Scam letter(s) from Pam Anderson to Thom (USA)

Letter 1
My love Thom Thanks so much for returning back my mail darling. I am very very serious about this relation and know that we can work something out and meet real soon because am more than lonely and need your real love and caring now for us to be the most happiest married couples ever in this world Thom I do want you very much and will be waiting for some pics of you as well darling. I am sure about everything darling and can come to you very soon so that we can spend the whole rest of our lifetimes and no one else because am much interested in you and want you very much ok dear. I am very very sorry for that and hope you will forgive me on not having a cell for you to call me or landline darling forgive me and hope you will do my darling. Honey the program is like I was working with some NGO and I was the secretary over there and they were going to talk to some NGO that is Norway to help them to support poor people here in Ghana and I told them that I want to join on the trip and they take me along darling. The town that I live in is Winneba and it is in the central part of Ghana darling and the reason why I dont have any man or any boys is that I dont want any one who will deceive me, disappoint me and break my heart and what I hate most is that u cheat on me and tell me lies darling thats what I hate so much and know that if everything work out very well for us you will not do that to me love. Honey I think is around summer or it is coming and wish that you will be able to help me out things so that I can get everything in order and come to you soon ok love. Honey for you to come here I think it will be wasting ticket coming here and then you return and me having in and out ticket like double way ticket my sweetheart because they will not let me go and stay for there only visitors visa that I will get ok my love so try and let me come to you soon ok love. Bye for now and remember that I want you so much and need to stay and live with you only and no one else my only darling and husband to be Thom. Bye for now and remember that I want you and need you only Thom Your love
Letter 2
My love and husband to be Thom

Thanks so much for the mail and honey I am real serious and the help that I will need from you is that I will want you to try as much as possible and help me out so that I will be able to purchase the ticket and come to you my only darling Thom

My love, I really want you very very much and need you all the time and darling the flight ticket for me to come there will cost me $1873 USD for me to get it purchase and then can come to you my darling because honey if am holding the flight ticket with me they will just give me the visa and let me come to you thats why am saying that can get the visa and come to you so honey try and let us get things in order now and let us come together ok love. I really want you so much and need you all the time and honey hope you will try for me so that I can come to you because am so lonely here and want to come to you now ok. I will like to say good bye for now and sound sleep and sleep tight and think about us being together because it will be more than wonderful and excited when we meet ok love. Bye Your love
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