Letter(s) from Galina Malinina to Jerry (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Jerry!
I was waiting for your letter! Today I woke up early. I usually wake up at 6:30. I opened a computer in the morning and worked a little. I prepared for a meeting with experts. I've already told you, that it is necessary for me to make the report. Yesterday I worked at home till 23:00!!!
Also I copied some pictures and today I will send you 2 more pictures! OK? It was very pleasant to me to see your pictures, you look very beautifully in these pictures.
Did you really like my pictures? We've just had tea and now I am writing to you! How was your day? How is work?
You know, I received today the letter from another man. He is from city New York, NY. His name Stanley. However, I should tell, that he does not want to have serious relations. I have written to him and have told, that I in that case do not want to waste time. I have explained, that I search for serious relations.
I will not write him any more. I promise it to you. I want to ask you a question. What made you to write me? Interest? Curiosity?
I still hope, that you can understand my English language well. I do not think, that I speak English very well but also it is not so badly! It is possible to understand me anyhow! I like to have an active way of life! Sometimes I should work not only in our city. I'm sometimes sent on business trip. I do not go on business trip often.
I went on business trip to Moscow sometimes and also I went to St. Petersburg. If I am not mistaken, in the England there is also a city called Saint Petersburg. Is it correct? Do you often travel?
I like to travel in summer. I traveled across Russia and also I was in Prague. In the world
there are many fine places. Here in Russia there are also many beautiful places!
Jerry, I want to tell you about my life at the present. I think it's very important for us to know about each other as much as possible. I have a rather big family. I have one sister and one brother. My brother is more senior than me, and my sister is younger than me and her only 20 years.
My senior brother is already married. The name of my brother is Yury.
You probably heard this name already because so called the first Russian cosmonaut - Yury Gagarin.
My sister studies at university and she lives in the house of my parents.
I live in a separate apartment. My brother also lives now with his family in a separate apartment. However, he lives in the city of Nizhni Novgorod.
We are lucky to meet only several times a year. He comes to us. My parents now live near me. They live together: daddy, mum, sister and grandmother.
My daddy's name is Nikolay, the name of my mum is Kristina. The name of my grandmother is Alina.
Daddy and mum now work. My daddy is an engineer. He works at our factory on manufacture bread, and this factory bakes bread for all our city. My mum works at a hospital. She the doctor which treats small children, and I very much to respect her trade because it is very necessary trade. I often invite my parents to visit me and I visit my parents as well! My daddy and mum have been living together for 31 years!
Jerry, are you from a big family? Tell me a little about your family! OK?
I've got to work much today. I should do a good work! It is very important! I will be waiting for your letter. I hope that this is
agood letter for you. Yours faithfully, Galya.

Letter 2

Privet Jerry!
How are you? I am fine! Today we have good weather. I on work right now. I usually to leave work at 18:00.
I rose today at 6.30. My day today began well enough. I as usually prepared for a breakfast.
Last night I was engaged in the clothes. I erased last night. I have the good washing machine.
I want to tell to you that to me of 28 years. My birthday on January, 11, 1979. On a sign on the zodiac I Capricorn.
And who you on a sign on the zodiac? And when your birthday?
Very much it is not pleasant for me that you do not read my letters if you them read
that you would understand that I answer on each of your questions.
So if you simply play with me and do not want serious attitudes that simply do not write to me. Because I always write to you and I answer your questions. And you should understand that you offend me because you to speak that I I do not answer your questions.
It is the automatic washing machine. She very much helps me.
I in general very much like to be at home and to be engaged in domestic affairs.
I like to prepare! I the good cook! I am confident, that you like Pizza!
I like to eat houses and I do not like to go in restaurants of a fast feed. I to care of mine health.
I try to eat only natural products. I to not drink alcohol it is a lot of. I do not smoke also.
The woman should possess natural beauty! I to care of my body. I go in for sports also. I to be engaged Fitnes!
I visit Fitnes-Club. I like to visit pool also.
Well, I want to tell to you, that your life is interesting to me very much. Please, speak me as much as possible. OK?
All of us people and I understand you as the person, but we from various cultures and I probably do not know some things.
I shall be glad to hear from you about it! Your letters help me to represent your life better.
Jerry, I would like to ask you about your hobbies. Than you especially like to be engaged? You like to observe TV?
You like to go to walk on shops? YOU play on musical instruments? I know, that anyhow you should have hobby!
You love music? I like to listen to various types of music! It probably depends on my mood.
I love classical music! I have many disks of a house! Still I like to go at cinema.
As soon as new film we with girlfriends buy tickets leaves and we go at cinema!
Theatre? I already for a long time was not at theatre and I think, that this art!
I went in theatre probably 2 years ago. Unfortunately our daily life we have a lot of work and various has put.
Therefore not always it is possible to find enough
Time to go and take an entertainment. You agree with me? We people already adult and to us are peculiar many other cares.
I hope, that my letters of you do not tire also to you interestingly about what I to you I write.
I only want to show you my life and to tell who I such. I can sometimes be very curious and consequently be not surprised! OK?
Sometimes I present myself your voice. My accent differs from yours and if we shall speak by with you to phone in the future we shall probably notice it. I think, that I would like to speak by with you to phone.
I believe, that is important to speak by phone
And to hear a voice. I have not got used to give a lot of the personal information on me when I to get acquainted with the man. I in general have got used to that the man the first offers me any things.
I think, that the man should be the initiator. Usually men suggest to meet to the woman, men invite in restaurant, at cinema. Men the first offer heart. I the independent woman. I want to feel like the woman.
Some men do not appreciate the woman. Jerry, you should concern to me first of all as to the woman.
Unfortunately we while it is far also we have no opportunity to meet.
Though I very much would want to see you in the person! Anyhow our acquaintance very unusual and is interesting to me!
Fairly to tell, here in Russia some men offer me the friendship. I young and rather attractive.
But I to you have already told, that I want serious attitudes and I want to create my family in the USA.
You very much involve me also to me interestingly to speak with you!
I shall hope, that you also want to speak with me and it is interesting to you.
You now my good friend! wow! I have the friend in other country! The Internet a wonderful thing!
Please, only concern to me seriously. OK? Probably you the man of my dream? I with you shall be always frank.
I promise you it.
Well, I should come back. I shall probably close this letter. Write to me soon!!! Send your pictures!
I shall wait your letter! Sincerely, Galya.

Letter 3

Hello Jerry!
Today good day! Weather here in Russia fine! I in general the optimist and I try to find the best in things!
How about you? You the optimist or the pessimist? I today woke up enough early.
It was necessary for me to repeat my report. Today on work I did reports to mine the boss.
I also gave the report and it was successful! I had good work of a house and consequently I today have success on work!
My colleagues admire! My boss also is very pleased, that he has good experts!
I would like to ask what weather you have today? How are you doing?
You thought of me? I recollected in the evening you! Fairly! I had a lot of work, but anyhow I thought of you!
I knew, that you to me will write also to me it was very interesting to receive your other letter.
I would like to hope, that also it is interesting to you to speak with me! It is a pity, that you do not live in my city.
Otherwise I would invite you at cinema!
But you not in my city! Probably you want to visit sometime Russia?
What do you think of it?
Jerry, today I go to cafe with my girlfriend. She already called to me today and invited me to drink tea!
After work we meet! In our city there is cafe Kappuchino! Kappuchino this name! It is cafe has popularity in our city.
Listen, whether I wanted to ask you you visited World Disney in Florida?
It is very interesting to me as far as it interestingly!
I allowed to myself the promise that I shall sometime visit World Disney! Such at me children's dream!
Tell to me please about your last relations with the woman. I think, what it is not so personal question?
You understand, that I seriously to concern to acquaintance to you
And consequently it interests me. You prefer long relations? What do you do not like in the woman?
What you involves in the woman? What you would want the wife in the future?
She should be educated? Clever? Beautiful! Fair? Cheerful? I
I think, that between the man and the woman there should be a understanding.
Also there should be a trust and a physical inclination! The man and the woman should be first of all friends.
The love begins with friendship. If friendship strong and mutual the love also will be pure and mutual!
I very much want to grow fond of the man! I want to be from this love happy!
I want to give from this love my smile to all people! First of all my to loved!
I now shall distract and in 20 minutes I shall continue again the letter.

So I again at a computer. I should solve the problem with a delivery service.
I bought last week a leather sofa home. Tonight to me promised to bring it home.
I live on 4 floor. Our house in general 6 floors in height.
I could not lift itself this sofa and consequently there will arrive men to help to lift a sofa!
I in general like to buy home any things! I love a cosiness and cleanliness of a house.
Now it is a lot of services in city and it demands money. I would like, that mine
The husband himself cared of the house! Very pleasantly when the man something repairs houses.
You frequently are engaged in domestic affairs? You have flowers of a house?
I in general love flowers and at my place many colors! I love very much roses, but I have no house of a rose.
Roses usually give!
O! I probably should send this letter now. I spent a lot of time! Write to me! I wait your letter.
Thanks, Galya.

Letter 4

Good Day!
I am again glad to read your letter! I am grateful to you for good answers!
I hope that you very soon can write to me, I shall wait from you the letter.
I very much would like that you have written to me the big letter. I hope that you write to me very soon.
I hope, that at you all is good! Right now I listen to a song.
It is a song in Russian! It is Ivan Breusov .
The song refers to "Heart tell". I want to send you this song today!
It is a pity, that you do not understand Russian. It is a romantic song! It has good sense!
I have a similar voice and I like to sing this song! I sing this song of a house.
I have karaoke and I sing frequently! I want, that you liked this song.
I have a full collection of songs Ivan Breusov. whether write to me the following time you were capable to hear this song?
It was pleasant to you? I hope! I devote this song to you!
I in general love music with sense. I like to think of a life under quiet music.
In my automobile I also have music. I like to go on city and to listen to music. In the morning on a way to work
I listen to radio and together with a good morning song I finally wake up! Jerry, me all is interestingly about you.
Please, write to me as much as possible. Write to me as your day, what you did? I am very much interested in you.
Whether I frequently ask myself there can be we? You would like me to meet? I think, that I could find enough money for our meeting.
I probably would want to arrive in the USA and to remain with you some time. Or probably you would like to arrive to Russia?
Please, tell to me in more detail that you think of our meeting? I travelled only to Europe.
I never was in the USA and fairly to tell, I to be afraid to go in other country a little.
The USA very far and I should be confident, that I shall be in safety and that you will care of me.
It is very interesting to me to see as you you live. I read your letters and I understand much about you and your life,
but anyhow that I was better to know each other would like to meet you. I the independent woman. I am capable to make of the decision.
Whether also I should know seriously you would like to meet me? At me feeling, that you good the man. You caught my interest.
I the purposeful woman and if both of us want to meet I shall think of it more seriously!
Well, I should go now. I shall think of you. I should go today in supermarket and buy products. Write to me soon.
Remember, that I serious in my words. It is not simple words.
Thanks, Galya.

Letter 5

Hello my dearest Jerry!
You again today did my day very good! I went for work with especial feeling and I waited your letter! How are you?
I am fine! How at you weather? How your native and friends? My family in the order! Last night I the daddy came to me home.
We drank tea and I spoke mine to the daddy about you. I told, that have got acquainted with good the man and we speak within a week on the Internet!
The daddy asked what is your name? I spoke the daddy, that you name Jerry! he at once asked from what country that the man?
And I to him have told, that from the USA! The daddy spoke, that it is very far and has been a little surprised!
he has told why I before spoke nothing about it. I have told, that to all the time,
I have told also that we good friends now and we want to meet soon sometime in the person.
You ask my surname, my full name Galina Malinina. To like you my full name?
I cannot give you the phone number on that that we have disconnected our phone.
As since February, 1 of this year in Russia have raised the prices for payment of services of communication and now it became expensive.
And on this I have decided to disconnect phone, at my girlfriend is mobile and she can give me it for some time.
If you want to call me. And I can give you number of this phone. Or I can call itself to you and we can speak with you.
Tell to me as it will be more convenient for you. And we shall solve this question together with you. I think that to me will be easier to call you.
The daddy has asked, and whether mum knows about it? I have told there is no also I promised the daddy, that
Today I shall come home to parents and to tell about you. I am confident, that they will be very curious to know about you.
So, tonight I shall go home to parents and I shall tell about you! OK?
Jerry, I also thought of you much. I do not know as you it to speak, but I have to you some feelings. I do not know how to you it to describe.
I love you? I do not know.... I cannot be confident for 100 interests it. This inclination is possible? I do not know.
But I constantly think of you. Whether to me you very interestingly think of me? Let me
To ask you a question. You think of me? Only tell to me fairly. It is very important for me.
Your life has really changed after our acquaintance? You have to me any feelings? Oh, I shall seems to not sleep today much.
I shall think of you! I now write to you the letter and I write it with warm feelings to you.
It is a pity, that in this letter it is impossible to place my feelings. I do not want to rush.
But I should you tell, that you are very interesting to me also I think of you. Yes! I think of you. It has taken place very quickly.
I only not so long ago have written to you and I already have to you feelings. I do not want to frighten you my Jerry.
You write to other women except for me? Only please tell to me it fairly. I do not write to anybody except for you. You understand about it?
Jerry, I would like to be now in the USA and to meet you! You think, what the meeting in the person is necessary for us?
I very much would want to meet you in the person. So both of us could solve many things for us! There can be my you soulmate? I want to solve it for me.
You would invite me to yourself in the USA? We could better learn each other. If you want, that I arrived to you inform me.
I think, that I can find enough of money to arrive to you. How many it will demand money? It should not be very expensive.
I visited Europe and I received the visa. I think, that I also can receive the visa in the USA
And to arrive to you. We are separated only with trip by the plane! I probably shall find out more how it is possible to visit the USA.
There can be you know as it better to make?
Today I shall speak with my mum. I shall tell to mum, that I want to go in the USA and to meet you. I am ready to change my life to the best.
I want to start to build my happiness. Be possible we can together are very happy.
I think, that my family wishes me only happiness and they will not be against we met.
I also should think about my works. The matter is that I do not want to lose my work.
It to me well pays and if suddenly our relations will not grow, I should live in Russia and work will be necessary for me.
I do not want to lose my work. If you really seriously to concern to me and want to meet me I shall take a vacation on work on account of my salary.
I think, that my boss will allow to go to me in the USA and he will allow to me 1 month for this purpose. We could spend happy time together.
I today want to send you one more picture. I accepted that picture when went to have a rest on the sea. This black sea at coast of city Sochi.
It is located in the south of Russia and I had good rest. I think, that you will love that picture.
I seriously examine ours with you relations on the Internet and I really want to have with you a meeting.
Write to me your ideas about our meeting in the following letter. Know, that I shall not regret money for our meeting and I think, that I am capable to arrive independently to you.
I shall come back now to work and to wait your letter. Yours Galya.

Letter 6

My Jerry,
How are you! Today I have difficult day on work. I very much got tired already.
Still it is necessary for me to go home and I should spend some time to reach my house.
I should put also my automobile in garage.I want, that somewhat quicker again was weekend!
Now I do not have phone and I cannot give you a phone number, I can name you if you want it.
I think that would be very good to speak by with you to phone. I think that you can give me your phone number. And I shall call to you.
Yesterday I as well as spoke, I went home to parents. I talked to my family about you. Now all my family knows about you.
I spoke them about you. You know, it was very interesting to my sister also she also asked about you.
Mum asked how old are you, whether and I the daddy has asked you have children. I answered their questions and we discussed you last night.
I spoke my family, that you the good person. After a supper we spoke about you only with my mum.
You are probable only can guess, that at mum and at the daughter
There can be secrets and nobody understands better the daughter as own mother. Mum however warned me that I to not rush to enter with you relations.
I was itself I realize. I have told, that you kind the man and decent.
If we had with you relations it would be probably necessary for you to speak with mine the daddy! he also very good
The person. he to care very much of our family. My brother also helps parents sometimes. Everyone wish for me only happiness.
I have told to mum, that I want to go in the USA and to look as you live. Whether mum asked you invited me in the USA.
I have told, that you would be very glad, if we met you and had some time together.
Dearest Jerry, I also very much wanted, that you arrived to me to Russia. I very much would like to acquaint you with my family.
I should you tell, that it will be probable to visit dearly the USA.
Here in our city the average salary of the worker of 250-300 dollars in a month.I do approximately 500-550 dollars a month and it
Good money for our city. Anyhow, I think, that I can I shall independently arrive in the USA.
Tell to me, you want, that I arrived in the USA the first? I want to see as you live, your country.
If all will be good, I should move in the USA and consequently I should visit the first you. After that we can go together to Russia.
I think, that it is a good idea. You are ready to meet me? We could know each other better. I shall not prevent very much to you if I arrive?
Where I would remain? It is expensive to live in the USA? I ask about the foodstuffs and about hotel?
Probably I can remain in yours the house? Write to me about it. OK? I very seriously to speak with you.
You lit my interest and I want to meet you. We already adult people. I already enough time work also I think, that I can afford this trip.
A question now in you. You want it? If you want, that I arrived to you then I shall choose for me the most convenient time.
I should solve questions on work before. Besides I should be prepared independently and to prepare my family, that I shall be absent some time.
I also should find out more information on travel.
It seems, you that the man which I for a long time searched. You kind and gentle. You loyal and fair the man.
I am confident, that you the man of your word and you can be for me the good partner in a life.
I think, that at us all will be good. If we solve, that our relations should not proceed, I shall come back back home and we shall be as friends.
Well, I shall finish now the letter. I trust you and I to trust, that you are serious to me to concern. I wait your letter tomorrow.
Warm kisses, yours Galya.

Letter 7

Jerry, I am pleased, that you want to meet me in the person and that you invite me in the USA.
I really very much want to see your country and your way of life. I should see it my eyes, and I think, that we with you shall have happy time together.
We now very good friends and I should tell, that our friendship can grow in love. You are valid very important are for me.
In my life now there is a good friend and it you. I am always true to my friends and I never to betray.
I too consider that we should speak by phone and that that you wish to arrive all over again here, but I should you tell
That for me it is very important to visit all over again you and to see as you live there. You understand me.
Besides I very much hope, that we with you shall like each other! I really want, that between us there was a love and warm feelings.
I want, that between us there was also a trust and understanding. I respect you very much, and I love you as the man!
You that type of the man which I would like for the husband. I think, that there where do you live, this very good place to live and have family.
You thought of me today? Tell to me please as you examine your future?
What do you want in the future and whether you that I was a part of your future want?
You would like that your future wife was up to the end of your life?
I want to marry only once and to be happy.
What you today did especial? My day today usual. Yesterday I lay down enough late and I thought of you.
In the morning I called to my mum and we tonight shall speak by again to phone. Also to me my girlfriend called.
By the way a name of my girlfriend Tanya. She also was on work and I asked what plans have on this weekend.
I think, that we would go with parents in our garden near to city. We have a few grounds and the small house.
I like to remain there in the summer. I invited Tanya to me home.
My Jerry, I very much want you to meet as soon as possible. I really to look at things and I think, that is necessary to prepare for this well.
As you understand, I should speak all over again with mine the boss and also with my parents.
I think, that all will be good and then I should define time when I shall be prepared for a meeting.
I already travelled earlier to Europe and I know to make travel to other country it is necessary to be well ready.
I think that I am ready to meet you, but I am not ready to go yet to the USA.
So, if you agree, that I arrived to you then I shall start to prepare for this! OK?
First I shall speak with my boss and family and then I shall go in travel agency.
I am already familiar with some rules for visiting, but I think, that for trip to the USA it is a little variously.
I shall inform you later as I will have all things for preparation to arrive to you. OK?
Inform me also when you would want, that I arrived. OK? I understand, that you also work, but I think,
that if you cannot take a short vacation anyhow it will not prevent us.
I could remain with you a house while you on work and then in the evening we could be one and we would talk much!
I shall not prevent you to work! I want on the contrary you to inspire.
I would kiss you every day when you come home and I would embrace you! You would kiss me? We also could go to walk!
I do not want, that you spent for me many money. Money are difficult and consequently we could be simply at home and
I would prepare for you for a supper! Also I can help you with work for a house and I can do the order! I already dream of our meeting.
I think, that I can call to you very soon. I think, that now time to speak by with you to phone.
Let me to call to you. OK? We should speak with you before I arrive to you! I want to hope, that you will love my voice.
I ask you that you have written to me once again your domestic phone number, number cell and probably number of your work.
So we can better coordinate our time. I have always got used to take all things correctly and I think, that we shall soon speak with you.
Well, I then shall start to take some steps to our meeting. I shall do all considered and is correct, that we met somewhat quicker. OK?
I should take all things one. But I would like, that you wrote to me every day and also to inspire me!
I think, that our meeting is necessary for both of us!
I send my kisses to you! Also speak your friends and family Hello from Russia!
Write to me soon! I shall think of you and to dream of our meeting.
Only yours, Galya.

Letter 8

I am sorry for that that I disturb you, but I have not received from you the answer, you is probably or wash the letter have reached the addressee,
But I would like to continue to speak with you if all of you still wish to speak with me write to me.
It will be very pleasant to me to receive from you the letter. I shall wait the letter from you.