Scam letter(s) from Evgenia Dmitrieva to Brett (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my new friend Brett!!!!
I am very glad, that I can write to you the letter. I write to you from the Internet of agency which has given to me your questionnaire. They have told that you search for the woman who searches for the man for serious relations. If I have told all correctly, and you want to get acquainted with me I shall be glad to wait for your answer!!!
Now it is a little about me:
My name is Evgeniya. To me 31 year. I live in the city of Kronstadt, Leningrad region. Now I am engaged in search of happiness in private life through the Internet. As in a real life I had some bad experiences of construction relations. Men surrounding me not approach for me. They wanted only not serious relations. I very much want to create a warm married couple, to give birth to the child to the loved to the man. There are and still reasons on which I do not want to marry for Russian the man. Much Russian men drink alcohol in plenties, do not respect women, do not concern to women seriously, afraid of the responsibility. It does not arrange me. I want to find the man which will love me children, to respect and concerns with understanding. I shall be very glad, if you will find yourself such the man.
Now I work at « a house for aged of people ». I help people which require my help. My work is not too rich. But I do not complain of it. I can financial provide myself, and help the parents. My father and my mum do not work. They are on maintenance of the state (on pension). The state pays to my parents the certain sum of money of month on which they should live. I live with parents in a three-room apartment. Relations with parents very good. We understand each other very well. I always listen to opinion of my parents, as they very wise people. I very much love them!!!
To the decision will get acquainted to the man from other country, I have approached very seriously. I understand, that there are distinctions in culture, language … It does not frighten me. I well enough know the English language. I can read, understand, talk in English. The difference in the age of me as does not frighten. I think, that in the person the main thing - soul, a private world. The rest is not so important!!! I am ready to change cardinally the life, and to begin a new life. Changes do not frighten me. I as understand, that there is a problem that we live far apart. I realize all difficulties. I long time postponed the small sum of money. I think, that it will help me to make a meeting with the man with which will develop relations. But about it to speak still very much early. I think, that you have understood what I the person and my purposes in a life. If I have interested you I shall look forward to hearing from you with the great pleasure.
P.S. I would like to see your photo!!! Your new friend Evgeniya...
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