Scam Letter(s) from Lilia Ahmadullina to Rinaldo (Italy)

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Letter 1

Hello my new friend!!!
I am madly glad that you have written to me. I yours faithfully read your letter.
To me ?aaoao-that that such the man as you have paid to me attention.
I like to receive from you new photos, it is very pleasant when people do not hide
The structure and openly show people which trust.

I shall a little tell about myself: my name is Galina to me of 28 years. At present I rent the apartment in city Yoshkar-Ola.
Also I live in this city. My city is the center of republic Mary Ate.
We live together with mum, my father was lost when to me there were 15 years.
I was learnt on the bookkeeper of a wide structure, but it is very difficult to find in Russia good
Work and on it at present I work as the seller in grocery shop.
I like to communicate with new people and to learn, that new occurs in the world.
My growth of 175 centimeters, my weight of 56 kg. It is terribly a pity to me, that my English
Not so it is good, but I hope that you understand me correctly. At heart I quiet
And the peaceful girl. My childhood has passed in a full prosperity. In our country
Many men like to drink spirits and me it is very strong
Irritates. On it I have decided to search for the future husband on the Internet,
Many my girlfriends have married foreigners and at present they live
In a prosperity and it is quite happy. I same the girl as well as they, but at me was not present suitable
Men. I would be madly happy to get acquainted with you as it is possible more close.
We live with mum together, before with us there lived still the grandmother I it very strongly
Loved and mourned its long time. It has died on my hands and it was
Huge impact on my psychology. As I like to listen to music and to dance
Under new songs. My hobby to collect artificial flowers, it lifts my mood.
I like to communicate with children, they purely look at a life still more many that do not understand.
My best girlfriend has given birth to the fine boy and we often go to walk in park.
When at me the bad mood, helps me walk on fresh air, it
Really calms. Try and can you too like.
I would like that you have written to me the curriculum vitae, you my new friend and me
It would be very pleasant to learn you as it is possible is better.
You to me have madly liked also to me it would be pleasant to start to communicate with you.
I shall wait for your fast letter, yours faithfully your Galina.

Letter 2

Hello my dear!!!
I am happy to receive the fast letter from you, it has lifted my mood.
And I to you am grateful to this. I too would like to see yours
Photo. Send me in the following letter the new photos.
I shall be madly glad to this. We live together with mum to it of 56 years.
My father was lost 4 years ago, it is difficult to me to recollect this and I
About this I shall not tell. Mum already on pension, but all the same
Works on a factory adequately to live and not require what.
Unfortunately I do not have native brothers and sisters I unique in
To family the child. And I have passed my childhood wonderfully like to recollect
About the lived years, they were carefree and happy.
When we walk with girlfriends usually we it we do in park, there
Silently and easy. We can share secrets and talk on
To showers. I as love sex, but at me it was only a few time.
In the man I search for the favourite person with which is about what to talk,
Is what to ask and eat what to answer. I do not try to get acquainted
With rich people they seem for me boring and aspire
Only somewhere to earn money. And it very much to not like me.
I do not search for the well-known people, the person which is necessary for me has seen
In me not only the person to which there is an attachment and
There are present feelings, love. What that interest. The woman
Should be as not read through book, when the man absolutely
All knows about the girlfriend it is not becomes interesting to it to be pressed out
With it and it loses that shine in opinion of. To learn all its secrets.
At present I do not have hobby as all my free time
The Internet-cafe leaves on visiting. In the childhood I liked to collect
Different kind of a label, I remember have typed a full package, but in due course at me interest was gone and I have given all to children.
Which live in children's home.
We with mum often go to children's home to communicate to small children.
In fact they do not have parents and can we somehow we can help them
Children of the orphan it is very global problem especially in Russia.
And with this it is necessary to struggle, only the state closes eyes to it.
In these days off I as usually am going to go to the grandmother she at me
Lives in village and it is difficult to her to have to cope with work
One. I am young and I can help it on a facilities, me it even
It is pleasant.
Tell to me about itself as it is possible more in detail, I wish to study you
Only. About your character, habits, dreams and many other things.
I shall wait for your following letter, your new girlfriend Galina!!!

Letter 3

Hello my dear!!!
I am madly happy to receive from you the letter. I read each line of your letter with the great pleasure.
I appreciate, that you really write the truth, I had one case when one man promised
To me to arrive, I in turn have prepared all, have warned all native, that I soon will arrive
The new friend to us on a visit. And it has deceived me, I have appeared in such deceived condition.
And it was very a shame to me. Since then I hate a deceit, it low to play on trust of close people.
Meanly and I promise it, that never I shall tell lies to you. Also I want that you too trusted me.
Your photo has madly liked me, I am glad to hear that we have found common language with the friend the friend.
You already for me the excellent friend and I do not wish to stop on this.
I think that at us much to turn out and we sometime shall be together.
I completely with you agree that serious attitudes can to turn out
Only then-when people completely trust each other.
I consider that without trust there can be no serious attitudes. You agree with me?
As the man you it is valid to me have very strongly liked. And I would like to see in you the future husband.
What exactly was pleasant to me in you, in the first it you cautious and clever the man.
In the second you have life experience and have visited some countries.
In third you simply excellent person and the interlocutor. You have liked me as the good and understanding person.
I trust if we shall be together we shall necessarily live a life happily and long.
In these days off at us weather has very much deteriorated, since morning pours a rain. In such weather it would be desirable to do nothing.
As though it did not look strange, but to me to like to look at a rain. It calms puts into feelings the order.
I madly would like that in such weather you were a number with me, at times to me happens so boringly
That I do not know where myself to put. It would be remarkable if you have embraced me and spoke me tender words.
I am ready to sit with you and to embrace you up to the end of a life, this such pleasure to be with the person
Which to you to like. As I like to go to campaigns and especially to sit at a fire in the evening and to tell
Different histories. Earlier in the childhood we liked to gather with friends and go on fresh air far from the house.
Remember we collected tents, cooked soup, played cards. Boys went and fished for fish soup.
But at me never was the favourite person, as though I wished to sit with you at a fire and to sing cheerful songs.
My mum to worry for me speaks, that I shall remain without the husband, all normal girls marry
And I sit also something I wait. I understand it it worries for me, for it it is peculiar. It wishes to see me
Happy and to bring up grandsons. All mothers equally love the children. But I do not hurry up in marriage I is ready to leave
Though in 30 though in 40 years if only the husband was worthy. I do not search rich, well-known. My opinion many well-known
People change to the wives, they I think that is legal to all of them, on it I search simple, but loving for the man.
I have opened to you all soul and I hope, that you will make the same, tell to me about your habits, and than you love
To be engaged during free time from work. Whether you like to go on picnic with close people?
If went, tell as all was, it is very interesting to me.
I wait for your fast letter, yours faithfully Galina!!!

Letter 4

Hello my favourite Rinaldo!!!
Your letter in what that degrees has excited me, you so is sweet tell.
As though we in a reality together but as it is a pity to understand that we very much
Far apart, to me very painfully to realize it.
Your letter has mentioned to me a soul, and I am ready will share the dreams.
I hope they you will not confuse.
I really wish to be near to you and to test that feeling which I could
To test on a meadow together with you.

That happens with me
When I see your eyes?
That speak my red lips
When I look at film you?

Bent for to your groans,
Concealment of all desires,
I wish to comprehend your items
From soul which involve me.

I wish to hear breath,
Press gently to a breast,
I wish to see representation of heavens
When everyone will leave.

You will hear griefs,
You will know their grief?
You will see, that heart thaws,
Burn all without pains.

I hope, that you will love this poem. I want, that we have studied all positions.
I enjoyed discussion of love. And in this letter I would like to
Express my sight concerning sex. It is the important part of relations as
It is good. Whether really love - art? If yes, it demands knowledge and efforts or
Probably love - only pleasant feeling which can be tried casually
Something the person reaches as its well-being. The sexual desire demands the union
But physical appeal is based not only on desire to get rid
Painful intensity. The sexual desire could be inspired with love, trouble,
The loneliness, thirsting to win both won, and the vanity, requires to
Hurt and even destroy. It, appears, that sexual desire
Wakened or easily incorporated with any other strong emotion, only one of
Which is love. Therefore the sexual desire in the majority of opinion of people is incorporated
With idea concerning love. People are easily confused, that they love everyone
Another when they feel physical appeal. When desire of the sexual union
It is caused by love, love caress are deprived greed, need to win
Also be it is won, but tendernesses are full. If desire physical
The union is not made by love and if the erotic love is not added
With brotherly love, it never leads to unity which would become
Something greater than the unity of an orgy getting. Sexual appeal creates
Illusion of unity for an instant which has burned down completely without love. Such
The brief unity holds people strange as they were not
The friend. They even hate each other the reason after this illusion goes
Far they feel estrangement, stronger than before. I want, that we have understood
The friend the friend in a bed. It is essential to me, you see. Sometimes I fall
Sleeping also see erotic dreams where you operate a leaging role. I take
Pleasure in performance of this in my dreams. I can wake up within night because
From pleasure.
Be not dared over me, please. I think, that you know me and take in this
Seriously. I speak you my dream. Listen + Well, I wait
Your arrival to me and I prepare for this meeting. I would like
Everything to be ideal and you not to be disappointed. I made a dinner
And a served table. Then I have taken a shower, have washed up my hair thinking if
You would like it. Starting to put on clothes I carried some thin
Spirits on my neck, ears and other parts. Fine silk white trousers,
Tango, and the same ëèô÷èê. Boots with heels øïèëüêè. I had my hair
Dried up and made. My hair have dissipated on my shoulders. Then I flew
Glasses with the wine, the shined candles, included music and have started to wait. As
Long time has gone and as irritating. The call of a door has stopped my expectation.
I have arrived to a mirror, looked at me once again and have received a door.
- Hey! It - I! - has told you, entering and being little bit senior, a trifle
Wider, but the same loved and desirable as in letters. I have rushed off to
Embrace you. You have pressed me to you your strong hands and have begun to
Kiss my eyes, cheeks and lips. I did not consult and has burst out crying.
Then hiding in your breast I whispered my person: " my love, I so
Long waited for you, my favourite, my dear ". We have drunk a little. My head
Rotated both because of alcohol and because of invalidity of my expectation. I
The risen arrival to you also kneeled between your legs. I have begun
To kiss each part of your person and a neck. Then I unfastened yours
The shirt, hidden my person in your breast, licks your hair tip of a breast with my language
Feeling of your intensity of muscles. Lips have rolled down, hands unbuttoned yours
Trousers. And this waited miracle is in my hands. It burns,
Pulsation and smooth. I concern this on the full length revelling
Measures and elasticity. I cannot wait longer inclination and feeling
It in my mouth. What remarkable sense to fill my mouth
With a man's flesh. My language is tickled with its pipe and feeling of lips
Fever. I caress it with the passion of animals collected for five
Years. My head enters into rotation of a smell, heat and humidity. You place
Your hand in my hair and your lips has said groan of animals. Now you
Standing in a lap before me, postponing my boots, gently stroking
My legs from a leg up to a knee, taking admiration in sharp nylon. Yours
Hands move my dressing gown on my stockings and increase. All
Burning between my legs. Trousers and stockings are damp from excitation
egesta, leaving a dark spot has appeared through nylon. You are bent
Between my separated legs and the beginning caressing me through stockings. Then
You slowly pull their and trousers from me. Now I am opened for you. You
Lift my legs and place them in the high weapon of a chair. Your language
Concerns my aperture between buttocks. I let out the reason of groan, it is most
My item erogenous. You caress it with the language, trying to give
I the maximal pleasure. I reel up in a chair; my head throws from the party
To adjoin. You rise, and leans against me. I shiver with a fever
Feeling of a heat of the excited person. Your flesh slowly enters into me
Without a pain. Very slowly, millimeter in millimeter. Be not afraid,
My favourite. I want it. I sharply head and I feel it completely
Inside driving mad me and creation me almost to shout. More quickly and more quickly,
More deeply and more deeply. And time which it starts to beat, your wave,
Transferred to me. Just as you I fall in a precipice of admiration. In
This item I wake up and I think of you.
I pass it. I have imagined our first affinity many times. Reflection about this
My body shudders with excitement. You lower me some lines of what idea
Have about me concerning sex. Write to me your imaginations. It would be
Pleasant to me, that their nobility. I love you, I cannot without you, road
Love!!! I cannot be except for you, it is so firm! Mine, you - mine
Life, Rinaldo, I wish to embrace you so, to feel your heat, to
Study your kind and gentle eyes, to feel me happy and safe
About you, road. I am assured, that all will be good, and the destiny will be
Work for us and we shall be happy together mine. I often think of us
And attempt to imagine our life together. Sometimes I feel you so beside and
Close to me. I even feel you on distance. I feel, when you are in a
High spirit and when you are sad. I am happy, when you are happy, mine
Love. I know, that our hearts will be together always, because our love
Is eternal, this big feeling connects another people and we
Through continents.

My dear, my love as it seems, this feeling greater love which includes
Three basic feelings. These feelings - the quivering, cautious attitude
To each other, and to full understanding to each other, sometimes
Even understanding without words, you agree with me my favourite? But
Not supervision, that love - very strong big feeling, it also,
Very fragile, realy my dear because only one word or is not right
Action can destroy it and already any, willn't can to restore it
The big feeling. Possibly, you will think that the purpose of all mine
The correspondence to you it - only desire to leave for your country. Trust me
My love, it not so, the fact in these when I have started to write
To you, I could not trust that possible to fall in love through
The Internet. I thank the God and the Internet in which we have found each other
It so the big world my favourite. Only I have decided to try to make it
And it from this it has appeared. We - I, and you love everyone
Another very much and we should be together because we cannot withoiut
The friend the friend my favourite. I have learned very much in searches as we want
To meet each other very much. Rinaldo, my most dear person of love!!!

I love you, my dear Rinaldo!!!!!!!
Many-many my warm kisses and embraces for you!

For ever,
Your love Galina!!!

Letter 5

Hello my loved Rinaldo!!!
I am happy to your letter, it has excited me.
I already want to you, you are necessary for me as the man and I seem I love you.
I unfortunately do not have cellular telephone, but I am ready to you to arrive.
If you can help me with official registration of papers I am ready
To submit the application to travel agency.
You can send the sum of money necessary for me on the visa?
I shall wait for your fast reply, your wife Galina!!!



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