Scam letter(s) from Elena to Gerold (Germany)

Letter 1
hello dear Ken thank you for your letter, next time i hope to get your photo. Now again little more about me. I am 27 years old. as you already know i live in Ukraine[Lugansk].I was married ,and now I am divorced, after my divorcing I returned to the apartment of my parents so as i had not my own and now we live all together in two rooms apartment. I work as a manager in the firm who makes and repairs furniture and the same time study the last year as external student in University on economical faculty. In free time i like cooking,reading. Several time a week i go to gym for physical training and swimming pool. i have many friends but i miss about my loving man about my second part in this life. I feel I must try to explain Why I even consider meeting a person from around the world. I look for that person to have a relationship that comes from the heart and that could truly last a lifetime. I may have told you that I am a little old-fashioned in my beliefs. I want that man who I can be with forever. I thought I had that once, but I guess not. It excites me to think of a man who gives up so much to be with me, to be able to show them a whole new world and a new way of living. I look for that man who I can make the center of my world. These are just thoughts of mine that I'm sharing with you. But, enough of that. I hope you are well, and that you might smile knowing that someone somewhere is thinking of you, wondering about you, and wishing you well. Lena.
Letter 2
hello dear Ken thank you for your letter. the reason for my divorce was the abusing of alcohol drinks of my former husband. and i do not think that people must fight for each other if they really want to live with each other they have to love and respect each other. I think that a meaningful relationship has a chance of becoming a happy marriage only if there are the following three things: respect, a sharing of core values and mutual attraction. I believe that without respect for each other there can be no friendship, let alone love; for me respect means to accept that your beloved one thinks and acts differently from what you would have and nevertheless support her with all your heart. A mutual sharing of core values is also necessary: we can disagree on most things (and I think that it's actually more fun to be with someone that has different views) but on the most important ones we must feel alike; by the way, if you had to name them, what are the qualities you expect and the drawbacks you would not forgive from your woman? Finally, mutual attraction, without which there can be only a beautiful friendship. I think that love is also very physical and the desire for each other's body, for deep intimacy is just something we can't fake.
Letter 3
hello dear Ken thank you for your letter and photos, will be great if you can make their size ****** next time. and i am not angry on you simply Ken as you already know from my first letter i don't know English i need to use an interpreter it is very expensive for me (i pay for translation of every letter 3$[American dollars]) or i can pay $45 per month and write to you so a lot letters as i wish of course may be this sum is not so big but for me this is also expensive so as my salary is only $100 per month so i will be very glad if you can help me with the payment of our correspondence, i really wish to continue our correspondence and write to you more often. about books honestly saying i do not know at all sergej lukanienko, may be here he is not so famous but yes I also do enjoy books very much especially those that require you to think. I hate predictable books when the end of the story is almost clear from page 3. I enjoy Russian authors who have such deep understanding of the human mind and the description of human suffering and how they can cope. I appreciate this very much. I enjoy reading psychological novels and historical ones. I like classical foreign and Russian literature. I enjoy reading Dostaevskiy, Remark, Andre Morua, Mopassan and others. I like German literature as well. Henric Mein's "Henry the 4th" is my favorite historical novel. Goethe's "Faust" is the best philosophical tragedy. As for music. I like all kind of music. But I've read a book about my love singer Sting. I like his songs from his album "Mercury Fallings". Do you like it? Two years ago he was in Kiev. I couldn't to come to Kiev to see him. In his songs I can see not a pop star but a troubled soul understanding the sorrows and joy of the existence in the modern contradictory world, more a philosopher, less a musician. I like Sting's songs very much. so Ken i hope that we will continue our correspondence and know each other better and then decide to see each other in real life, bye for now Lena.
Letter 4

Ken, it is a pity but I came to the translator today and she did not translate your letter because if the correspondence is not paid for then translator would not make a translation on it. I'm sorry and I don't want our relationships to be stop and I ask you very much to help me to pay for our correspondence. It is very expansive for me and if I could pay for it by myself I will and never ask you about it. But my salary is little and does not allow me to pay for it . If I would pay for our letters I will not even have enough money for eating for a month. It is a pity till tears that I live in such country as mine and it is very hard to live here but it is not through my fault. I didn't want to write you about it and you must not think that I'm crying to your shoulder, I simply have no choice in order to continue our relationship and to be with you. kiss you and wait your reply with patience. I don't want you to forget about me after this letter and don't want you to send me nothing. With love . Lena.
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