Scam letter(s) from Irina Makarova to Angel (USA)

Letter 1

hi my dear Angel I was happy to get your answer so quickly. I feel between us begin develop interesting relation.
I created my MSN messenger. my login is This is not e-mail so don't use it for letters. :) ok?
I would be happy to chat with you tomorrow and of course I understand you are busy man, but I will stay online during the day and of course in the evening. So just buzz me :)
I never before was abroad, and you are my first contact from another world. It is pretty for me to have practice in English with you, because in University I don't have it.
As you know I am student and I study in University. my future Diplom will be bank manager. I study economics.
I will graduate University next summer.
Also I work as helper in little finance company, because I want to have my own money and I want to independet from my parents. Hope you will accept it. I am not fiminist woman :) but I want to use my own opinion, when I buy parfume and cosmetics. Understand?
Soon Christmas but I still don't have any plans for my holidays. of course it would be pleasure to spend my holidays to know you better, may be in real life. Because now I am interesting only in you, and step by step we have to go to each other. of course it is not short distance, but we wanted it... and we got it.
isn't it?
For my future life I have very big plans. first of all I want to have good education. because I know my husband will be clever man, and I want he feel comfortable with me, talking about different things. About politics, history, and art.
I am not sure if I will find good job, because I don't have practice, but I would be happy to become "right hand" in business for my man. for you. You not against?
I am good cooker, I like clean in flat, and I like kids. I hope to have child in some years, when I will be sure that my marriage is for all life.
I have lovely family. I was grow with my parents in love, understanding and hormony. so I want the same life with my future family.
My mother and father are simple people. They don't have millions dollars at bank accounts, and always work trully and honest.
Also I want you to know that I am looking for partner by Internet, just because didn't found true love in real life. I can't tell that Russian men are bad, because in every nation there are good and bad people.
Just I didn't had luck. and decided to have luck in love in Net.
I believe my letter was interesting for you, and now you know me better.
Kiss you
Letter 2

hi my love. i would be happy to hear your voice. call me +79045186325, and we can enjoy our talk.
i want you to know, that i want to spend this Christmas holidays with you. i have finance opportunity to come to you, because here is very cold, and we can spend around 2 weeks together.
if it ok for you, please write me name of your airport, and i will buy tickets and make all documents, i will send you copy, so you can to be sure, i am serious with you, and you could pick me in the airport.
i am excited to know better in real life, meet your family, and become part of your life.
what do you think?
Kiss you tender.
Letter 3

hi my love. today i was in travel agency, and paid for my passport for foreign travel. it will be ready tomorrow afternoon. also i bought medical insureance, and i bought my tickets. flight details and copy, i will send you later today, when fix my normal internet connection. now i use wireless.
are you happy? i will need your help. i need five hundreds euros, to show in Consulate during my interview at monday and than in the airport custom office as guarantee i can pay for my self abroad. i will have hotel reservation because my visa tourists and as tourist i should to have ca sh. i spent about 600 euros for all my needs already, and i really hope you will comfortable to give me your help.
i lost your full name and address. i will need to give my parents, so they feel comfortable during my travel.
as you know i live in big city 7 millions people aroundy, but sometime i feel not comfortable here, because :) i am not sure name of my neibours... i mean people don't want to know each other. and i like your city. i saw many pics...
of course it is not so big as Petersburg (i live north part), but look like please place for life.
of course this is future plans, because first we need to meet, fall in love... i just told you my opinion and part of my dreams...
kiss you tender
Irina please call me today at 10 p.m. my time, because i work today and will come home around evening.
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