Scam Letter(s) from Evgenia Hudyakova to Paul (England)

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Letter 1

Hello Paul, thank you for your attention. Let me ask you also whom you are looking for on this site? You are right there are too many women who are not real in the Internet, but can you tell me why do you use faceparty site? I am asking as I am not interested in making new friends through the Internet, my intentions are more serious as I am going to meet someone to create the family with. Although it's unusual way for me to meet someone through letters, but I have heard about a lot of people who found their sweethearts through this marriage agency, through I will correspond with you and now they are happy and they enjoy life together. So I decided to try it too, why not? I hope you agree with me that serious relations must be proved by time. Let's start from friendship and who knows what kind of relations will we have :-) It's really hard to tell about myself, but I will try not to make my letter boring :-)) I live in a small Russian town, called Yoshkar-Ola. It's really nice town and may be one day you will visit it. What about your town, is it really nice? Tell me more about your living place. Do you live in your own house? as for me, I live in the flat of my grandfather, who dies for a long time ago. I work as advertisement manager in one private firm in Yoshkar-Ola. According to my specialization I have to meet with a lot of people, to make deals with them, and may be it's one of the reasons I like my job a lot. What about you? I am sending you a photo which was made on my work place. I have never been married, but I think it's for the better, as I want to get married once and forever. I think I can make the man nearby me the happiest, as I have so much love in my heart that I want to give. Although I haven't met my only one I'm not alone, as I've got a son, his name is Vlad, he is 13 years old. His interests are different, but mainly he likes to play basketball and is fond of martial arts. Also he likes to play football with his friends in the yard. I am sending you his photo in football uniform, he likes it so much. I think his age are the best years of the life for him, as he isn't small alreday but he isn't adult yet. He tries to prove me his independence and to make me sure he can take the right decisions... I brought him up as a strong man who is reliable and who is able to be responsible for any word he say and any action he do. He always makes me a company and I am glad our relations are very friendly, but I understand that there are a lot of things I can't show and teach him, as I am the woman. I am looking for the real man who will be my sweetheart man, but also I would like he will make the friendship with my son. You know in Russia it's very hard to find the right man, if you have a child. It's a responsibility and no one wants to take it. I hope the fact I have adult son don't put you off and you will be glad to correspond with me. Can I ask you about your intentions? I am looking for the serious relationships only. I have a lot of friends and I think I am not interested in having more friends, especially if they live so far away from me. I'm really serious about my intentions and when I find my honey man I would be glad to spend the rest of my life with him, to follow him wherever he would like to go. If one day "love" knocks at my door I guess that I won't ask where it comes from because we never know if this will ever happen again in our lifetime. We live every day, and today is a bit different then yesterday and let's do not let love pass by!! Tell me about your family, your work, you usual days, about the things you like and dislike, so i ask you to write me everything that comes up into your mind. Let's do our conversation alive!!!! I think that this is all about myself though one can't write everything in only one letter but I will do my best. I don't know if you like it or boring from it, but I hope it makes your day a little brighter and joyful and you will write me back :-) Yours, Olga.

Letter 2

Hello my darling Paul,
It was a great pleasure for me to read your new letter today! I feel excited and may be a bit too hopeful but very interested in your personality and I would love to know you better.
That's why I decided to write you an answer right now, as I am looking forward to read your answer very soon:-))
Paul, actually there isn't anything strange that I am single. I want to tell you that I am not looking for the man, here there are a lot of them, I am looking for someone special, for my only one man, whom I can't meet in Russia. Unfortunately the men, whom I met in Russia looked only at my face and they weren't interested what I feel inside, who i am inside and more that's why I decide to try the Internet. I hope you will be interested in my inner world first of all. I don't know what is the difference between Russian and foreign men, but as I hope I will find my special one day. i don't want to feel the difference, I want to be happy and that's all.
I consider myself as a strong woman as I faced with a lot of troubles in my life that didn't bring me pleasure. But I want to be weak woman and to feel that I have strong man nearby me.
I don't give up to find my man, and I don't let make me sad and loose a hope to become happy one day. I strongly believe that if you are happy when you are awaken in the morning you will keep this excellent mood until the very evening.
So, I tried to make everyday of my life unforgettable!!!! Our life is too short to make it boreal:-)) Do you agree with me?
About removing our profiles Paul, I think I won't ask you to do it. I am such type of person who doesn't like to push on the persons, besides until meeting in real, I think that we should keep our heads sobers and to not make any promises to each other. The time will takes anything into the proper places. Do you agree with me? Today in the evening I will go to visit my parents. My mother cook very delicious meal, and she told me that she wants to bake tasty cake today. Oh I can't miss it, as I am great sweet tooth.
Also I adore chocolates and ice-creams and looking to my photo you can make sure that it doesn't prevent me from keeping my figure slim.
Or I am wrong??? You can ask me the secret of my great figure..... no it's not the diet. For some people the diet is some kind of torment but for others is the style of the life. I don't have any need to keep to a diet, as although I like sweets and I don't limit to it myself, but I know people who keep the diet for the whole of their lives. For example, my mother. One day she decided do not eat the sausage and now she can't eat it at all. In our world the fullness isn't the beauty. I don't know why but people thinks that the most beautiful women have figure with standard sizes 90-60-90. It's really hard to find something nice if your size is more than 48 (by Russian standard) and I think it's really hard psychologically.
I don't think I am wearing modern style, but I always try to look well. I prefer to wear the clothes and to feel comfortable in it. Of course if I will wear something the 54 size... I would feel very uncomfortable in it...:-) I won't be such womanly and graceful as I am now.
Paul, I am sure you heard about people who use the Internet and I don't want you would think that I am the same. I am not looking for the adventure, but for the family. I always dreamed to create a loving home and wonderful loving life with my only one man. Unfortunately the men whom I met in my country didn't have such serious intentions as me, that's why I tried the Internet and met you. By the way, I told you in my last letter that I am corresponding with you through the match making agency, but you didn't tell me your attitude to it. I use the agency as I can't speak English (and my letters are translated from Russian) and I don't have computer at home. I am very ashamed to tell you about it, but I know one day you will learn about it and I don't want you to think I told you a lie.
You gave me the hope to find my happiness and to be happy one day.
And I know that serious relations can't be created on lie.

I know that sometimes men don't want to correspond with lady, if she is in the agency. They just disappeared and stop writing, I hope my membership won't a great barrier for you to continue correspondence with me. But any way let me know what do you think about it in your next letter,ok?
Now I am closing my letter. Sweet and blowing kisses.
Yours Olga.

Letter 3

Hello Paul,
Thank you for your letter today. It's already my third letter to you and I hope it isn't the last:-)))
Paul, thank you for telling me about your personality, of course i have some ideas about what a person you are but it's not enough to understand if you are the man for me or no. I am interested to know you more and to tell the truth I think that we can understand what kind of relationships we will have only after our meeting (after your visiting me). I also have feelings to you, I like your life view and I like to talk with you through our letters, but three letters are so less to know well each other. About your promises, I can tell you one thing..."Never say never"!!!!
Let me know what do you think about it, ok?
Paul, your letters are the great pleasure for me and the thought I have you in my life makes me more happier.
It seems to me that we have a lot of common and I feel I can be myself with you and share my feelings and thoughts freely, as you will understand me. For me it was always important to know that my man can accept me as I am, without any trying to change me. We both adult people and we have strong principals and view of life, which can't be changed. Do you agree with me? To love someone means the ability to accept him or her and to be able to love even his or her negative features...
Sometimes I think about the chance to meet someone through the Internet. I ask myself if it won't be just wasting the time and if it's the real way to meet someone special????
Unfortunately there are too many people who use the Internet to earn money or play games with the feelings, and I think that it's not only women. as there a lot of men who are not serious and they only play games and have fun with the woman who have serious intentions. It was always more important for me to know that the man values my inner world first of all. I know that I am nice-looking woman but sometimes it was a barrier for me. I have a soul, I have my own thoughts and I have my plans for the future. it's very sad to realize that no one tries to listen and to hear what I really want to tell, but only stare at my beautiful face. I am not going to tell you that you are one of that men, I just had same experience in my life in the past and I don't want to repeat it.
I think you understand what I am talking about, as reading your letter I understand that you READ my letter and you saw the deep meaning of my words. I am very glad that i met you as I really wanted to meet the man with such features of character. You seem very reliable and intelligent.

I thought my membership can be a barrier for you, I just thought you didn't like your letters are translated before I receive them. I feel so warm and happy to hold your new letter into my hand. I hope one day you will be able to tell me about your life in real life, without typing letters. Although without agency we could be lost among thousands people who are looking for someone special through the Internet. Paul, we made the most important step, as we found each other. I am glad to write you and to recive your letter. I wish it never ends, but I don't know if I can afford my correspondence for a long time, as this service is very expensive for me.
So if my next letter is much shorter, please don't think that I lost my interest to you. Just I am not rich person. I know that there is such service in the agency when gentleman helps with the correspondence fee to his lady. And may be you can help me too? Don't worry if you won't pay I won't stop writing to you, but unfortunately I will have to make my letters more shorter and may be avoid some topics. May be later your friend will help us to find the common language, but to tell the truth I don't like when some friend interferes to private life. The girls who work in the agency are not my friends, they are just interpreters who make translations and they don't give me any advises. I got used to live my own life and do not ask opinion of any friends, at least in the beginning of relationships. I hope we will make good team with you in the future and may be you will tell me that I am your closest and sincere friend?
Anyway I can't insist on anything and push on you. have a good day and do not forget about your lady who lives in Russian and always waiting for your new letters. Yours Olen'ka (it's my tender name and if you like it you can call me so)

Letter 4

Hello Paul,
thank you for your letter. Yes I totally agree with's really crazy to fall in love through the Internet. And after reading your last email I understood that you tell me the lies. I can't believe that person can fall in love after few letters, I can understand that we both can have sympathy to each other now, but nothing more. Otherwise you are not serious about love seance. Or you are trying to check me?
are you sure you read my last letter? Olga

Letter 5

Hello Paul,
Yes I wrote this words, I didn't want to hurt you but I am here to find serious man but not playing games with feelings. I loved few times in my life and I know that this feeling comes to the heart not at once. I am sorry if my reaction hurt you, but I insist on it. Paul, I know that you got the letter from the agency, it doesn't mean that I closed my account. as i told you before I am using the service of translation of the agency, as I can't speak English well. According to the rules of the agency I could write you three letters for free just to let you know some ideas about my personality. But now I will have to pay for it's translation and sending pictures and it would cost too expensive for me. I know that there is such service in the agency when man helps his lady with fee, that's why you received that letter from the agency. I would be thankful to you if you could help me Paul, as only then could write you more longer letters. Paul, if you have some troubles with helping me with fees, please don't be shy to tell it to me if you could help me then contact the manager of the agency I am closing for now, Olga

Letter 6

Hello Paul, seems like we don't understand each other. I think it would be better to make an a point now.
Kissing you for the last time, Olga

Letter 7

Dear gentleman !
Thank you for using our site. you are welcome to use all the services our agency provides.
We do our best to meet all your demands and hope that you will help us in this cooperation. On your part we offer you to help your lady to prolong your correspondence and make it more intensive and serious. You can pay 45$ or 35 Euro a month so that it will facilitates prompt and accurate execution of all the services.
After sending us the correspondence fee you get the following :
1. Your lady will have no financial responsibilities for your correspondence, as the payment includes a month correspondence for both sides.
2. You will be able to send as many photos to each other as you want.
3. You will get the translation of letters which were sent to you (from Russian into English ).
4. Your lady will get the copies of your letters printed specially for her.
5. Your lady will have a professional translation of your letters in written or oral form.
6. She will not pay for letters, which we must type and send to you.
The number of letters is unlimited .
7. If your lady wants we can copy your photos and your letters to her disc.
8. If you have any questions, you can contact our manager and get all the information on our agency and services.

Remember that first 3 letters are free of charge in order to give you the opportunity to have an idea of your further correspondence. So that you would run no risk.

You can send the funds online from your credit card using This way the money should be sent to the address

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To make sure that our Paypal or moneybookers account is not closed any more we ask you not to send any additional messages with the money about the services and ladies you are paying for.
It will be enough if you send us a separate e-mail to or and tell us the services you are paying for, the number of the lady's profile and any comments or questions you may have.

If for some reason you can't use Paypal please contact us at for getting the details to send money via Western Union.

You are welcome to our agency and if you have any questions or comments do not hesitate to write our manager. It will be a pleasure for us to give you an immediate reply.
Thank you for the cooperation.
Sincerely, Nicebride agency.



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