Scam letter(s) from Marina Belousova to Paul (England)

Letter 1
Good morning, This letter might surprise you because we have met neither in person nor by correspondence, but I believe that it takes just one day to meet or know someone either physically or through correspondence and then it will take almost the whole life to enjoy happiness from the communication, who knows. I got your contact through my personal search, I hope you are not embarrassed by this and I believe that you are open for future correspondence. I suppose you want to know a little bit about mysterious me:)))) Ok, my name is Marina, I live in Zorinsk, it is a small place in the eastern part of Ukraine. I will try to give you an idea about myself. I am a normal person, and i will tell you everything in details later if you will have such a wish of coarse. And now I would like to explain you my choice. I haven't used the Internet to get acquainted of somebody before. So it's something new for me. But I suppose more will happen for a person if one is willing to go for opportunities. So I decided to search the man of my dream by means of Internet. It doesn't matter what he looks like. The main things for me is what he has inside his heart. I think I'm lucky and I always go for it. I like people with character, strong spiritually, who can get everything they want. I'm sure good luck doesn't just fall into our lap, but we have to make it happen. I enjoy to meet cheerful people, to find out something new for me. I'm very energetic and never idle. I like fun and merriment. But at the same time I adore quiet places among trees and mountains. You can see one of my favorite on the picture taken last week end not far from my house. I want to love and to be loved. I want to get care and attention from man whom I love. I will give him all the tenderness and warmth I have. I will adore him and our love. I wish to have intimate relations for so much. But as soon as I'm serious lady, I wish to have it with my beloved only. I want to share the wonderful life with my beloved and my the only one. I'd like to share all my private secrets with him. I am looking for an honest and faithful man who will love me and value me. I will be near him every second, when he needs me. Oh, it seems that the brief introduction has turned to the really detailed one, i am sorry if I took too much of your time. I hope you will not regret about it. Waiting for your reply, your Marina.
Letter 2
Hi, Paul I am really happy with your reply. It is so nice to hear from you again. I am glad that you want to continue our acquaintance. You wonder why I am alone? Well, it is perhaps a bit my fault as well. I just want to find my perfect partner and i am sure that Internet is the perfect lace for it a you can look directly into soul of your person without being judge only by what you look like and all other physical aspects. Do you agree? You know writing to you is so easy, sometimes I even feel like talking to you, perhaps this is the reason i want to tell you more about myself even though this will touch upon some things that i seldom share to other people, hope it is ok for you. I want to tell you about my family or at least what I consider to be my family. I have childish reminiscences about my mom and me walking together, this is all I can recall in fact. I was too little when my dad left my mom for other woman. It was real tragedy for her and she devoted her life to me and my elder brother Sergei. I am 7 years younger than Sergei and I was born on April, 26th. We were really happy even though sometimes there was not anything to have for dinner except for potatoes, my mom was kind and sweet for us and she was giving us a lot of care. Then Sergei went to army, I was 11 at that time and my mom met some woman who advised her to find a good man to live with as it is really difficult to live alone. So my mom went to the translational firm and met John. He was a really nice man at fist when they met in his place, after she returned she was truly happy and I was glad for her but one day she told that she is moving to John`s place and she will take me and Sergey later when she settles down there. It was our last talk with my mom, I did not have any information about her (I was too young to ask for anything and my brother was far away). Before he came back my aunt sold our big flat and bought a tiny room for me and my brother, she took all the change to herself and we are not able to take the funds back. This was a truly difficult time for us and we have hardly survived. Sergei is married now and I am happy to communicate with his nice wife and daughter, I consider they are my real family and I love them very much. That is my family, I want to introduce you to them in person one day.
I hope to find someone special using the Internet as Zorinsk is too small and young people seldom stay there. I am sorry for the sad story, I know that there is nothing cheerful in it but I hope you can understand me, I seldom meet someone special like you and I need to share all my life with you. I think this is truly important, do you agree? Waiting for your reply,
Marina P.S. Oh, I have got so nervous telling all the things to you that i can not concentrate so please, forgive me if I have missed something or have told something in a wrong way, I promise to turn to the matter in future, I will only ask you to remind me about it so I will not forget.
Letter 3
Hello, Paul It is a really sunny weather today, I do like such a weather, I hate the cold winter days though sometimes it is nice to walk at the snow but I prefer sitting in warm place in such days. I have finished my work earlier today (I do not remember whether I have told you that I work as a shop assistant after my classes). So I am free earlier today and I was walking with my brother Sergei and his nice daughter Masha after work, we have lots of fun, we were in the attraction park all these marry-go-rounds and other nice things, I felt as if I am a child myself. Then we came across a photographer who has taken photo of us, I hope you will like it:)) It is such a pity that I am not able to have more free time to enjoy the nice walks, to go to the picnics, to play with my niece, to write you. I hope you will be glad to give my letters more often, will you? I believe that if we were together in the real world, we would be laughing and dinning together and dancing, and going to movies, holding hands, touching, kissing and caressing much, as all people do when they are falling in love. But on here all we can do is talk and dream, and that is nice as it is our only option for now. On the other hand we have more opportunities to discuss all our preferences and other things that we might be shy to tell in person. Don't you agree? I love nature, animals, and all people. I look for only positive things in all people. And if I can`t find any in them, I leave them alone, and stay away from them. I try to think positive. My glass is always half full. Never half empty:)) I will close my letter on this optimistic note. Thinking about you, Marina. PS Dear, there is one more thing I have forgotten to tell you, I don't know English and use translation company to help me with translation of your letters to me and mine for you. They also provide me with computer and Internet connection, because I don't have it at home. For me it's very comfortable to use, hope you also don't mind this. I am sorry that it took me so long to save the funds to write you, i promise to do it more promptly in future.
Letter 4

Dearest Paul Here it is Wednesday afternoon at 16:00 and you have been on my mind all day long. Whenever I see a letter from you, it brightens my day more than you will ever know. Yesterday, one of my best friends has come and in the course of conversation I told her about you. She asked me how serious I was with you. I told her that it is too early to predict something, even if we are together in real life but she smiled at my words. She told that she sees that it is really serious at least from my side and she wishes me good luck and hopes you have the same feeling as well. Sveta (the friend) told that we are really blessed in this case:)) Yesterday evening I was preparing some crucian for dinner and while it was cooking, I thought I read some of your printed letters and admire your images. I am not sure how much time elapsed, but all I can remember was the smell of burning fish. Yak! I had to restart dinner all over again, however, I didn't mind. I actually found myself laughing at myself. I must say, you are a most wonderful distraction! I do like everything you are writing about yourself, as for the pictures you have never sent me any and I am not able to open on faceparty so I am not able to comment on them but I am sure that man with such a nice inner world is truly handsome. Why am I alone? I just want to find my perfect partner and i am sure that Internet is the perfect lace for it a you can look directly into soul of your person without being judge only by what you look like and all other physical aspects. Do you agree? I hope I do not in a hurry, perhaps i am too dreamy girl, I will try to concentrate next time or I will burn my flat one day:(( I want to share everything with you, even such a trifle things as cooking dinner and having my fish burnt, I want to know what you prefer: meat, fish or vegetables? Are you early bird or not? Are you big eater? Are you ????? I think I should stop this list so you will have some time to have a rest or do something else. With warm regards, Marina END OF CONTRACT NOTIFICATION LETTER
Mrs. Dominika Manichkina
Director of International Department
Dominique translational company
19/5, Malaya Street
Letter 5
Dear Sir, As you see from the head of our letter we are representatives of the translational company your lady Marina Belousova was using to conduct communication with you as her English knowledge were not sufficient for that. At present moment she informed us about the fact of her current impossibility to use our services. However she also emphasized her true interest in your personalty and we discovered only the single way out of this problem. That is contacting you with proposal to use our services. If you are interested in our suggestion, you are welcome in contacting us for further information. If not we just politely ask you to notify about your refusal in cooperation with us. Thank you for being one of our valued customers. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter. Dominika Manichkina
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