Scam letter(s) from Olga Fomin to Ed (USA)

Letter 1
The my dear friend you are very interesting to me.
I want to learn about you more. I want to see your letter on mine email. I with impatience shall wait for your letter. I with pleasure shall answer your questions.
Your friend Olga.
Letter 2
Hello Edward !!!!!!
I am glad that I can to learn you better. I badly understand in the Internet but I hope that have correctly attached a photo and you receive it. I hope that you will respond sincerely on my questions. It is very pleasant for me, that you serious the man. I very much like your photo. I as want, that I had happy family. I with you completely agree.
I as shall respond on yours.
Edward , you very interesting to me and I want to learn much about you. I do not want to hasten with our acquaintance. I search for serious relations, instead of game. I hope that you will not play with me. I love sincerity and the truth. Only sincerity and love can create the present mutual understanding and make the man and the woman happy. I so think. And you, Edward ? My name is Olga. To me of 28 years and I am lonely. I was never married. I shall tell about myself more. I live in the Tatarstan area. In city Kazan. The population of our city 10000 person. I work in local hospital as the therapist. I studied English in college. I well talk but at me a problem with grammar. But I hope that you understand me. I live together with the mother in one house. I have the grandmother who lives in a village. I make morning exercises, I like to run in the morning. At me have all, but I not have love. I feel myself alone. There is no man with who I can be happy. And I have decided to meet the love in Internet. You have liked me very much and I believe in that that at us the big future. When I shall be sure in it I think that we shall meet.
Edward , I would want that you have answered my questions. What you search in the woman? What characteristics and what requirements at you to women? I like to you?
I shall wait for your letter. I hope that you will answer soon and I shall receive your answers.
I wait ......
Your new girlfriend Olga
Letter 3
Good evening ,or morning?, Edward !!!!!
Edward I am glad to receive your letter. You know a difference in time between us? I think that it big. I am glad that I am interesting to you and that you respond on my letter. I am glad that we can to learn one another better. At me it is a lot of questions to you but I shall not ask all at once because you can not have enough time to answer them. I with pleasure shall answer all your questions and if you that that interests that ask.
I do not understand you! Your money are not necessary for me. If you are not serious with me any more do not write to me. I really want serious attitudes.
To me your photos are very pleasant. At you interesting a dog. On the one hand you are very interesting.
Edward , I shall tell more about myself. My growth of 170 centimeters or 5'7. Weight of 54 kgs (120 lbs). Volume of a body 95-63-97. It in centimeters. I do not know as to tell in your units of measure. I want I shall meet the person with which is happy all stayed life. It is very difficult to go on this life to one. Correctly, Edward ? Better when you go with whom that and you feel his love, passion, kisses. Support. You agree with me, Edward ? I like to make massage, I like cooking, is simple adore to make various dishes. To this I was learned by my grandmother. Her name is Elena. To her 74 years but she very vigorous.
I love water. Lakes, the rivers. I adore when the cool wind caress legs, the body and blows in me. You like to float? You fished? I tried once but at me have failed anything to catch.
Edward , I want to learn still as I hope that you will answer and these questions sincerely and is serious. I like to joke and I have sense of humor. But I think that that that sometimes is necessary to make seriously.
What for you the main thing in life? Work? Love? The beloved?
Entertainments? Rest? Rest with the beloved?
I shall be happy when I shall be together with the beloved and when I can make his happy. And you?
I wait for your answer.
Very much I wait.........
Letter 4

Hello dear Edward.
You can?t imagine how I am glad that you wrote me. You know it is my first experience of correspondence through Internet so the feeling of communicating such way is very unusual. I have never thought that Internet can be such fine possibility of getting acquainted with someone from other place. And I have to admit that it is very convenient and easy to contact with a person from other country. And today when I have come here to Internet cafe I and seen your letter I felt so much excitement!!! I admired with the content of your letter that I couldn?t keep myself from writing the answer at once. I would be happy if you and I wrote to each other letters knowing more and more about each other. And what do you think about that?
And now I want to tell you a little about myself. My name is Rusina. I live I the beautiful Russian republic Kazan. I was born here in this city and have still living here. I am 28 years old. As you can see from the photo I have brown eyes and brown hair. By profession I am a the doctor of the urgent help.
I couldn?t imagine any other profession besides of this.
I like to do many things like doing some kinds of sports and also dancing.
To tell the truth my works takes a lot of time, but it is so pleasant to have a rest after tense labor day. I don?t smoke, don?t drink alcohol. I lead healthy way of life and that brings me a lot of delightedness. And you? Do you go in for sports and what is your hobby?
And what do you think about the getting acquainted through Internet?
Do you admit that such relation can be serious and can you imagine that your half, your woman can be from other country, for example, from Russia? As for me with correspondence through Internet have special reliance I hope Internet will help my love man, man whom I can give my love care and gentleness and with whom I will be all my life. Well I think one day my dream will come true. Who knows may be our acquaintance is not occasional, may be that is destiny? O?K I will not guess ahead time will show that. Right?
Well, dear I hope my questions will not take a lot of time with my questions. You know it is very interesting for me to know more about you. You can tell me everything you want I will read it with great pleasure. You can ask me any question you like and I will answer it! I hope that our correspondence will let us know each other better. Well now I have to finish my letter and will wait your next letter and of course your photo.
With best regards Rusina.
Letter 5
Hi the my dear friend Edward.
How are you? To tell the truth I waited for your letter and was very glad when got it. It is very pleasant to read your thoughts to know about you more and more. May be I am too frank with you now but I can?t conceal the thoughts from people I wish to communicate. And really I enjoyed reading the lines of your letter. And now sitting here in Internet cafe (I don?t have a computer at home and I use the service of Internet cafe) I feel that something connect me and you, and the thought that you can get my letter very soon (may be in a few minutes) makes beat my heart stronger! To my mind our acquaintence develops more and more I am very glad for that.
I like very various meals. I like soups, a bird, cutlets, mushrooms, mashed potatoes, salads, okroshka, omelet, meat loaf, pilaf, leche, cheese pancake, pies, pancakes, beef, pork, all vegetables, all fruit, cheese, sausage, potato, spaghetti, buckwheat, porridge, dried fish, boiled fish, fried fish, smoking fish, baked fish, stockfish, salty fish and pickled fish, milk, kefir, Pomegranate juice, coffee, tea! My lovely, do you want me to cook for you the most tasty meal on continent America? (Smile). First of all I have apologize for my English. Though I can speak in English I know that I make a lot of mistakes and please don?t pay any attention for them, I hope you can understand my letter. I studied English at school and then at the college so I understand your letters very well. But please don?t make any reduction O?K? Sometimes it is difficult for me to understand the meaning of them. As you know I don?t have a computer at home, but also I don?t have the telephone at home. But it would be very interesting for me talk to you by phone, to hear your voice. That would be nice! And what do you think about that? Would you like to talk to me? Or may me it seems to you that I hurry the events? Please tell me about that O?K? I value your honesty and frankness I and I also I have to add that it is very easy for me to write you my thoughts. You know sometimes it is difficult to communicate with some people but it is quite the other way wiht you and that is great!
Well for now I want to tell you a little about myself I have very good family. Because of my work I rent a small apartment and I live separately from my family. But I often visit them and I spend with them weekends. We often go camping together and all in al we like to have other entertainment. I think that I am very lucky to have my favorite relatives. And I think I will be the happiest woman in the world when one day I have my love man!
Well, the city where I live is very large, and many people live there.
There are also many various factories. All in all the city is constructed by high houses till 10-12 floors.
Dear can you tell to me about the work. Do you like it? Does it bring you a lot of pleasure? As for me I do. I like my work. I very much love to laugh and I respect the people with good sense of humor. Also I like to travel but haven?t? been far from my home yet. I dream to visit many different places in the future. I yet was not far from mine at home, but I dream in the future to visit in different places. I go to sporthall 2-3 times a week go to be engaged, I try to keep in shape my body. And you my friend have any sports in the life? You love entertainment on a nature? Hunting? Fishing? Camping? Tell me about the entertainment you have there . It will be very interesting to me to learn about it. I will wait for your letters.
Sincerely yours Rusina.
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