Scam letter(s) from Susan Plets to Gerold (Germany)

Letter 1
Ken, hello, God must have been in an exceptionally good mood when he created you. No one else could have created so wonderfully beautiful and brave man like you. 'Brave', because not everyone would dare to go on relations with a lady from another country, who doesn't know his language as well:-((((( But I have a great desire to become really closer, so as soon as I am able, I am ready to start learning your language:-) I also can teach you Russian if you want:-) The highlight of my day is getting and reading your e-mail. I usually do that at my lunch time and then I make sure no one will interrupt me for I want to read your mail without interruption. Sometimes I can't for someone breaks my peace. But anyway those are my best moments when I read your beautiful letters and if I get a picture of you I just melt down into my chair with this wonderful feeling. I have never met anyone I have been able to fully confide in. You see most people don't listen. And for me that is the trick. Sometimes you just have to be able to tell someone how you feel without being judged. I imagine that it must be wonderful to be able to do that. I know that people come to me and confide in me and I listen. I know when not to criticize but rather to ask questions. Sometimes I am the one people are not happy with and want to tell me that. Then I cannot be angry as people are telling me what they think and feel. I only wish I had someone that would listen to me. I know you are a good person, a person that knows what I am talking about, and a person that would listen to me. I wish only I talked about positive experiences most of the time so you don't have to worry about me whining all the time. :-) I only wish I could spent but one night with you, a romantic dinner where I could look into your eyes and see your happiness shining from them, such a beautiful eyes, touch your hand if nothing more and steal a little kiss in hope that it would lead to something so great that I would live in ecstasy forever more. Soon I hope to be able to realize this and that we will never part after that:-) Oksana.
Letter 2
Hi, it is me again Ken:-) I am glad, you are still with me:-) Ken, thank you so much for sending me your photo, which I liked very much. I think, you are very handsome man, not only outsides, but seems like inside too:-) I will be glad to know you better. I am also glad, you are interested to know me better as well. Maybe one day we will develop our correspondence into something more serious? What do you think of personal meeting? No, I am not rushing things, I just wanted to let you know that if we both are serious, we won't escape this:-) Ok, I suppose you are here to find out something more of me? Then I will go on. As for my personalities..... I'm a someone of nature, friendly, honest and sociable, I can also describe myself as a sensitive someone. My favorites interests are that I like nature, I love hanging out with family and friends, I adore some kind of movies and songs, and reading, which helps to know the world deeper and brighter. I enjoy the views of mountains, forest, the sea, lakes, relaxing at the beach and have some nice BBQ's and have good party with family and friends. I like to travel and see new places, but unfortunately I never was abroad. I like presenting and receiving flowers. My favorite ones are lilac. Maybe because they are blossoming only few days a week? Sometimes I am also looking for 5-leaves flower, think of some wish and ... eat it:-) Do not laugh, it is all childish stories, I know, but when one doesn't have any other ways out, he starts believing unbelievable things:-) Something like meeting via Internet:-) I am trying to find a like-minded male, searching of my best friend who will also be my life partner, because I don't think a great love affair can exist without a foundation of friendship. We should be equal partners in life. I am generally an optimistic person with a sense of humor, fairly easy-going, and I don't think that I'm too critical about things, but I also believe that it takes two people contributing to a relationship to make it work. I like to do things with the other significant person in my life, but I also would encourage him to go out and spend time with his male-friends and pursue his own interests and hobbies as well. Because I believe that time spent apart helps keep things fresh in a relationship. It is probably enough for today, but I am waiting for more letters from you:-) Till next time, Oksana. P.S. I forgot to mention, that I can't speak any other languages apart from Russian. So I have to use paid translator and computer services in order to write and send you my letters. I hope you don't mind, do you? Please, let's not allow language barrier apart us:-) From my side, I promise to start visiting language school for adults:-)
Letter 3
Mrs. Ekaterina Bogdanovskaya
Director of International Department
Translational company
23/90, Veselaya Street
Ukraine Dear Mr. Gerold As you see from the head of our letter we are representatives of the translational company your lady Oksana Mushulova was using to conduct communication with you as her English knowledge were not sufficient for that. At present moment she informed us about the fact of her current impossibility to use our services. However she also emphasized her true interest in your personalty and we discovered only the single way out of this problem. That is contacting you with proposal to use our services. If you are interested in our suggestion, you are welcome in contacting us for further information. If not we just politely ask you to notify about your refusal in cooperation with us. Thank you for being one of our valued customers. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter. Ekaterina Bogdanovskaya
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