Letter(s) from Ekaterina Kudinova to Paul (UK)

Letter 1

Hi my dear Paul!

I was glad to see your letter. Your letters bring good mood for me. I shall speak about me. I like to cook. I like cooking very much. My father learned me cooking and I can do it very good. I have many books with recipes of various food at home. I like to cook Russian food. What do you like to eat? My favorite meal is a borshc. I cook it very good. May be you will taste it sometime... I like animals very much. I have cat at home. He is very beautiful and amusing. I like to play with him often. He is very clever and I adore him. His name is Barsik. This amusing Russian name for a cat. I think, that you did not hear this name before.
I do sports when I have free time. Best of all I like aerobics and swimming. When I have free time I like to read, listen to music and watch films. I prefer detective stories, historical novels and psychological dramas. I have fond of Agatha Christie, Raymond Chandler. I like romantic music and pop instrumental music. I like Robert Miles and Robert Williams. What kind of music do your like? My favorite kinds of films are melodrama, comedy and thrillers. I have finished musical school by the class of a piano. But unfortunately now I have no opportunity to play, because we have sold my piano. It occupied much place in our small flat. And I have no free time now for it too. I like to go to the theatre and cinema as often as possible. I like Hollywood films very much. Especially when these films are about love and life histories. And what do you like to do at your free time?
I have to finish my letter now. I hope that you will answer me soon.
Because I shall wait it with impatience.


Letter 2

Hi my dear Paul!

How are you today? I am in an excellent mood because you have answered on my letter again. It is very interesting to correspond with you through the Internet. Probably, I do many mistakes? But I hope, that you understand my English? Paul, please, write to me about it in the next letter! Ok? Paul, I like your last letter very much! Thank you for nice words for me. It is very pleasant to hear. As I know, the most of the men in your country are very kind. And I believe in it. Because, you are such man.
I was very glad to receive your letter. I like it very much because I am beginning to find your letters very special. You know, you are not similar to Russian men. I can not describe the difference in words, but I like it very much. You know I did tried to find a man here before but I had not meet a right man. Most of them are thinking only about alcohol and sex. They do not care how are they looking. They are not romantic. Due to this reasons I have decided to find a man from a different place. And my first attempt was not successful...
I want to have a good family with loving and understanding relations. My father was telling me about my mum. When my parents were together they had never any disagreements. They always understood each other. And they had never been in conflict during all that time. And I want my future family to be happy and safe. I dream about relations that will be built on love, understanding and trust.
Thank you for a photo. I like it very much. I find you very attractive man and I like you very much.
As for me I am sending my photo now again. I hope, that you will like its. I will wait for your letter.

Yours Katya!