Letter(s) from Ekaterina Osokina to Zakis (Australia)

Letter 1

Hi my dear and favourite prince Zakis!!! I was glad to receive from you the letter. But you wrote to me already such letter. I spoke with the agent of travel and it spoke me that that it can not to me give a detail of his bank, it spoke me that that you can send money to his name through branch of WESTERN UNION, it spoke me that that this branch of WESTERN UNION very safely. It spoke me that that I need 1380 USA $, this sum includes residing, feed, travel up to Moscow. I think that that you understood my letter. The information of the agent:

First name Andrei

Patronymic Mikhailovich

Last name Dolgorukov

And mine eioiiaoey:

( Osokina Ekaterina, Russia.) I love you my prince. And you hi from my grandmother. Yours and only yours Ekaterina.