Scam letter(s) from Ella to Alex (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Greg,
Before starting, I'd like to mention that its my first time that I try to get acquainted this way, that's why I'm not sure what exactly to write about. I'll just tell you about myself in general, and if you have questions, you'll only have to ask,OK?
I hope, you'll get interested in me, because I would really like at least to get friends with you, though, frankly speaking, I think about more. Well, sorry if I'm too honest, I didn't mean anything bad, anyway.
So, my name's is Ella and I'm 30 years old girl with dark blond hair and green eyes of a cat. I consider myself being slim, my height is 170,my weight - 57 kg.
as for my profession-I work as a hairdresser and manicure master. I live in Lugansk it's a Ukrainian city. My parents are retired, nevertheless, they both continue working. Dad is a teacher at the State University and Mom is a teacher of History as well. I had two brothers,but one of them is dead in car accident. Maybe, we have the same dream? In my free time I like doing lots of things. My biggest love is tennis. I go in for this kind of sports since my childhood and I should say that I'm pretty good at it. I'm also really fond of watching movies, all kinds of them.
As to music, my tastes are very different. I like Pop the same as Rock or Jazz.
So, when I have free time, unfortunately, there isn't much of it, I usually spend it going out with my friends to cafe or night clubs.
Though, more often I stay at home watching a movie or reading a book, just relaxing, you know. When you spend every day communicating with different people, sometimes it feels like you need to stay alone. Have you ever felt anything like that? I also like travelling but, unfortunately, I don't have much opportunity to do this. Though some day I hope to travel all over the world, would you like to go with me :-) ? Tell me about everything you are interested in, about your goals and dreams, whatever you like me to know about you.
Sorry, have to go now. Hope to hear from you soon.
Best wishes from Ukraine,
Letter 2

Hello, dear Greg! I was pleased with your nice and warm letter...........
Many thanks for your attention .... I don't mind to start serious relations with you, and to be the faithful and tender life partner for you.
But before that we need to know each other better.
I have understood that you are very interesting man, and I dare to affirm that we will enjoy our correspondence.
Very strange and unusual things happen to me so often.
They change my life and my attitude to it and I begin to take the same events and things in a different mind. For example, I used to like love stories and novels full of love, happiness and luck.
Pretty ladies, brave knights, strong emotions, crazy love - one for all the life. Of course I used to fancy a wonderful prince which would come to me. Perhaps these are only my naive dreams but I don't loose the hope...... My life is always full of music.
Its charming magic melodies bring me to the wonderful land of fantasies, flowers and sunshine. I like to walk in the park in spring or in autumn and admire the black velvet of the evening sky when the alive lights - the eyes of the far away planets - appear on it. But I think it could be even more romantic if you were close to me............
I am sure the life is wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There is a saying that youth is an ability to challenge the fate.
And it's true!!!!!
There are sooooooo many interesting and wonderful things in the world!
Every your next letter I will wait impatiently, be sure.
Do not leave me for a long time..:) Unfortunately, I have not my own Computer and I have to use Internet service sometimes, but I think it will not stand as a problem between us....English grammar is very difficult for me yet but I try to do most translations myself. But anyway ....... I Hope ............ :-)
I live in Ukraine,Lugansk city, but i'm sure that you haven't heard about it. but i'm sure-we'll have enough time to tell each other about this and other interesting things!
you are very happy to travel. unfortunatekly I have never been abroad...
but I like to travel very much, but I do it mostly in my dreams.
And if I had to chose where to live with my beloved, I would like to share with him everything, though sun sets and sun rising at the beach attracts me more than anything in the world. But I wouldn't mind travelling a little, just to see other countries, to learn their way of life. And in general, I am free to all new experiences, whether in travelling or in other things, but there is the only one condition,I would like to do that with the person who is close to me, who is dear to my heart, and whom I love with all my essence, with whom I feel that spiritual closeness, which all of us are searching for... If I were beside such a man,we would bring a new rainbow to this world making it better with every act of kindness and love. i also hope that we'll be friends fist and then-who knows...
I'll finish for today, waiting for your reply.
warm thoughts from
Letter 3

Hello, my dear Creg! I'm so happy to hear from you again...thank you, you made me very very very pleased...
I like that we have started such a nice getting to know each other and I'm sure that we'll continue in the same nice way.
So, as far as we are getting to know each other better, I guess, it would be interesting for us to know about things we like and dislike. As for me, I am ordinary person and my likes are ordinary too.
Morning sun, shining to my window makes me glad; birds, singing their songs. Bright rain in Spring, when I am ready to run under it. Sad rain in Autumn, when I like to sit near the window with a cup of hot tea, thinking about something or dreaming.
I like to spend a time with my friends or with people which are pleasant to me. I like to make nice small surprises or holidays for my close people.
I like animals a lot because they are sincere and never lie. They give all their love to the person they live with.
I like to look at the baby who is trying to make his first step. I like the thought that one day somebody will call me " Mother " and I will love my baby and take care about him or her.
I like to study and to get new things about everything. It's amazing to realize that world keeps so many mysteries and I can get to know about them.
I like the sea. To sit near it and search colors of it, to listen to waves, to think how wonderful life is.
I hate lie, I hate people who are cruel. I hate wars because of many innocent people who die without any reasons. I hate to be disappointed with somebody. It hurts me much.
Well, it is almost all, in general. What about you? Would you tell me?
waiting for your reply,
Letter 4

my dear Greg!
i know that it's very important to hear that person to whom you open your heart and thoughts...i also want it, but unfortunately i have no phone, and i know that it;s hard to believe in this, as everybody has phone now, but it's hard for me to buy it now. I see now that it could be very useful for us now-we could talk and send sms every's very very very pity that i don;t have phone...i'm sorry. what shall we do here?
maybe I'll be able to arrange our talk, but I have to find some my friend that have a phone and ask her to use it for one call. but I have to find her. could you wait little please?
we have to arrange it and think it over.
it's also very important for me like for you!
please, answer me,
Letter 5

Greg, my sweet, my dear Greg! you are so ice that thought about you doesn't go out of my head....
I have been thinking so much about you, and do you know what i have done today at first?
I went to the work to that my friend, i told about who has a phone and asked her to help us. she agreed, but she told that she will be available only in the next week.
tell, me what do you think if we plan our talk for Wednesday,December,7, at about 5 in the evening by Ukrainian time?
please, tell me for sure as i'll come to her and take her time.
i need to know exactly,
wait for reply,
Letter 6

my dear Greg! I'm so happy to hear from you!
you are so great!
I see that you like your work and this is very important in life-to work where you like!
I wish you good trip and to settle there good.
I'll be waiting for your coming there and for your letter,
kiss you,
yours Ella
Letter 7

Greg, my dear!
I haven't received letters form you....
I'm very sorry about it, as we have lost the chain of events...
please, send me your letters once more if possible, as I must know your thoughts.
Letter 8

Greg, my sweet! I'm very happy to get your letter today, but I have to be very fast, as Internet here has some problems-it switches off from time to time and if i want my letter to be sent to you i have to send it now.
you know, there is nothing special in my life now-i work a lot now, as i need money, and after work i wish only one thing-to get rest.
as for phone and camera-there is such a service here, we can see each other via web camera, but it costs too much for me now. the same for the phone-they can give me all this services, but they are paid.
i told you that i don;t have my own computer and I use Internet cafe, and here are all these services. Yes, i understand you that we need to talk but that my friend doesn't have a phone anymore...I think it's a good idea to see each other in camera, to have a communication on-line, but I'm not able to pay it myself...I'm sorry, but I have to finish now, as I want you to get my letter, kiss you and wait for your reply,
yours Ella
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