Scam Letter(s) from Illiana Fox to Paul (England)

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Letter 1

hello sweety how you doing today, Hope you are in good health? i;m very happy for your holiday now i can really tell you what i have on my mind for you and . i believe in love when i have found the rigth patner , i have the feelings deep inside of me that you will be ,,, and i have always always pray for you on my mind each time i remember your love for me that my god should make things easy for you until we get to meet our selfs ,,,, i understand how you feel about me and i will love to have two children for you ,, but if its more than two i dont mind becos i dont like an aboation of pregnancy we am pregnant that was why i have been running away from the the wicked man on my way and i always very screct with whom i want to go out with ,,, may be that was the reason why i hardly found some i will love ,,, but i can say you are a very lucky man due to i never have any man on my mind the way i placed you on my mind , although you sound different and more ditermine according to your message i red i can feel it that some good is about to happened when we come together one day some as i have been planing and this has been my dreams , and one thing about me i dont always keep promise that i will not fufill and have been working towards that seriously coz my dad is getting better and i told him about you ,, your prayers for his illiness soon , He seems to be very happy that i now introduce some one to him ,, that his even care about his illiness ,,,, hooo my dear here i drop for the day and have also sent you some pics as you have ask me to ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, so take good care of your self until i hear from you again ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, pls you know that now i really need your company , so keep intouch
love from rose

Letter 2

Hello daerling i'm very sorry for the late responce ,, and i have been very bussy cos my dad sent me to do some things for him here ,, to contact some some of his costomer's on is behalf i have been doing that all this while that was why i could'nt get back to you immidiately ,,,, wow your message is full of insipration , you make to love you more day by day .... and every moment i think about you i cry becos you are very far from me rigth now ,,How i wish i'm seeing you beside me rigth now ,, becos i'm haveing the real felling that great things is about to happened between you and i ,,, But i'm scared becos we are far away from each other i dont want to mis you ,,, i dont want my heart to be brooken any more ,,, i knew you will be a very romantic man coz when i'm reading your romatic message i'm touch deeply and having some felling i can't tell you know ,,, wow i never let any body to see your picture you sent me ,,, you know that is my privacy and i will not show it to any other person ,,, likewice i'm want you to do to me becoz already i have just one of my attach my nude pics for you to see ,, Please keep it private to your self ,, always keep intouch ,,,, you my every thing,,,,,, click on view the attachment and dowload

Letter 3

hello paul how you doing all this qwhile ? its ben a long time since i hear from you last bcos some time ago i sent you an email concerning my dad's illiness that we have now move to malaysia for the continuety of its treatment ,, and also i send to you my pics i dont know maybe you get the message rigth here below is the message that i sent you and i have been expecting your reply since then ,,,,

Letter 4

hello swety how you doing all this while? i am very sorry for not getting back to you all this while ,,, it is due to an emergency that i was called for concerning my sick dad ,,,, coz my dad has been sick all this while and yet he has not been able to meet up to his normal feet ,,,, but he was directed to visit some specialist in maleaysia to complete his treatment that will make him okay ,,,,,,, i was called from my dad urgently coz i will have to support him to go there with him so due to this i have been on my trip to malaysia to visit the said spacialist who will treat him and he will be okay to is feet back ,,, according to what the doctor said ,,, he said my dad will be okay but he will need to be admmited for complete 21 days here in malaysia ,,,,,,,, so afetr his treatment i will be coming back to the state ,,,, coz i have make a conecting with my company to get me transfered to malaysia for me work here for them for just three weeks before my trip back to the state ,,,,, hope you can understand me better here are some of my beautifull pics for you ,below ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, okay so i will like you to get back to me as soon as you get this message okay,,,,,,,,

luv from rosey



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