Scam Letter(s) from Linda Kumi Alison to Paul (England)

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Letter 1

I have read your profile and i am very touched. I want us to spend some time talking and get to know eachother better. I like your look and it will interest you to know that i really want to get to know you better and better.
My name is Linda, I am 28 years young lady. I am live in Accra the capital of Ghana a country on the Western part of Africa. I am single and looking, I have no children though i would love to have some one day depending on what my partner is also thinks, and i have never been married before. I have been looking for my soul-mate for some years now and what i hold high in my life till i meet the right man to settle down with and make a family is my education and my career.

I admire white and older men because you are mature in mind, descent and you are better love makers and know how to make love so slow, nice and sweet. I am chocolate looking lady, brown eyes and 5feet 6 inches tall. I have a black hair. My ideal man is one who is God-fearing, Romantic, Understanding, caring and loving, patient, hardworking, honest and faithful, outgoing and presentable.

I am in the university and i am studying business and accounting. I also deal in used and imported clothes from USA, EUROPE, ASIA. I supply them to student, individuals and companies as well.
I dont really like black guys for their lazy attitude and they also don't know how to treat a woman with all the love and respect. I have not been with a man for about 4 years now, I don't smoke nor drink and i don't party too(I don,t go to parties or clubs)
I am ready to do whatever you think will make you happy. Have you been with a black woman before? If YES then you are blessed, if NO then you are really missing something. The Best woman to make love to on earth is a black woman with a an attractive tits to keep you watching, a nice round ass to get you standing and a pussy to satisfy a man's sexual needs. I love ORAL sex. My sexual position is when my partner is on top of me. How many times would you make love in a day?

On hobbies i read books, watch movies, sing and dance, also do some swimming and listen to music as well. My favorite songs are Gospel, Rock, Cools, country, R&B, Hip hop and all type of songs. My favorite artists are Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Phil Collins, Peabo Bryson, Luther Vandross, Kenny G., Lionel Richie, Michael Bolton, Kirk Franklin, Jay Z, Jennifer Lopez and more. Dont have any special food just take in any delicious diet i get but i love African dishes. I love comedy, action comedy, adventure and romantic movies. I enjoy all sorths of sport especially Basketball, Football and Athletics.
I dislike men who have the attitude of getting everything their way and not caring about what their partner feels or get. I also dislike men who disappoint their partners always with one excuse or the other. I am looking for a man who does not take distance for an excuse to dissolve a relationship, I don't spend much time behind my computer and the man to get all my attention is one who has the desire to meet me physically. The emails, chat and phone calls are good but the physical meeting tells it all and makes it true and real.

My email is and
Reply this mail and you also tell me more about yourself. I will be waiting to hear from you soon. I will be waiting for a phone call from you and then we talk about more love, sex and fun as well.


Letter 2

Hello Paul,
Thank you very much for the email you sent me i am very pleased. How are you doing today, i am fine and i pray to God that you are fine.
Yes i am happy you have started reading about me on some websites already. I am not a lier, but a very straight young woman. I have not taken money from any man and i will not do that with no reason.
The man who kept my profile on the website is a man who claims tolove me ann when my mom got sick and she needed to be operated i informed him. But he could not help me and i have to sell some family properties and have my mother operated. Who is a man who loves a woman but does not take her personal problems as his?
I am not from a rich family and i want all men who show interest in me to realise it has not been an easy work caring for myself to this age with this beauty that gets all of you men attracted.
I have a good heart and i desire a man who is God-fearing, caring, undertstanding and patient. A man who will trust in me and i will not let him down. A man who wants to love me for who i am but not because some friends say i am pretty.
I like to read this email you sent me always because you have made all your intensions known to me and i am happy you did.
As i talk to you i am still struggling to get a place to move with my family. If you love me this should be a concern to you, because no responsible man will like to see his woman live in pain...Or if you don't mind then you have to give me sometime to solve this problem because i cannot sit here on my pc and happily show you my pictures when i find myself in this situation. If you have a point to proove to me just do and from this time on you know you have a real woman who will love you till death seperates us. I have no problem with our distance and i am ready to relocated soon to meet you and then we live together.
I will wait for your heart-warming reply and please take good care of yourself.
Have a good day my love and pls work hard for our bright and sunny future.

Yours love

Letter 3

Hello Paul,
Kisses and hugs to you my sweet love this day. I am happy for this email you sent to me my love. You really make my heart happy and i cannot wait to be with you. How are you this day? I am doing very well this morning and i believe you are also good by God's grace.
You make my heart very sad that i wish i had found you earlier, we would have made a family and also live long enough. But human ways are not God's way and i know God has a purpose for keeping us till this particular times of our lives.
I have no taboo about sex and i will give you sex anytime you request for it from me. I have the desire to satisfy you all the time in bed and all that needs to happen is me meeting you as soon as possible.
I will not change and i will do all that you want me to do my love. I have no other man in my life and if you proove more serious you will take my whole heart for your self. I do not cheat and disappoint and i will not want you to do the same pls my love. My heart has been broken many times and i will want you to take my heart and keep it carefully.
As for the wedding you know it is the desire of every responsible woman in this world.
But the problem at hand is what can alter our plans if not attended to. I will can never leave this country to come meet you and have fun with you when my family has no place to stay. My late father will not forgive me even in his grave. And then my family will see me negleting them. Just as i told you we are being kicked out of where we stay and if i am not able to solve that i cannot travel to you sweetheart and i know you will understand my position.
I have got an apartment here in a nice place in Accra for rent. It will cost me $130 1 month...
I have been able to empty my bank account and also sell some family properties...I am expected to pay for 5 years occupancy to the landlord...Which will cost me $7800...I have been able to raise $4900 after some errands...I will need around $2900 more to solve this problem...Pls Paul show me that you care about me and the family. Because i cannot meet you if this problem is not solved. If there is a any way you can help me financially or mentally to meet this requirement pls do.
If you can help me do some and you know how my family is going to feel about you and my mother especially in her sick bed will hold you high in her thoughts.
I hope this email gets more appealing to you and you tell me what is in your heart for me.
I cannot wait to meet you personally in this 4 weeks you have for me meeting you.
Pls try your best and show me more love at this time of my life Paul. Take care and have a wonderful day sweety.

Yours love



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