Scam letter(s) from Alicia Moniba to Paul (England)

Letter 1
Good day to you and thank you for your e-mails. I hope that you are fine and also in good health. How are you again? I hope that you are fine . How is your work? I hope that it is going fine.Greetings from me here. Honey I am not happy to receive that you are not quiet convince about this deposit which I have every document that is covering this deposit with me here, perhaps why are you thinking that I am not telling you the truth??? Nevertheless, I understood your fear since you hardly know me or expect meeting with me but couldn't understand why I must not be truthful to you being aware of my situation, Dear please let no the devil denies me of an opportunity of which I have prayed for, This money was deposited when my Daddy was alive , he wasn't poor, I believe my situation at present is a depth of measure of my faith in God. I can't afford to play a cheat ,with what access and capability, please I am just a poor girl that is in need of your help .for the picture i will send another for you ok ....please help me outoff this situation my GOD will reward back in 100 foles .please due send me your contact to enble me to have more confident on you .bey for now have anice day i will be wating for your email or your call.....
thanks yours
Letter 2
How are you over there i hope all is well with you . i hard all you said as you can see iam alittle girl that in need of your help i done mean to hurt you. Honey paul4 here iam in the camp is just like somebady insaid prison .no good food to eat .no good care been taking of me .just take alook of what you toll me about your sisters you are theone taking good care of them .you see that is what iwant you to understand here i am is not good i know you can do something in this stiaution . honey please help me outoff this place my GOD will reward in aboudant please due send me your contact to enble me to have more confident on you .so that i will send the bank contact to you so that this moneywill be trasfer as quick as posseble i will be wating to here your call or your email soon have anice day bey for now
yours love
Letter 3

Thank you so much for writting back, I would appreciate more if you can call me through our Rev.'s phone number 00 221 366 82 06 so that we can get to know ourselves better. When you call, please greet the Rev and tell him to assist you call Ms Alicia Moniba at female Hostel A3, Room 7. Don't forget that the name of the Rev incharge is Rev. Lucass.

I actually beleive that it takes one to know someone So that will able to send you The Document's also the Firm Contact where the Money is Deposited by my Late Father, i really want to know you much better, what we are talking about is my inheritance and about how to start a new life since i have lost my parents. I am beginning to build some kind of trust on you and i want to confide fully in you, it can only be achived by constant communication which we have started right now but i am pleading that you should assist me to develop phone conversation because they don't allow us to make foreign calls through the Rev's phone but we can recieve freely.

The Rev can only assist me call you just to inform you that i am arround to take your call, then he will drop and ask you to call him back immediately so that you can speak with me through his phone. I would appreciate if you will accept to help me from the bossom of your heart, I looking forward to hear from you but please remember to also send me your direct phone number, contact adress and also tell me more about yourself so that we can flow along. I want to beleive that i have written so well.

Note: that this issue is 100% genuine and risk free, please do not forget to get back to me with all i need from you to enable us confide on each other gradually.
Love & care from,
Ms Alicia
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