Scam letter(s) from Irina Shalagina to Juhani (Finland)

Letter 1

Hello Mikko.
I am very glad, that you have written to me. To tell the truth I at all did not trust that you will write to me because I the first time get acquainted with the person from other country on the Internet.
Now I would like to tell about myself a little. Probably you so looked mine profile on a site, but I all the same shall tell about myself. My name Irina, and my surname Shalagina. To me of 23 years. My girlfriends and familiar speak, that I look more youngly the years. With this letter I send you my photo. I very much would like to see more than your photos.
You can send them in the near future? I was born and I live in beautiful and pure city Cheboksary which to be in 800 kilometers from Moscow. In 150 kilometers on a southeast the large city of Kazan so it will be easy for you to find my city on a map is located.
Till 17 years I studied in an average comprehensive school after that has acted In Cheboksary State Technical university on a speciality the Economist. Having studied there 5 years I have finished this university with distinction. You of that to me would know it costed.:-) Within 2 years could not find to itself work as all places on my speciality have been borrowed and unclaimed, but I all the same have found her and since then I work as the bookkeeper in passport and visa service of city Cheboksary.
Very much I like to travel, but this very expensive pleasure. I was possible manage only America, and that on work. I went in USA for an exchange of an operational experience with colleagues of this country. I liked this trip. My parents live near to me, approximately in 15 minutes of walking, and I rent an apartment. My mum call Irina Genadjevna and her 62, and the daddy - Oleg Petrovich and to it 64 years. Both of them pensioners. I very strongly love them. I frequently come to them home and I help them with domestic affairs.
At leisure I like to go in for sports, I very much like navigation, run, tennis and volleyball. Besides it I like to go to cinema, theatres and to have a rest on the nature in the company of girlfriends. And than you like to be engaged???
On it I shall finish the letter as my time has passed to Internet - cafe.
I with impatience shall wait for your answer. Irina.
Letter 2

Hello Mikko!
It is pleasant to see your letter. I always read them with huge interest and pleasure. It is very interesting to me to learn you, to learn your character, your interests in what that a sort your sense of humour, to learn more about a life in your country Mikko , and than you are engaged, where you work? I very much would like to learn about your family. Probably I already have tortured you the interest.:-) Your photo very remarkable she has very much liked me also very decent courageous the man. Now it is a little about me. At all I do not know from what to start.
I shall tell a little more on my work. I already wrote in the last letter that I work in passport and visa service. For this work mum through familiar has helped me to be arranged. Basically my work consists in work with the documentation, information and other documents for registration of the visa. Today fortunately was not so a lot of work, but to the middle of summer we shall work in sweat of the person.
It is good, that I am helped by two more women and one brand new girl which to me to have a little to learn and prompt. But she the good fellow and very much tries. Mikko . If you something interested by you ask, because I cannot tell about myself everything, that it is interesting to you. I shall be glad to answer your questions.Due to this work I also have visited America where very much it was pleasant to me. I shall a little tell about that place where I was, you can know. Has lead unforgettable summer 2004 in North Conway, NH. The city appeared very small, about 2000 person of the population, but resort. Therefore there it is possible to notice huge quantity of restaurants, hotels, shops, in general everything, that is necessary for a high-grade life. Around of lake and mountain. Nearby, approximately miles in 6, there is top White Mountain, 7 staffs and ocean whence are visible. You know this city? That me has struck most of all. In films before I have visited America, very much frequently meet youth parties (in the American style) in one house gathers to many people. And it has struck me in reality. To me even has had the luck to visit there. It so is healthy. The small house in which has gathered almost 100 person of youth. But that is strange, in the house everyone came with the strong drinks, and owners of a party should not be spent at all (only to clean all dust after).
In general of impressions at me remained much. I shall not begin to write in this letter about other cities in which I was, and I shall write in the following letter, differently you will be tired to read.:-) Especially, my time in the Internet of cafe comes to an end and it is time to release a computer. I shall wait for your following letter.
Letter 3

Hi mine Mikko!!!!
Is happy to see your letter. For a today already second time I come into the Internet of cafe.
For the first time your letter was not also I left therefrom, has thought, that you will write hardly later and were right. Mikko , write to me more often, well?
Yes, I very much love to look cinema. I like various films. I love to look films about love, comedies, fantasy. I love films Titanik, star wars, green mile.
Matrix. I not so love hits, where show stages of violence. From transfers I love to look the programs about an animal, nature, comic transfers. The Russian TV has not so many channels.
In Russia very seldom show the American shows I very much love children They the finest creations. I would like to have the boy and the girl. Tell please as you carried out the last days off. I went to bathe on small river under name Volga. This small river flows directly on city centre Cheboksary. Further she runs into the Caspian sea! What reservoirs are at you? Whether it is a lot of at you reserves? If is tell please about them. I very much love animals. When I go to collect mushrooms in reserve sometimes I see that the rabbit a raccoon, it happens saw to fiber. But I very much like mushrooms. They at you are or only in shops? Also very much I like to prepare. My favourite dishes: a meat borshch, soup, a mashed potatoes with cookies, pel'menis from the hen, salads, pies and pies which while turn out not so well!;-) Yes, slightly has not overlooked, I wanted to tell even about my travel. 3 days prior to departure home has visited New York. SUPER!!!
Has visited on a statue of freedom (the ferry 10 $). Have reached up to ground zero (there where twins stood): a hole fenced with an iron fencing, and a number people selling photos at the moment of falling of towers; Empire State Building - the highest building in New York: beauty, below all such tiny; Brighton scourge - many ***** Russian, living a side - «-aie with people in poor houses, circle Russian food (even the granny sells pies in the street, +nu?ee glazed not for 6 roubles, and for a dollar). In grocery shops it is possible to buy everything, everything, the truth is more dear, than in Russia. Very much there was no black bread and sour cream. But home appliances and clothes very cheap. Gym shoes can be bought for 30-40 dollars very much high quality, and the camera or the chamber 30-40 $ when in Russia they cost 100-150 $.
It has struck me. On it I shall finish this letter and with impatience I shall wait for your answer. Irina
Letter 4

Hello my lovely Mikko!!!!!!!!!!
I was possible so you I shall name! I so have become attached to you, that I can not name more you your name, and I want to name you tender and romantic words.
You do not imagine, on work began to notice, that with me that that not that.
Began to ask questions, that to me occurs. I did not begin while to them all to speak about you and have decided all this to leave on then. I do not like to run forward, but I shall tell at once, that you are more and more and take hold of my heart more. It starts to like me and I want to ask to you one question, only at me does not suffice spirit, and can be simple I hesitate to speak you it though I know, that you are far. It is much more difficult to ask such questions face to face, but it is difficult for me to set it and so when you are far from me. I do not present with what work of the man do offers to the girl for romantic a supper at candles in intimate and silent conditions when nobody prevents. Well, at me all does not suffice spirit to ask this you. I hope you you will understand me and you will set to me my question. Will answer him to me much more easy, than to set to you him, and then to not sleep waiting the answer.
Very much I hope, that you will understand this question and will give on him the answer, also I wait also for your question similar to mine.
Excuse, that I do not speak you him, I am simple constraining and irresolute in this plan I lose a head at dialogue with you.
At us weather very much even good.
On it I shall finish this letter and with huge impatience I shall wait for your answer, and it is possible also a question.
Yours Irina.
Letter 5

Hello my sweet Mikko!
Your letters always bring to me pleasure, but this letter very warm, I even would tell, that it slightly romantic. I and thought, that my last letter will be difficult for you. I do not know, why today in me it is so much confidence and forces, that I can tell to you essence of my last letter. Simple and international words which speak everywhere: " I START TO FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU "!!!
Mikko , I hope at you to me of the same feeling because to feel, that you like and to not feel instead of anything very hurt. Though you and are far from me, but my heart all the same feels heat of your heart, but the head demands not your words which will confirm our feelings. By the way yesterday behind an evening supper at my parents we talked about us to you. Parents experience for me and are afraid a little, for them I still small child. Father spoke terrible, but real problems. It has told, that now in the world many criminals who call the girl in other country work, and on her arrival select at her the passport and documents then force to be engaged in prostitution. I explained parents, that all is normal, that between us there are warm feelings and finally I have convinced them of it. They have asked to send the regards to you, thus having told, that becomes possible it a member of our family!!! I hope you you will be not against?:-) Well, my time behind a computer comes to an end. I shall write to you tomorrow. Whole my sweet Mikko! Yours Irina.
Letter 6

Hello mine Mikko!!!!!!!!!! How you? How is the weather at you? Than you yesterday were engaged? How are your friends and relatives? Today again there was a lot of work. It is more and more and to more people goes to receive visas in the different countries. Sometimes there are such turns what to have to cancel the dinner and to try to pass as much as possible citizens. It is much more difficult, when the person does not know anything about process of registration of the visa and all other documents, to have to it all to explain. You probably imagine all this? Lovely Mikko, tell please, and I can find in your country work on the speciality? I very much would want to arrive to your country once again and if all to turn out to remain there to live, if you not against, with you.:-) Excuse, that so sharply and spontaneously I ask Mikko, tell please, what at you in the country average wages on my speciality. I can work as the bookkeeper, the manager, the financier and all in this sphere. In the city I receive in a month approximately 200-250 $ USD. To live on this money difficultly, but one suffices me.
In meal our family kitchen garden, which to be at my grandmother in settlement helps. At the end of a summer usually we collect tomatoes, cucumbers, apples, greens, a potato, beet, cabbage and many other things. You know these vegetables? You tried them?
I with pleasure would feed you the with soup or what be salad from these vegetables. It is sure it to you very much would like. You houses prepare yourself for a meal itself or buy a meal at restaurants? Being in the afternoon on work all I can not concentrate. All ideas only about us with you. In a head all climbs. I present the moments of our meeting as we shall talk cautiously all over again, on the one hand there will be also a confusion, with another and constraint, about the third love, and I will have such strong desire to embrace you and to kiss. When we shall go to each other our hearts will beat for excitement, and eyes will run in the different parties in searches each other and when our sights will meet our bodies will draw to each other as if a magnet. Present it as I have made it. To you to like.
Whole also I like. Yours Irina.
Letter 7

Hello my prince Mikko!!!!!
Thanks for the tender and warm letter. They always bring pleasure in my heart and soul.
At leisure I always run to the Internet of cafe to write to you and to read your words which while you can transfer only through letters. I so wanted to sit houses with you alone and to talk on different themes when nobody will prevent us. It so is healthy!!! Than you were engaged yesterday? I was at the grandmother in settlement and helped her on housekeeping. Did full general cleaning. On it has left almost all the day. During this cleaning left to itself and thought of you. Tried to present than you are engaged and that now do.
Today all has come to work sleepy after yesterday, from hands all falls, I can not concentrate. During the lunchtime my girlfriends on work have given to drink me hot coffee and I have come to the senses. At once it became easy and has passed drowsiness.
As soon as the working day has ended I descended home to eat and has gone to the Internet of cafe, now I sit here. Has taken a computer on a floor of hour. Time almost comes to an end also mine has sleepy an effect. The weariness and as soon as I shall come home at once has appeared shall fall to a bed to sleep, as dead. I hope, that in dream I shall see you because while it is a unique opportunity as though in a reality to be with you and to touch you. You have such desire?
I shall wait for your answer.
YOURS Irina.
Letter 8

Hello my dear Mikko!
I again also am again glad to see yours the warm letter. If to think, this letter does such long way to arrive to me. And I being for many kilometers from you read him in the Internet of cafe. During same time in the Internet of cafe it is a lot of to people and all do something. Guys play computer games, students search for any information. Earlier I as well as they sat and searched for abstracts, and now I communicate with the person whom I love. It is much better, to know, that you not one in this world, to know that your heart belongs to you, that your heart belongs to me. Today has unpacked your photo and I have ****** her in a framework which now costs at me on a table, and each time before dream look at her and when I wake up in the morning always I kiss you in lips. It gives me a good charge for all day!!! As though I wanted to feel heat and tenderness of your lips, and to kiss you hours, to kiss you waking up in the morning, to kiss, before dream, to kiss you for the ambassador a working supper of a house, in warm and cosy conditions!!! Today there was such fine weather in the morning, the sun shined, but by the evening all sky has tightened clouds and has watered a rain. Somewhere thunderclaps were audible. Usually in good nights when the sky light also is visible all stars I I look at them from a balcony. Also I present, that you also look at them. It happens so you look and you think of you, and suddenly any star will sparkle, at once think, that it you have winked at me, that this star has absorbed your sight and transfers him to me. Because I know, that you are far far too look at the sky, and it one and it above us! And it is possible soon we shall look together at this sky and to recollect, as looked at him being far apart!!! And I shall gently whisper to you on an ear, that I love you and at the same time I shall gently bite your ear. On it I shall finish the letter and I shall wait yours which stars and will bring to me the Internet!
I love you, my handsome man!!!! Yours Irina.
Letter 9

Hello my gentle Mikko!!!!!!!!!
Today with impatience waited for your letter and the moment when at me the working day will end. It so for a long time last!!! At last this time has come also I has come to the Internet of cafe. My family sends the regards to you and all your family. They start to speak, that soon all of them will relatives and that will be fast at us good making related abroad. Also they are very glad for us and for our attitudes. As that is inconvenient to sit in the Internet of cafe when the stomach hums. Today ate only during the lunchtime, and ran here in the evening, even has had a bite nothing! Lovely, I have good news. Today talked to director mine works and asked him holiday. It has agreed. I leave in holiday in a week! It will last 3 months. Also I talked to him on the account of the future, whether learned from him it will be easy for me to be employed abroad. It has specified where, and I to it have told your city, where do you live! It with a smile has taken an interest, really I want to remain there to live and work! I have answered it, that all is possible, time will show. It has told, that can make the document which will help me to be employed. This document shows and certifies, that I was typed experience with colleagues on the work in USA. Also, it has told, if I shall go during holiday abroad to me will make the visa quickly and without problems for 3 months, also can make the document which will help me to get your citizenship. But it only if I shall stay at you to live! It so has puzzled me, that I almost half of day thought of it and about you. Thought, how you will apprehend it! I shall talk today on the account of it to the parents. At all I do not know as they it it is perceived. Wish me of good luck!!!:-)
Dear, now I have question to you, do not know as you him will understand. You agree, if I shall come to you and I shall stay at you to live! It is a question now the most important for me.
If you will be agree also my parents will be agree, though they will be difficult for convincing, that all will be good I would like to arrive to you next week! How you look at it? You will not be against? On it I shall finish the letter and with impatience I shall wait for your following letter! I love you and I hope, that at us all will be excellent!!!
I kiss you my handsome man! YoursIrina.
Letter 10

Hi my love Mikko!!!!!!!!!!
How are you? My love Mikko I so is happy to receive your letter. I love you Mikko, I am ready to speak it always. I love you! I see your smile and it Does me so by a happy internal part! I like to dream of us with you. I am a person of dreams. I live on dreams. I dream about The future with you. My sun raises also sets on dreams. Dreams - all I Have left for lives. I live during the future.
The future of miracles and pleasures! My love Mikko I all the night long dreamed of us with you what at us there will be a remarkable pair and family. Mine Mikko do not worry all my documents will be ready, today my friends have informed me it. You are glad? My love Mikko I shall try to call to you. My gentle Mikko I shall have a problem only about one it with purchase of my tickets. I cannot find full cost itself. I hope you will understand me. It is very difficult for me. Please learn how many it will be at you, and I descend in the travel agency and I learn well. I hope you me you understand. I hope, that I can live to your expectations, I - only the person. I always shall be kind and gentle, But I - only the person who loves you!!! You - the finest, that are at me in a life.
I have found the happiness, and more nothing is necessary for me. I love you Mikko!!! I love you Mikko!!! I love you Mikko!!! I give you the kisses and love Mikko!!
I wait for your letter. Yours Irina!!!
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