Romance scam letter(s) from Irina Domracheva to Rick (New Zealand)
Letter 1
My love I arrive to you on April, 29th at 12.10 pm your time. I hope, that you will wait for me at the airport. I wait for this moment, but I should tell to you, that today when I was in travel agency, to me have informed awful news. My love to me today have told, that at passage of the customs control I should have at myself the cash sum of money at a rate of approximately 3100 usd. My love I has been simply dumbfounded, but there is such law on which, I cannot leave Russia, yet I shall not show a guarantee of the financial well-being for the period of my visiting New Zealand. My love I necessarily should show this money. My love I in an easy panic, I have tickets on hands, but I have no 3100 usd. My darling very much it is not convenient to me to ask you about the help, but with me does not remain any choice. I cannot find this money till Friday. My love I ask you about the help. I shall arrive to you and and I shall give this money directly at the airport. My love I should bring to you one million apologies, that I have not informed you on it earlier, but I only today have learned about it. My darling I shall wait your letters. I keep for you kisses as I and promised, and now them became on billion more.
Your love Alevtina
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