Letter(s) from Natalia Beseda to John (Denmark)

Letter 1

My dear john,

That was a very beautiful letter you sent me. I am very happy to be the object of your interest. With each letter, I feel that our hearts grow closer and closer, and that with each passing moment, you feel me more and more near.

I want to confess to you that I wrote to two other men, however politely told them I found my dream man. I can promise you it is like that, and hope you believe me. I sent back all photos and deleted those e-mail addresses. The only man with whom I want to become old is you. Since your last letter I spent the time alone. I thought very much about you and me. The longer I thought the more my feelings grew towards you. In the evening I sat at home with a cup of tea and wished so much you would be here now. I woke up at night twice, because I dreamed about you so intensively that I could almost feel you and smell you. I am really no more eighteen-year-old, that falls in love for the first time, but I feel exactly the same. I enjoy it, I love it and I find it simple to insanity. Even if I cannot see you cannot do anything to affect you, cannot hear your voice I am for the moment a very lucky woman because there you are and you are interested in me. That is more worth than everything I had up to now. My friends already laugh about me, because I run around with sweet hearts in the eyes. That's me. Still no men ever affected me in such a way like you. We know each other only from letters and only short time but you wake feelings in me which I believed were already lost.

You have planted the seed of your love into the soil of my heart. What was once a seedling now has matured into a tree of passion and love with its roots pervading every inch and corner of my heart. Thank you for your sweet words. I know that in this cruel world, pain and suffering is what we come to know most often. But when one gives their love so passionately and unconditionally it is something both rare and precious. It is a great honor, and I will always cherish that love with respect and perennial gratitude. Love is a very powerful thing and no matter how tall the mountains, how big the oceans, how great the storms, or how far away, love will always prevail.

I find myself thinking about you more and more. I feel that you are sincere and that, though we have never met in person, you can read my heart like an open book. At times I am overcome by grief, because I know that you are so far away. It doesn't seem right that two people who share such intense emotions for one another are so far apart, it is unfair, it is heart wrenching and it is a torture. But the hope that we may one day be united gives me great happiness. You keep that hope alive with your letters and the essence of who you are. I think about you, I dream about you and I fantasize about you. I dream of a day when we are together, alone on a beach; about a warm summer day in the park, the two of us holding hands, kissing, touching and enjoying each others company; I dream about a day, when I can run my fingers through your hair; a day when I can caress your soft head and arms as we lay silent at night; and I dream of a day when our lips will meet in passion and love, a day when I will feel your warm body next to mine, and a day when I can feel every breath that you take.

My dear, I really love your letters. They brighten my heart and I truly hope that we will be writing to each other till we finally meet.

My feelings are growing stronger for you.

With much affection,

Letter 2

Dear Sir,

We inform you that Natalia is our client. She has been using our Internet and translation services but unfortunately she cannot reply to your last letter due to the lack of funds. She wants to let you know that she is very interested in you and your further correspondence. If you have a wish to continue your correspondence with Natalia we can send you all the information about our services and prices you need in order to proceed with your future communication. If you are not interested to use our services please, inform us about it and do not give out the information given from Natalia as it is personal and confidential.

Principal of "Lotos"
Sergey Bezdorozhny.