Letter(s) from Galina Maksimova to Jonas (Sweden)

Letter 1

Greetings my greatest love Josse!!!

My favourite on light there is no such big love which I test to you, my love to you is boundless. Whether my dear you ask I wish to arrive to you, yes you do not represent as to be huge my desire with you. My angel but is at me one problem because of which I cannot to arrive to you. This problem - money. The matter is that I have no enough money to arrive to you my love. If I had money I would make all that we could connect to you the love. My dear if you can help with money that I not deliberating at once I shall arrive to you. My favourite I madly wish to visit your country as I not to time where was not abroad. And I madly would like to visit your country. And the more so I wish to be with you together in your country. I dream of that as we shall walk on your streets and you to me will tell all about your country.

My love all over again I wish to visit at you, and then we can together with you will go to us to Russia and you can visit at us Russia and get acquainted with my parents. My favourite I am very happy that you too wish to see me.

I very much burn with the desire to be with you together but for this purpose I should arrive to you. Mine are favourite today learned that it to be necessary for this purpose to me

To make the visa on which to me it is required 490 $ . My dear believe to me I do not ask from you superfluous money these all of money will leave on registration of my visa, understand that it is necessary to pay for the application, for the insurance information for the visa and for the passport for travel abroad. My favourite understand that Russia the country poor and that for such money I should work almost half a year, and still in fact it is necessary to eat. If I would have this money I for a long time already was near to you. My favourite you ask as

To you to send money to me to Russia. My angel you know remittances Money Gram it will be very quickly and safely for you and me. But if you do not know these remittances that can take advantage of remittances WEstern Union, I too can receive through them of money. Send money on:

Name Galina.

Surname Maksimova.

My dear I give you the address of bank:




Cheboksary 428000

Phone: 78352621339.

My favourite also do not forget to send me number MTCN which the operator will give you, without it I cannot receive money.

I LOVE YOU, MY DEAR Josse!!!!!!!


Adoration you Galina.