your letter. I am pleased, because your letters always force me to smile with happiness. I am happy, that somewhere away there is a man which loves me and which I love very much. I know, that I am necessary for him which waits and wishes me. I am happy, that this the man you. Today there was a remarkable night and there has come remarkable day. I slept very strong and I saw fine dream. I dreamt about you. We went with you in fine city and had good time. You spoke me pleasant words and that we always shall be together. I liked to listen to you and to kiss you. Your kiss was very gentle. Then we have gone to you home. You have acquainted me with the parents. They have told, that I very good and kind girl. And they agreed so that we have got married. We had all serious conversation. It was very amusing for speaking with your parents. After that your parents have left also we have gone to your room to make love. We had ardent and passionate love. We have incorporated in a uniform body and we did not want to come off from each other. I have woken up with good mood and I have been very much excited. To me it became a little sad, because you did not appear near to you. I for a long time thought of you and your parents. I at all did not see them, but in my dream they were very kind. My heart poured by blood each time when I read your letters. I understand your mistrust to me. I wait, when you will travel to me. You should understand me, that I cannot invite the man at which I have only one photo. I ask you to not take offence at me on it. I simply a little cautious. When you will send me other your photos I shall send to you my other and what you ask me. I cannot without you! When we shall be together???
Kiss and Hugs...
With big love Ilnara

Letter 9

Hello my John!
To me it became sad, when you have asked me to stop to write to you. I am interested in you very much and I want to appear near to you. My lovely, I shall send you a photo which you ask. Simply I do not have now camera. I shall send you my photos by which I did earlier. I hope, that it is pleasant to you my photos by which I did in studio. I also shall send you a photo by which I did on an apartment. I ask you to trust me. I grieve on you. To me it is sad, because you cannot visit me till August. I have international passport. I could visit you, but I do not have money. If you began to help me with payment of the visa and the ticket I with pleasure would visit you. I want, that we trusted the friend each other. What do you think concerning it? Now I shall finish my letter. Your future wife Ilnara

Letter 10

Hello honey John!
I am very glad, that you have written to me back. With me all is good also my parents too well. My lovely, I very much would want to visit England. I learned in travel agency and to me there have advised to do the tourist visa. It will be will be done quickly and simply. With the help of this visa I can stay at you within 90 days. It will be sufficient time for us to learn each other. Cost of the tourist visa 300 euros. These are very big money for me and I cannot independently pay my travel. I shall be grateful to you if you will help me with payment of the visa. I am happy, that I have met you. I shall be much happier, if I shall arrive to you. Then in August we can arrive to Russia together. You can ask my hand my parents then. It is Russian custom. If the man wants to marry the girl he should ask the sanction parents of the girl. Concerning a photo, I asked my girlfriend to bring the chamber. At her there is own camera. I shall try to send you it today or tomorrow. I very much hope, that after that you will trust more to me. Now our meeting depends only on you. I hope, that you will help me with payment of my travel to England. Now I shall stop...
Your future wife Ilnara

Letter 11

Hello dearest John!
With me all is good also I hope, that with you too. I very much would want to look at culture in your country and I would like to learn a way of life in England. It is necessary to tell to my parents about my impressions. Therefore I suggest to arrive to you all over again. Concerning payment, I do not have now money in general. My parents will help then when I shall go to Moscow. While they too do not have money. To Moscow too it is necessary money to go. I should pay travel, residing. On it approximately it is necessary 700 euros. Residing at Moscow expensive. I shall be grateful, if you will help me with payment of the visa completely. The information which is required to you:
My name: Ilnara
My surname: Sagidullina
My address: Eshpaya 166a-108
The country: Russia
City: Yoshkar-Ola
Date of my birth: 20.02.1987
I hope, that this information has enough to send me of money. In what way you want to send me of money and when? I ask you to not send money mail because mail of Russia works very badly. I have made a photo, but I for the present cannot load it in a computer in the Internet of cafe. I shall make it later when the expert will come. Now I shall finish my letter and I shall wait your answer. I hope for you...
Your future wife Ilnara

Letter 12

Hello my John!
We can really start to do measures for our meeting. Thanks you, that you will help me with payment. Concerning a parcel of money, I suggest you to use the western union. It will be much more convenient for me because the bank is near to my house. To me only it is sad, that you will send money only the next month. I grieve on you and to me such long time will sadly wait. We cannot start to do the visa this week? Last night I have made a photo which you asked. I have not had time to send it to you because the Internet of cafe any more did not work. I hope, that after that you will start to trust a photo more. My training goes well. My study will begin only in September. I part time student. I have many free time. I spoke you already about it. Now I shall finish my letter. I hope, that on the visa you can send money this week.
Your future wife Ilnara

Letter 13

Hello my husband John!
I am glad, that you like my photo. I am glad, that you buy the automobile. Especially red color is my favourite color. I do not understand in marks of automobiles. Simply I like red color. My parents would be glad to speak with you, but they do not speak English in general. I would like to visit you all over again. Then we can return to Russia together. When you are going to start to pay my visa? I cannot wait, because my heart is broken off from melancholy. I do not know while in what hotel I shall remain in Moscow. I shall think of it when I shall start to do the visa. Now all depends only on you. My lovely when you will send me your photos? I hope, that you will train me in driving when I shall come to you. Now I shall finish my letter and I shall wait your answer...
Your future wife Ilnara

Letter 14

I have answers to your questions. I am sure, that you speak by lie. I am sure, because I have given you my real address. I do not know, why you lie. This big insult for me. If you had a good time with me to you it was necessary to tell earlier. We should not waste time. My letters could not come to you from Krasnodar because I wrote letters from my city. I do not understand you.