Scam letter(s) from Shalonda Dabor to Paul (England)

Letter 1
Hello Dearest One,
How are you doing today,i do hope you are fine with the goodness of the day over there,Mine is very difficult because of my orphanage situation,like you know that i am here as a refugee and as a refugee here i dont have the privilladge to do any thing be it money or whatever because it is against the law of this country.
Hence this,I decided to go into fasting and prayer since the day i contacted you because i want to be really moved by the spirit of our god before telling you this secret of mine.well i wish to let you know this is a matter of reality and truth, i have had a strong secret for people since why? because i intend to look for a better and responsible person like you before i will revealed it.
this is not a thing that l have to disclose to anyone that just comes my way,because this is an issue that requires trust and sincerelity,l believe that you may be capable of handling the situation since this is the issue of money which worth the sum of (USD$3.7m)us dollars,l will like you to be aware of the fact that this money was deposited in a private fianance company.
You have to be aware that it was my dead father that made this deposite which worth the sum of (USD$3.7m)US dollars and i was used as the next of kin to the account. prior to this,i have contacted the finance firm and made them aware of my intension to claim the money but only to hear on surprise that my late father have strictly given specific instructions that before the fund should be released to me,I had to present a reliable foreign trustee/representative or at least a promising fiancee who will stand on my behalf for the transfer of the money.
that is why i am seeking your assistant to stand on my behalf as my trustee/representative so that the finance firm will release the fund to your bank account.You can help me establish a business which can be run and managed by you and also enroll me in school to futher and finish my education before handling money.
As I write you this mail I have tears run down my cheeks because I don’t know what might be your next decision.
You can have 20% of the total money for the incoviniences which you might face during the transfer of the money to your account.
I also want to assure you that your involvement in this transaction is legal because I have all the legal documents which my late father handed over to me that will cover the transfer of this money,moreover,everything concerning the transfer of this money will be followed according to the bank instructions and directives to avoid any brigde of law.
l will like to hear from you first before l will release the bank contact information to you so you will write to them and confirm the true existence of the money,l have great respect for you believeing that you will not betray me after the money have been transferred to your account.
moreover,i will like to give you the phone number of the pastor of our church here,,his name is Pastor Barnabas,(+221-43-40158) if you call tell him that you will like to speak with me,he will send someone to call me immediately in the hostel.i will be expecting your call anytime.
on getting your reply indicating your willingness to assist me and stand as my trustee/foreign representative,i will give to you the finance firm contact information for you to contact them your self to know how to transfer the money to your account.
take care of yourself,
with love and warm regards,
Letter 2
How are you?
hope you are fine over there? i am really happy you replied to my mail, it gives me more joy because i do believe that we both have to be open-minded and sincere as to know each other deep down,share our loneliness and thoughts,before i proceed further let me intoduce myself fully to you, my name is miss SHALONDA ,23yrs,5.6ft tall,never married before.i am a liberian by origin but at the moment i am living in the refugee camp,dakar-Senegal due to a civil war which was fought in my country that resulted to the death of my parents.
i am a girl who loves to give people happiness always despite what the circumstance might look like.most of my hobbies are,reading novels,jogging,listening to music,cooking,listen to music, tv and movies.
I like honest,real,sincere and trustworthy people. but i hate dishonest,cheaters, and irresponsible peoples.
please tell me more about your self,your likes and dislikes,family,country, etc. i believe we can move from here to know more about one another and maybe more of a relationship that might lead us to anything else.i promise to give you happiness all the day i will be your friend,
finally i wish to let you know that sincerelity is the best way in life.though we might be thousands of miles away from each other but it does not matter,what really matters in life is love not distance or colour.
I will tell you more about me in my next mail,attatched below is my picture for you to know who i am,i will like you to take me as i am and tell me more about you in your next mail.hopping to hear from you soon.
Letter 3
Hello my dear
Thanks for your responce and concer on me.I really appreciate it.
I would send you some ****** picture when i snap one and i have attached another pic of mine on this mail.
My dear i will like to know your full name so that i can write to the Bank where the money was deposited by my late father to introduce you as my representative whom the money will be transfered to his account.
On my next mail i shall forward to you the contact address of the Bank so that you can write to them to know how the money will be transfered to your account.
Have a pleasant day and hopeing to hear from you soon.
Letter 4

Dearest One,
How are you today?i hope that you are very fine over there,i became very happy after reading your last mail indicating your willingness to assist me,Actually i took a step forward today by informing the bank again about my decison to enable them know that your my trustee,that the fund should be released and transfered to your bank account.
I have my father's deposit certificate and his Death certificate all with me as i told you,all the same am going to be there with you very soon when the transfer is over so that i can be able to start my education then you can invest the money in a good business,Honey,please be assured that nothing is going to put you into trouble because i have the right to present anyone of my choice to represent me claim my late father's money.

All you need to do is to either call the bank on phone or you send an email requesting for claims, closure and transfer of the fund on my behalf to your account. Tell them by email that you want to know their requirements to enable you claim my father's fund that is in their custody on my behalf. It is their duty to let you know their procedures.

Here are the contact information of the bank which I feel you might need. In order for us to proceed now, please contact the bank either by phone or through e-mail to find out their protocols. When you contact them, these are the information you have to give them to indentify me. Please if you need any information more, just ask for it so as to move this process fast enough. The name of the bank and contacts are stated as below:

39,Av.Leopold Sedar Senghor,
Dakar Senegal. West Africa.
Direct email:
Direct Tel: +221 339 4451
Tel/Fax 00221 598 4803

Information about my late father & his account details are as follows.

Name of depositor : Wilson Dabor
Nationality : Liberia
Account number: HBM743483002
Amount deposited : USD$3.7M
Next of kin : Ms Shalonda Dabor

Please make sure you did not omitt any of this information so that the bank will not stand on the ground to deny you access to the claims, I'm getting sick and tied of living in this poor condition over here.I am finding it difficult to pay my hospital bills and I can't ask the Rev. for financial assistance all the time.
Inform me as soon as you contact the bank.hear from you soon. with love and warm regards
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