Scam letter(s) from Natalia to Paul (England)

Letter 1
Hello, this is Tatyana. Thank you for your interest:-) I know that I won't be able to get everything that I like in life. But I need not too much. I want to be a lady. And to be near the real gentleman. I need the man in my life to make it complete. I need his love, support and care. I am afraid of so many things. I'm worried that something bad can happen to me without him and I won't be able to defend myself. I need His strong hand and his strong loving heart to keep me safe from harm and worries in life. Are you ready to be my hero and my wall of stone to protect me and never let me down? I'm cautious to give myself to somebody. When I love I give all myself and I become very vulnerable. That's why I am afraid to be mistaken and choose the wrong man. But I will be glad to try with you, if you are interested, of course:-) I will wait your letter in my e-mail box, that is at (
Letter 2
Hello, Paul I am glad you found me interesting enough to write to me again:-) Yes, a lot of men were writing to me. But most of them were interested just in *** relations without no responsibilities. I am serious as for long term relation. Do not want to tell that all of the men were looking for ***, some didn't liked me and some I didn't liked. But I liked you, and hopefully you like me too:-) I hope we both didn't mistake as for each other:-) To be honest, I consider Internet as my last chance to find my love:-) You may ask "Why?". I am not an **** girl, as you may see from my photos. Some of my friends even tell that I am pretty:-) Why then am I here??? I want to tell that I came long to this decision:-) I didn't believe it works, I thought there were different people who might write not only good things about me but bad as well... Anyway one day I thought "Nothing will change if I try". So I am here. Sorry if sometimes you will find my letters boring, I am not very good in writing letters:-) But I know one thing for sure, I have to tell a bit of myself, correct? Because if I were you, I would liked to know something of me:-) So, my name is Tatyana. Tanya is typical Slavonic name. This was the name of an early saint and martyr. I was born August, 8, 1981, and as you see, I am Lion according to astrological sign. By the way, do you believe in compatibility according astrology? Me - not much:-)I know one couple which are not supposed to have even friendship between them (according astrology), and they felt in love with each other and married:-), they live happily, and have a wonderful 3 years old daughter:-) Life is different:-) I live in a small town, which is called Stahanov, what is in Ukraine. I liked it when I was a small girl:-) But now, being grown and lonely, I am ready to leave it in case, I will find my second half outside of it. I graduated a college and work as a librarian in a school. I like children, but new generation of them are ... too cruel sometimes. It seems to me, it becomes more difficult to grow a normal child in modern (at least our) society. Oh, I seem became too enthusiastic. Hope, you are not too bored:-) If you decided to stay with me, tell me more of yourself too:-) If you want, I can tell you of my family next time. Anyway, I will wait for your letter, hopefully with more photos. Tanya. P.S. Do not be scared, I do not have tattoos on my body, it is just a carbon-papered picture, which washes off in several days.
Letter 3
Hi, Paul I was pleased to catch your attention:-) I would like to start a conversation with you to learn and get to know all about you. In turn, you will know everything about me. The ultimate goal of this conversation is our personal meeting. How do you like this plan? As for my likes and dislikes, I really like many things. I have a wonderful collection of music, that includes everything from classical to jazz and rock. I even have a few CDs of popular, young foreign artists. The kinds of movies I enjoy are mostly comedy and adventure and my most favorite hobbies jogging and swimming. What are those things I do not like? As for those things I do not like, I am a very private person and dislike negativity and people that can't mind their own business. I can't stand men to try to control or bully their wives or girl friends. I don't like rude or obnoxious people. I also dislike people who always have to argue or have their own way and people who are always late. I do not like women who will not show their affection or have *** as a way of punishing their man. I really get annoyed at people who play mind games with other people. I believe in open communication but get upset when I am interrupted while I am talking. Above all I do not tolerate lying! So, the reason of my searchings and such an easy readiness to relocate in case everything works between us? Very easy! Or not as easy as it may seem for the first time, but ..... Anyway, listen. I live alone with my sister here. She is 2 years elder me. My mom dead three years ago from heart attack. She was a teacher and once on paternal meeting she had attach and dead immediately. Just imagine, that in the morning we kissed her and told her "till the evening!", and in the evening me, 22-years old girl know that her mom is dead..... Then after funerals, dad became drinking, explaining everything with the fact he missed mom, but we knew, he was guilty in her death too. One day when my sister came home, my dad was going to punish me with shouting and beating me, so she didn't bear it and we turned him out. He didn't worked anymore and just sold everything for *****.... My sister forbidden me to stop studying, but I didn't knew how to help her with earning for living. I know what you think now, but you will never experience what I have felt in those days! We needed a lot: food, bills for living conditions, payment for education, transport, etc. etc.... But together we managed with everything. Now, she is married (remember the story from my previous letter about astrological compatibility? so the couple is my sister and her husband):-))) I didn't meant complaining, you just won my favour, and I even didn't noticed how I have already told you about all my misfortunes!!!! I hope, you are not too disappointed:-) Oh, yes I have one more lack - I do not know English, didn't manage to learn it:-((( So, I use attendances of translational company. Just do not be afraid, and of course, do not stop writing to me feeling scared to communicate by the help of the third face!!!!! I just thought you have right to know it. To tell you the truth, I'm a little nervous as to how you will respond to what I have said. However if I didn't told you, I would be lying to you and passing up an opportunity to find the one who will love me and the person I will love for the rest of my life:-) Tanya. P.S. Hope, you will like my photos. On the first, I am with my sister, and the second one was taken on the lake where we had picnic last summer. P.P.S. Your smocking is not a problem for me:-)
Letter 4

Hello, Paul

I was pleased to find your letter today. Thank you for understanding, I knew you won't be afraid of difficulties. You seem to be the one I have waited for, for a long long time:-) Like you, I have searched high and low for the one man who will catch my heart and soul. Paul, I am sorry for the delay in writing to you, but I supposed it was your turn to write, as I replied your letter from May, 8:-)
Anyway, thank you for letting me know of yourself:-) Today, at work, for the first time in a long time, I had a smile all day long, and it is all because of you! I couldn't wait to get the translational company and to be able to read your letter. Sometimes I think, what life brings me, or who may come into it. Darling, finding each other the way we did, was not by accident. To answer the question in your mind, I am a one man woman. There is nobody else that I talk to like you or share my feelings to. I can wait to hold you because then I will know it is for real. Yes, there has been a couple of boys, yes I say boys because they do not know what they want out of life. Now I find myself thinking of you and you are all I need. I will not use anyone for pleasure, that is not me. All I'm saying is that I have found someone who is so beautiful and these feelings are growing like a wild fire. You have touched me in so many ways that it is hard to believe. I just want to give you the same respect that you deserve so much in life. I never thought that you would come into my life. I told myself that if I can not find the man of my dreams then I would spend the rest of my life single. I'm not looking for someone who is perfect, but for someone who is willing to be himself. I'm 25 and I just want to have a happy family, not perfect but a happy one. We still have a long way to go but at least it is going to be well worth it. Some would say that I'm falling in love, but I would not to agree. I like you with all my soul, I am thinking of you constantly, and ... I want to fell in love with you (to be honest), but we know each other not enough to have these feelings. Am I right? Will you agree with me, or do you have the other opinion? But what I know for sure, I have this wonderful feeling of trust to you!!!!!! Right now you are probably sleeping and I wish I could watch you, I hope you won't mind. Thank you for taking me for who I am. Yours, Tatyana.
Letter 5
Wednesday, May 16, 2007. qualitative translation of any difficulty ELITE SERVICE Dear Mr. Paul, We are sorry for disturbing you with such kind of question. We are the translation bureau. Tatyana Yatsenko had used our paid services of translators in order to write the letters to you in English and to get the letters from you in Russian. Unfortunately, for this time it is impossible for her to make the payment even for the next letter. Tanya has your last letter in translated variant but unfortunately she hasn't any possibility to write the answer, - the account is CLOSED. But the account for going on the communication CAN BE REOPENED after making the payment and full filling it. If you are interested in helping Tanya with payment for our services, please, make a request on this e-mail address and we will send you all the information about our options and conditions, if you are not interested, just notify us and we will delete the account. Additional information you may get by the following telephones:
in Ukraine +380956862384 from 9.00 till 16.00 of local time
Skype number 13158495771 Cordially yours,
Manager of
"Elite Service"
Ludmila Scherbina
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