Scam letter(s) from Guzalia to Brian (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Brian.
I so am happy, that you have answered me.
I with the big interest read your letter.
I would like to learn you better.
It will be very interesting to me to correspond with you as we live in the different countries And we shall share the news and impressions!
You agree with me?
Now it is a little about me:
You know, that to me of 29 years!
I work as the ecologist, I shall tell to you more about the work later.
I live and have been given birth in Russia in small city Ivanovka.
My city is in Republics Mari-El and my city is From Moscow in 900 kms.
My growth of 168 sm, my weight of 54 kg.
My birthday on November, 11.
I do not drink alcoholic drinks and I do not smoke.
I love and I adore children, but I have no children, But in the future I would like to have two children: one boy and one girl.
You love children?
I have written to you with one purpose-to find love through the Internet and To meet.
As I cannot find love in Russia, and I have thought why to me not To find love abroad?
And I have made a step and have written to you.
If you do not approve my step,tell to me.
Please tell as at you there is a life in your country?
I like to spend a free time with the girlfriends.
You have many friends? You have the big family?
My purpose in a life as I already speaks - find you of the satellite in a life, With which it is possible to divide the life!
At me is still much more whole in a life, but it is the purpose one of the basic.
I hope, that our letters will cheer each other up, And we shall be fair with the friend the friend.
As honesty is one of the basic main qualities in character of the person.
You agree with me?
Please write to me more about you.
Please answer me as soon as possible and I promise you to write about the family and about The interesting work!
I with impatience shall wait your letter.
Yours Guzalia.
Gentle kiss for you. P/S: If you have any questions for me, I shall be glad to answer your questions.
Send to me your photos! :)
Letter 2

Hello dear Brian.
It was pleasant for me to receive your letter!
I think, that you will read my letter attentively and completely.
Your letter has cheered me up.
As it is very pleasant for me to write to you letters, and I hope, what also it is pleasant for you to receive from me letters?
How are you doing? How your mood?
At us today solar weather. And solar weather as cheers up me.
I want, that you knew, that I speak and I write on English well as I many years studied the English language.
I studied the English language when still went to school, and I studied the English language in institute.
Now about my city:
My city very small, but it very beautiful.
In my city Ivanovka there is an Internet of cafe, and from the Internet of cafe I and write to you.
I once again want to tell to you thanks that have not disregarded me, and have written to me.
It will be pleasant for me, if we shall write each other frequently, every day.
Near to city there are many lakes and the rivers. And we with girlfriends like on coast of lake or the river to arrange picnics, You like to make picnics?
What your ideas concerning if we together only you and I have arranged picnic?
You would like it?
You already know, that I work as the ecologist.
My work also is my hobby. I am engaged in this work 6 years.
I love the work, my work brings to me pleasure.
In general my work consists in keeping our nature in Completely and safeties.
I spend many lessons on ecology.
If it is interesting to you, oxygen in this life will suffice only for 70-80 years.
I do not know as in your country, but in our country there is a constant illegal cutting down of woods.
you love your the work? Please tell all about your the work?
In how many you wake up to go for work, how many hours you work?
I wake up in 6 mornings and Also I work up to 21:00 evenings. my dinner from 13:00 till !
In general after work at leisure, I like to read books, I like to listen to various music as I spend time with the girlfriends, we frequently spend time with girlfriends together.
As I like to prepare for a meal, I love a various meal, What your favourite dish? You sometime tried Russian meal?
You like to listen to what music?
When I have free time, I like to look romantic films.
I live with parents, mine the daddy is not capable to work, as he is very sick.
I and my mum we earn money together, but our general money suffices only on residing and on clothes.
I think, what you have many entertainments in your country?
You to me very interesting, and I also think, what I am interesting to you?
Tell to me your address? I also can leave to you my address if you want?
You travel to other countries? You sometime travelled to other countries?
I never was in other countries, But I would like to visit other countries, It will be interesting to me to study other cultures and other countries.
I already spoke you, that I search the satellite in a life through the Internet and I would be glad, if there were it you, but now about it
Early still to speak, as we almost still absolutely each other bad know.
You write still to somebody except me?
I speak you fairly, that I write only to you, At me is not present anybody Except you, and only I can share with you ideas and dreams.
So, that please do not forget me, write to me as soon as possible.
I shall think of you.
I shall look forward your answer.
Yours girlfriend Guzalia.
Letter 3

Hello my gentle prince Brian!!!
You not against, If I shall name you gentle prince?
Excuse, that I at once have not written to you.
But you likely already know, that I on November, 11 had day birth.
Your new letter has made my day simply remarkable.
How you today? I'm fine.
I was on work and have just come to the Internet of cafe to write to you the letter. Now at us a dinner. I can sometimes write to you in the evening after work,
And I can sometimes write to you during the lunchtime. Today I since the morning have woken up in ideas on you as I very much waited for that minute when I can write to you and read your letter. I am very glad, that you have written to me, as to me would be sad, If you would not write to me.
In me something occurs, my soul sings also I can give 100 percent, that it you so work on me.
I want to name you my young the man! You want to name me your girl? It can is strange, but my feelings grow to you.
And through your letters I understand, that you very good and kind.
I am ready to thank destiny, that I have met you.
Now I listen to quiet music, and I having closed eyes have presented you near to me and we dance under this music. What do you think about my this dream?
You would like to carry out this dream in the future?
Today after work I gather, to help mum to prepare for a meal.
We are going to prepare for a dish under the name " Meat French "
Please tell to me about your character?
On character I counterbalanced, am romantic, cheerful, I like to joke, fair, close, I do not love quarrel.
How you concern to ***?
I think that sexs very important detail of relations.
You prefer what clothes, that the girl carried?
What your favourite color? My favourite color is white, blue, grey, and other colors.
I want, that we developed our attitudes all more and more.
To me it is sad, that I have not found still the satellite in a life, And I think, what to you also is sad, what you have not found second half?
We already with you adult people, but for the present lonely.
To you and me already it is a lot of years, we not small!
And I think, you do not have enough female love, tenderness and care????
As well as I do not have enough man's love, care.
But I think, that in the near future we can add it each other.
What do you think about this idea?
I write to you letters always in all sincerity, and in each my letter, I want to open my soul and heart.
I believe you, and I am ready to tell to you all secrets.
I write to you always the truth, that I feel, I and write to you.
I do not hide the feelings.
I hope, what you also are frank with me?
Tell to me all your phone numbers on which I can call to you?
I have no phone of a house, but I can call to you from a telephone exchange.
We with mum for a long time saved money to buy the new TV, And tomorrow we are going to go and buy the new TV.
As our old TV began to work badly.
On it I should finish the letter.
I shall wait your letter, I hope, that is fast you to me will answer.
I send you one million air kisses and embraces.
Yours Guzalia.
Letter 4

Hello my lovely prince Brian.
I so am happy to receive your letter.
What weather at you today?
At us it is cold, and approximation of winter is felt.
And I would be glad, If you would warm me!
You would like to protect me from cold winter and to warm me??
You already know, that yesterday we went with mum to shop to buy the new TV, But we have not bought yesterday the TV as have not found suitable.
But it not The main thing, the main thing that you have written me very pleasant letter.
Each your letter always does a smile on my face.
When I read your letter, my heart starts to beat more often, it from that you Really grasp my heart.
Now I think, that our relations became more open and close, How you think? You agree with my opinion?
Yesterday I have told to mum, that I correspond with you.
And I to her have told, that you are very interesting to me and very important for me.
My mum asked, that I have transferred you her relations.
To me it is sometimes sad from that That I cannot see you in a reality, That I could show my feelings to you.
In the evening when I lay on a bed I looked at stars, Also fell asleep in ideas on you and thought, that we with you carry spend together romantic Supper.
What do you think of our romantic supper?
You would like it?
How you represent our romantic supper?
I would give everything, main that my dream was carried out and I had an opportunity to see you.
It is a pity to me, that we are divided with the big distance.
But I think, that if two persons want to see each other, That big distance will not be for them an obstacle, what you think?
I think, that the love should not have a barrier.
I do not search for riches, I search for love as I think, that the love should not be mixed With money. Love - it feeling of light which goes from heart, instead of from a purse.
I read your letters attentively and with the big interest and, If I not on all answer your questions please do not take offence at me?
As sometimes I do not understand sense of your questions.
You take place in your heart for me? I speak you fairly, that I am ready to give you,
The heart under one condition if you will be always fair with me.
I can swear you, that I am fair and real with you.
I hope, that I can soon feel a touch of your lips and hands.
What do you think?
I want to make you the happiest the person on the ground, tell I can make you happy?
I hope, that soon you will answer me!
I shall look forward your fine answer.
Send relations from me to your family.
Yours forever Guzalia.
Letter 5

Hello my love.
You do not object, if I shall name you my love?
I was happy to receive your fine and beautiful letter. You to kindle fire in my heart,
And I think, that you will not give to die away to this fire as it only depends on you.
How you today? I'm fine.
Today I went to shop to buy fruit.
You love what fruit? I love most of all apples, oranges and bananas:)
I want to give you all my tenderness, all my caress, my care and love.
You want, what I gave you it?
Yesterday, when I went to bed I thought of you, in the morning I have woken up also in ideas on you.
And today you also every minute in my ideas.
There is no minute that I did not dream of you.
You always cheer me up.
What weather at you today? At us it became very cold. I hope, that you I shall soon warm me.
I am real and fair with you.
In me the strong love which always speaks me is incorporated that I want to be with you and To enjoy with you love. This big happiness to be with you and to love you. You unique The person who really loves me and wants to care of me. I too want to be with you and To care of you.
I shall be with you and only with you. And it will be happiness for me, to love you and to appreciate in you all Qualities. I like to argue and a little to think on a life and about love. I completely openly to speak with You. Because I know that you also openly speak with me.
You have places where we can go and only observe Pass of day? We can observe a set of the sun in lake in individual places.
Take for a long time walks on parks or To lakes, also enjoy wildlife?
I want to be only near to you, I want to brighten up your loneliness, I want to whisper to you tenderly, gently a hand to embrace, The sun you my clear, I shall not give you to anybody.
You have stolen my heart.
And now I for ever yours.
I love you above all. I and itself do not know the reason. However I am ready to make all for the sake of you, My dear.
I once again shall repeat, that for the sake of you I am ready on all and I shall carry out all your dreams!
I shall allow nobody To be between us..
I love you!!!!!!!!! I really love you.
Letter 6

My prince, my life, my soul Brian,
I understand, that money prevent us to meet, Also it is a shame, that money Become a barrier to our meeting.
But,We should achieve our meeting because of all forces, And we should all ways to speed up our meeting, You agree with me? I try to find also some money for our meeting.
I have have found out, that in the Internet of cafe it is possible to earn also money.
The Internet of cafe from which I write to you letters, requires addresses of sites where it is possible to find the love, penpal.
As We have found each other.
Please tell addresses of sites for search of penpal or love???
And the Internet of cafe to me will pay money for these addresses.
All money which to me will be paid with the Internet of cafe, I shall save this money for my trip to you.
Understand, Than more you will send to me of addresses of agencies, To those the Internet of cafe will give me more money, And the more to me will give the Internet of cafe of money, the earlier we shall meet.
Letter 7

Hello Brian.
I cannot imagine, why you do not trust me?
I do not know, how many to me will pay in the Internet of cafe, but they agree to pay a few money.
How you in general dare To not trust to me?
I though time to you have told a lie?
I am always fair with you, I hate lie.
I though as try to earn that of money that us with you to meet.
If you can help me with trip to you? That problems with our meeting will not be.
And I was not going to ask you the help to meet.
But you can guess, that I cannot provide to myself my trip to you.
I do nothing, I only think of you, and I want to be near to you, That we could engage love and carry out all our dreams.
Write to me as soon as possible. I shall wait your letter.
I love you very strongly. And all my dreams only about you.
Yours Guzalia.
Letter 8

Hello my sweet heart Brian.
My prince, my life, I so am happy to receive your letter.
I am glad for you, that you have won money, You always speak me such warm words, and I am simple To thaw from your words.
I hope, that you will read my letter completely, attentively and will answer all my questions.
It is a pity to me, that we are divided with the big distance.
Last time I thought of us and about our meetings.
I understand, that our life to leave and we do not notice it.
The life goes quickly, the life flows away as water in the river and back it to not return.
I am very glad, that I have you.
I am grateful to destiny that has met you, and I shall be even more grateful if we shall meet in a reality face to face.
I do not want to waste time vainly, I think, that we need to undertake measures on the account of our meeting as soon as possible.
Remember I to you spoke about the dreams?
Remember I to you spoke, what I want to have with you romantic suppers?
Remember I to you spoke, what I want to go to bed and wake up near to you?
I really want it very strongly.
But, that all this to carry out to us it is necessary to meet!
What do you think about our meetings?
My love I really want to meet you.
I am fair with you and I think, that you also are fair with me, I allow an oath, that I have real strong feelings for you, and you are convinced of it, when we shall meet.
I think, that it will be better, if I shall arrive to your country.
I certainly would want, that you have visited me.
But there are two reasons on which it will be better if I shall arrive to you the first.
The first reason: I cannot meet you at myself, Before I to not visit you.
It is the Russian tradition, all over again I should arrive to you to your country And to get acquainted with Yours family, and the second reason: at us in Russia it is dangerous to live, at us in Russia do not love foreigners here again many robberies and murders.
And I am afraid, if with you something happen, as I shall feel fault, if with you there will be a trouble, as you will arrive to Russia with the purpose to meet me.
And that there were no problems, I think, that it will be better if I shall arrive to your country as soon as I shall arrive to you, whether we with you shall decide we like each other.
I think, that we shall like each other at a meeting and our meeting will be in the unforgettable afternoon.
You think our meeting it there will be a unforgettable day?
Understand, that I cannot wait any more, I only and dream to meet you at the airport, to kiss you strong and to be in your warm embraces.
Then we can have a romantic supper of which dreamed and then we can go to you home or in other place, main to remain together alone.
I want, that our hearts have incorporated as soon as possible.
I love you and if we shall not be together I shall die.
Remember I to you spoke, what the love should not have a barrier?
But now it has a barrier.
I can take holiday on work at any time though today or tomorrow, and I can arrive to you at once, but I have no money to arrive to you.
And it does me very sad and sad. I all in tears when I shall think, that money prevent us to meet.
At me even in ideas was not, that money will create a barrier of our love.
But my love to you is strong also can destroy nobody our love.
Can you and have no strong feelings for me? But I very much have strong feelings to you. But in all cases, I think, what there is no sense to delay our meeting?
What do you think?
Because letters it is possible to write each other all life, but and to not meet. I have no money to write letters for a long time time as you know, that I write about the Internet of cafe and to write to you the letter I to pay money.
If you do not want to meet me as soon as possible I think, that there is no sense to write each other as I wrote to you with one purpose to meet you, and I once again shall repeat, that only at a meeting we shall solve our joint life.
That we had not time to tell each other in letters. We shall tell it each other at a meeting, what you think?
Now to me there is all Is more sad and sad from that I cannot arrive to you from for money, My mum also understands, that from for money I cannot visit you. She also is upset.
As my mum knows, that I love you and I want to arrive to you. I had idea to sell some things from a house to have though some money for trip.
But my mum has dissuaded me To sell things from a house. It is a shame to me to ask you the help. But without your help I cannot arrive to you.
It is difficult for me, that all of us still are far apart.
I want to start to build our future with you as soon as possible.
I understand one fact, that I cannot pay for all my trip to you.
As I have learned cost of my trip to you and these are very big money!!!
And I hope, only on your help.
I should know at once the truth, that not wound, neither yours and nor my heart.
Whether you will help me with trip to you in the near future?
I know, that the meeting is really serious step!!!
If I have afflicted you something, please forgive to me! I shall never hurt you, I shall care of you.
I ask the god that we have met and were the happiest people on light.
I shall wait your letter with impatience.
With huge love yours Guzalia.
Letter 9

Hello my love Brian.
I am glad to receive your letter.
Yes it is good idea if we shall meet after Christmas, I certainly would want to meet up to Christmas, and to carry out with you this Christmas, But I think, that I shall not have time to make all documents to arrive to you.
Know, that it is necessary to start to make the visa and the passport as soon as possible.
In the first you should know, that I shall never injure you, and I never to stop to write to you.
I hope, what you also do not stop to write to me?
But I hope, that soon we will not need to write each other as we shall meet, Also we shall personally communicate.
When I lie down to sleep I dress a shirt.
But with you I am ready to go to bed *****. What do you think?
I shall be your wife. We shall be together happy family.
Today I went to travel agency and have have found out, that I shall require the visa and foreign The passport.
Cost of the visa of 250 American dollars.
Term of registration of 7-10 days.
Also it is necessary for me to make the passport for travel abroad, cost of the passport for travel abroad, 150 American dollars. Duration of the passport for travel abroad of 90 days.
Also I shall require medical insurance, for this purpose it is necessary 130 American Dollars.
I looked the cheapest tickets in your country, 1200 American dollars are cost Return tickets.
In a total sum I need in 1730 American dollars.
Remember I to you spoke, what wanted to buy the new TV?
And to you spoke, that has not bought the TV as has not found suitable.
And now I am ready to spend this money for my trip to you.
I have 200 American dollars which we with mum saved for the TV, And I shall spend this money for my trip to you.
I cannot wait, when I shall see you face to face.
I all time dream of you and about our meetings.
I love you very strongly.
I shall try to be patient. But I am available to go on foot in your country.
I shall wait your letter.
With love yours Guzalia.
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