Scam letter(s) from Nadezhda Belousova to Fekri (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Victor!
I have a great desire to meet that special man; I am ready to put maximum effort in finding my missing half. So, I have made a strong decision to try to find my future abroad. And I'm ready to put maximum effort not only to find that special husband one, but also to build a warm and friendly relationship with him. I adore nature. I feel nature very deep and every singe change in the nature is reflected in me, my mood. I think there nothing more perfect than trees, flowers, cloudy fantasies and harmony of masterpieces created by nature. But those masterpieces created by human beings impress me too. I try to go to the theatre, museums and concerts when I have some free time. They make my feelings flash out like sparks and then these sparks turn to fire, the fire of love I need a man who will share with me this wonderful life, who will be able to understand the world of my feelings. And I will give him my whole world in return. I hope our intentions and life's goals are in harmony and it will help us to get to know each other better. I'm a very sensual and dreaming woman who loves all beautiful things, such as music's, flowers, sea, animals, nature, adventures and surprises. I'm an open person, I trust the people. I like very much the spontaneity in romantically relations between a woman and a man. I'm a optimist, I'm joyful, I like laughing and joy. I am very romantic and I like animals very much, I have a dog and a cat. I am sociable and my interests are various Please, read it and tell me what do you think about that. I'm a tender, and family life in full love, where harmony and mutual understanding would reign is important for me first of all. I hope to hear from your soon.
Best regards, Nadezhda.
Letter 2
Hello Victor. How are you? You have received my last letter with the information on my trip. Why you to write nothing to me? I do not understand you. PLZ write to me. The agent of travel constantly asks me. When I shall pay other part of the sum. What to me to speak him? When you can help me? Why you to not wish to chatter with me in online on yahoo messenger?
Letter 3
I shall fly from capital from Moscow. In any case I do not have money for a trip. I have asked you the help to legalize papers and fly to you. When you to send money and how many? Only so I can plan a trip and start to legalize papers.
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