Scam letter(s) from Natalia Burkova to Theodore (Greece)

Letter 1
Hello Theodore!!!
I am glad to receive your message and it is pleasant to me that you answer all my questions. In fact it is important for me as I want to learn about you as much as possible. I think that you want to learn about me more too.
I certainly saw your pictures! They have very much liked me... I think that you very youngly look. The man in the blossoming forces!!!
I wish to tell about my family. I live with my mum. As you know I don't have father.Me was four years when him didn't become. His death happened it is very ridiculous. He came back from his work in the evening. And passing street his has shaved off car, possibly it was any ***** driver. I precisely do not know, as he have disappeared from a scene of crime and him to find it was not possible. Probably because of that I almost have lived all life without the father, I am independent. Also I like to look sports very much, especially football. My mum speaks that the father very much loved football too and even played once in one of commands cities Kazan. I him at all do not remember, as was small, I know him only on photos and stories of mum. But all right I do not wish to recollect about it, to me at once it becomes bad. I wish to tell about my mother more. My mum's is 45 years. She works as the medical assistant in hospital and consequently her salary at not big and is necessary me help her with payment of an apartment and other. She very good woman. She not when has not told to me of any rough word. Always listens to my opinion and to opinion of other people too. She very sensitive, attentive, conservative, loving and mother caring the daughter.
Also I have a grandmother, but she does not live with us. She lives in republic Mareil El, in city Yoshkar-Ola. Do you ever heard about this city? She lives in an apartment with one room. She one lives and consequently I am registered in her to an apartment to not lose it. My grandmother's is 79 years, but it is still looked vigorously, as-as if her 40:). But all the same health at her not so good.
Now I finish the story about my family. I would like to know about your family too. Please tell me about it. Also ask me all that you interests in me and my life.
What would you like that I to you have made??? To me very much to like to prepare. Especially I love various soups.
I will wait for your message
Yours Natalya P.S. I shall try to call to you
Letter 2
Dear Theodore!!!
Thanks for yours e-mail. It is really pleasant to me.
That have told thanks for that to me about the family and a little about the life. I like it. I wish to tell to you that you really dear for me. If you tell that we we communicate too little, I shall tell to you on it that the person can be felt from the first word, in our case of the letter. And as soon as I read your letters I understood that you really sincere person with whom I can will share any ideas. For me has importance ours with you dialogue.
Today I have told to mum that I have dialogue with the person because of border and she very much was delighted for me. Has told that it is a new way to learn more than good people, and possible something greater. But all the same she worries for me as not I and she never had any friends abroad a little.
And if I learn you better I would think that I could arrive to you! Understand me we should learn better about us and then we shall think of arrival!
What do you think of my ideas?
Dear Theodore, I would like to set to you some more questions: That for you the main thing in a life: family, work, money or something another?
What your plans concerning the future?
Unfortunately I cannot send this time to you photo, but I will transfer on a computer tomorrow and to send them to you. I hope you can wait?
I shall wait for your message
Yours Natalya!
Letter 3
Greetings my dear Theodore!
It great pleasure to read your letter.
I wish to tell about myself more.
After leaving school I have solved that I want help to people and consequently I have gone to study. And my trade now The the social worker. I problem is the help to old men and children from few provided families. It is very necessary work for all our society. And I love the work.
I have a cat of the house, but you already it saw on one of the previous photos. It name is Barsik. This kind and tender animal. When I play on a piano mews and dances under melodies which I play. I play the core classical music, but also I know melodies and our Russian executors. I like music of such composers as Bah, Shopen, Mozart nand other.
My favourite food is a healthy food. But also I like to eat meat a potato. But so I am not whimsical in meal and I like to eat all that that mum prepares for mine. Also I very good cook. I like to prepare for various salads, and also try to change various dishes. My mum speaks that is better at me it turns out to prepare - for a borshch. This Russian dish. There can be you heard about it!?
In free from work and family time I like to go on walk with my girlfriends. In the summer we like to go on a beach, to cafe, or easier to sit in a native court yard where we with them have lead all childhood, to talk about something. When there comes the end of summer we like to leave on the nature, to lead there some days, to have a rest from all city vanity. And you spend time with friends from the childhood? What do you love do?
Unfortunately I have no phone I not on so much smartly I live, but if you to me will leave number I shall try to call you itself!!!
It is time to finish my letter. If you have any questions ask me them.
I shall wait for your message
Take care
Yours Natalya
Letter 4

Greetings my dear Theodore!
I read your message, and it was pleasant to me to
Read your opinion concerning my last letter. Now I can do some opinions be relative
Your character, and it is fair, speak me, very much, that it pleasantly.
From your letters I have understood that you sensitive, gentle
I think that nevertheless will be better if I shall call to you because at me very much borrowed day. When at me the opportunity will appear to call you I shall necessarily call!!!
The Kazan telegraph.. I have huge desire
As I already spoke, I love various entertainments. But if to speak
In rather last time these entertainments do not bring to me pleasure. I
Frequently dream of romantic evening with the special person. Probably in
The future my dream will be executed.
I would like to set to you some questions also. You are romantic
The person? You love romantic places? Excuse me certainly for this purpose
Question: you have any woman for attitudes or on the Internet? I think
That you very good person and you are written not by one woman.
If you have any questions which establish them. I shall try to answer them.
Please write to me in more detail about feelings and desires, me
Like to read it. And I am ready to re-read it some times.
I wait for your messages.
Yours Natalya
Letter 5
Hello my lovely Theo!!
How are you and how your mood?
I am pleased to receive your letter again. It is pleasant to me to be received every day from you letters. In your letters which I feel as love and tenderness, how many to me has not made give anyone to the man in this world!!!
during the beginning I want to tell, that I am pleased, that you support idea about a meeting. I very much want it. I think of it very much frequently. I for a long time wanted to study other countries. I very much want to arrive to you also receive family with you, because from all letters which we have written the friend the friend I has understood, that you which that person I searched all life. You - my second half in life. Possible you can tell that I very awfully know to you, but it, apparently, to me understands the person will satisfy to read from him even one letter.
Concerning date of my arrival in you. I have holiday approximately in the beginning of May, and it will continue month then I should come back back. I hope that it will be normal for you? But I hope, that so do not happen and that we can conduct with you good time also remains together long time.
Please you speak me all about what think also your desires. It is very important for me to know it. Now it has come time of me to finish the letter, and I hope, that when I shall be arrive to the Internet - cafe, that I can see your letter.
Yours Natalya PS In the near future I shall try to call to you!!!
Letter 6
Hello my lovely Theo!!!!
I was glad to your letter!
But nevertheless you spoke me about your arrival to me. I so think that it will be better for you that I visited you. It will be much better as and for me! While I shall be there is in holiday I can meet you and not distract you from work! How you look at it?
My dear Theo I very much want that our meeting, have happened as soon as possible. I wait during this moment with impatience and expectation. I think of it every day, and every day I present the moment of our meeting. As you softly capture me, will violently kiss and will tell: " I love you Natalya '. I shall tell to you also most of all, and we shall go from the airport. On arrival home you will close to me of an eye, you will enter me in an apartment, and I shall tell, that I can open eyes. And suddenly I see red light in a room, and the floor is closed by petals of roses, and in the middle of a room the smart table is closed.... And I am farther, already I think, that you assume, than we shall be borrowed......
Now it has come time of me to finish the letter, and I hope, that to me is not necessary to look forward to hearing from you during long time. And as soon as I shall arrive to the Internet - cafe, I learn your letter.
I shall look forward to hearing from you
Yours Natalya
Letter 7
Hello my dear Theo!!!
I want to tell to you that I have found more favourable way of our meeting!!! (you do not need to do anything and me too, for me all will make agency!)
I today I visited travel agency to learn full cost of mine trip to you. Also today I signed the contract with agency. The manager of agency has told that while it cannot tell precisely because it should count all. But I today paid the first part of my contract with agency and have paid for the visa 200 $. I did not think that for me it will cost so dearly. And consequently it will be possible to be required to me your help with payment of mine travel contract. I understand that I shall bring to you some difficulties with it and that it for you unexpected charges, but it is necessary for our general meeting. And I hope that you understand me and my situation with it. Too it is not convenient for me for you to speak it. Understand me correctly but I not the bad girl and this money to meet you my loved Theo are necessary for me. I very much wait for this meeting, there can be it last chance to be with which person I like! I do not want to be disappointed in these attitudes, I so for a long time thought of arrival to you and at last I have already addressed to agency! To me it is not trusted at all that I all the same have taken the first step to this. I think that all the same all will be good, and we can be excellent pair!!!
Strong I embrace also whole!
Letter 8
Hello Theo!!!
I was very glad to receive your letter. And I understand that that you want to arrive to me! I shall be certainly very glad to your arrival. As I want to tell to you about my address: city Kazan, Kirov street 34-40. My full name Natalya Hlybova. I think that for you there will be enough this information, and we can have a meeting. I think of our meeting from the very beginning of our correspondence, and I think that my dream all the same will come true. You think as? Write to me as when you can precisely arrive to me that I could be ready to this. I think that we will manage to create excellent attitudes, and we shall be happy together. You think so? As I want to tell to you, that did not write to you the address for the reason that we were not absolutely exact in our conversations, and I thought that it not absolutely important. But now I have understood it! That we really can have more close relations!!!
I wait for your letter. Kiss
Letter 9
Hello my lovely Theo!!!
I was as is glad to your letter. It pleases me more and more. I very much want to have with you a meeting. I very much wait for this moment.
But nevertheless I want tell to you that you can to check up me, but nevertheless I think that we trust each other!
Also if you have any questions that you can contact the manager of agency through their site http: // I hope that for you it will be possible.
I shall wait your letter
Letter 10
Hello my lovely Theo!!!
I was very glad to your letter! But nevertheless I asked your full information (the address, a full name, and the nearest airport). This information is very important for registration of all documents, I once again ask that you have sent me her!!! As I want to tell, that I have already concluded the contract with agency, and at cancellation of it I shall lose the money. For our country it will be much easier, if I shall arrive to you and to make out all papers through agency! I cannot fly to you in such way which you have offered me! I as very much trust this agency because my girlfriend used this agency! I very much wait for that moment when we can have a meeting with you. I think of it every day, and night. I as hope that you concern to this as. I as wait for this moment when I can embrace you strong.
I wait for your answer!
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