Scam letter(s) from Evgenia Shipina to Marc (Australia)

Letter 1

Hello dear!!!
How are you? I am very glad, that you have written the letter to me. I want to tell you a little about myself. My name is Evgenia. My surname is Schipina. I was born in Russia, in the city of Arkhangelsk. My parents live there now. Now I live in Kyrgyzstan in the city of Bishkek, NOT in Russia. I live with my brother here. He studies in this city, at university, and I should look after him. We live in a flat with him: we have 3 rooms, big kitchen, hall, bathroom. My mother's name is Zhanna. She is 45 years old. She works the bookkeeper. My daddy's name is Aleksey. He works the taxi driver. He is 48 years old. I also have small sister. She goes to school. As to me, I am 25 years old, I was born on 16 of october, in 1979.
My height is about 165 cm and my weight is about 58 kgs.I do healthy lifestyle, I don't smoke and drink and think that my future children will be healthy.
At the given moment I do not work. I have higher education, I have graduated university. And my profession is "international relations". It's good profession, but it's really difficult to find good job here, in Bishkek. I earn money by myself but not a large sum. I translate different documents for people and they pay the money for it.
My english is good and I can comunicate with you without translators. I have no my own computer and I should go to internet-cafe. I don't know any languages except english and russian.
I want to find good man for the further relations. The age difference is not a problem for me, because I just want to be happy!I am serious, erudite, romantic, attractive, honest girl. I like to travel, to visit various exhibitions, museums, theatres, concerts. I also like different good music. I can't imagine my life without music. I get up with music and go to bed with it. I always listen to music when I do something at home and it helps me to be in a high spirit. I like everything from classical to modern music. Usually it depends on my mood. I always try to find some time during the day to read a book. Usually I do it before going to bed. I prefer Russian classics, such as Pushkin, Lermontov, Chekhov, Tolstoy, Dostoevski and many others. I have re-read them many times already and every time I take one of these books, it is like I am reading it for the first time. I am sure you have heard about these writers. Sometimes I don't mind to read something from the modern literature, detective stories or novels. I do it just for fun. I have a lot of friends and I love them very much. They are all very different and it is always a great pleasure to see them. Sometimes we go to the night clubs but do it seldom because it is rather expensive for me. We like just to walk around the town and talk about different things. We often visit each other, it's so nice to sit at home with a cup of hot tea in the cold winter evening. We often go to the cinema and enjoy our time there. When I watch a movie, it is like I am getting to that unusual for me world full of emotions, passion, love and tenderness. You see I am very romantic and I like romantic dinners with the candles, surprises, night walks under the stars and many, many another things and some day I hope to experience all these with my beloved man. My dream is to have good and happy family. And most important, I want to find the man who will love me so much. In the past I had some men, but it was not serious.
I think, that I have interested you. If you want to continue our correspondence, write me the answer. And if you can, send me more your photos.
With the best regards, your friend Evgenia.
Letter 2

Hello dear!!!
How are you? I was very glad to receive the answer from you. I liked your photo very much, you are very nice. I am very glad, that you liked me. Thanks for beautiful compliments. I would like to ask you some questions:
1. What harmful habits do you have?
2. Do you like children?
3. I like such quality like a fidelity in the man, and do you have it?
4. What is your education?
5. Do you go to the church?
I am Christian and I am going to the church sometimes.
I will be very glad, if you are answer to my not so difficult questions. If you can, tell me about your country, please. It is very interesting for me, because I like travels. When I was 16 years old, I went to Finland with my friends, I was there during a week. It is very interesting country, I like it.
As to our country Kyrgyzstan, it is also very beautiful. There are high and beautiful mountains, large woods, clean air here. It is very warm in summer here. We go to have a rest To the lake Issyk-kul. It is the largest and famous lake in our country. I like to have a rest there. The name of the local nation is the Kirghiz. as for me, I don't like these people, because they are not so polite. And I respect the polite people.
You have described your character, and I have decided, that you are very interesting man. I like such people. I appreciate honesty and frankness in people. You seem to be very interesting and sociable. I like it.
To tell you more about me:
My favourite color is violet and red, I like roses, white and red roses! My figure is 7. About meals, I like seafood, vegetables and fruits, also soaps, I like asian meal and cheese! I like pets and have my own cat, his name is *****, I like him too much! And you, do you like pets and have you any?
Life is a wonderful mistress. It gives us moments of pain, but it always lets the Destiny and our hearts step in and lead us towards happiness. I love life, and I am sure, you do too. Don't you?
I have long believed that somewhere in this world there exists someone special, someone meant to touch my soul and confirm my belief that true love does exist.
Many people throw their hearts, like love letters in a bottle, into the life ocean in the hope that someone special would find it, while walking along the seashore. I have a feeling that just like that.
You appear to be a very nice person on the inside, full of love and romance in your heart, and ready to give your soul to your beloved! I have longed for someone like that for a long time now. That is why I decided to answer you. May be, just may be, it is a once in a lifetime opportunity for both of us to find our soulmates. I am sure you know that most people spend an entire lifetime looking for that?
I can communicate with people and I like it. I like when I can help somebody, I don't know why, may be to help him to know something, to find himself or herself, to help them to relax and so on.Tell me what you like to do. As for me, I like to walk in the forest with my friends, I like to watch leaves falling down, I like swimming, I like water near my legs.
If you can, send me more your photos, I really like you!
I wait the answer from you. Evgenia.
Letter 3

Hello dear!
It is a big pleasure to find your letters in my mailbox! Your words again proved that you are nice. Thank you for everything you wrote me!
I hope that you are also aimed at a long-term relationship. I wish to start a new life with that one who is gentle, kind and loving with the whole heart.
In this my letter I am going to tell you why I am looking for my love here in Internet and about my goals in life.
To say honestly I'm tired from short-term relationships. And I never let them to be very close to me because I did not trust them. I could not find here a reliable man. All of them seem to be devoted their lives for drinking and clarifying relationships between themselves. But maybe just the chance was not given yet to me to find HIM. I have many friends in my town, but there is nobody with whom I would want to have a family.
And I want to create a family with kids and love. I want to love and to be loved, I need to share my love with my beloved husband. I want to be a mother of his kids. I would like to have 2 kids, may be 3 if he is not against it. It is all the same for me who they will be - boys or girls, the most important ill be that my beloved man will be their father. I like them very much. They are so unbelievably cute. I hate when the young people marry just for fun, obtain kids and one day divorce making their children suffer from adults' mistakes. Therefore I do not want to have a young companion and I've chosen to try to write you as an older and wiser person.I want to live in own house and I am ready to help my husband to earn money for it. I like to work and if I can help him working to earn money, I will do it with pleasure. I am not interested very much in my carrier, but I think that first time I would like to work, to live just together to know each other better, to enjoy life together and then to start thinking of kids.
I dream about having a family and to have close friends, to spend vacations together, to have picnics, to go out together. Ok, dreams again. I just think that it is very important to have close friends, which can be with you in good and bad moments in the life. Good friends will help you when you need.
What is your goal in life?
Why you are looking for your wife in Internet?
I can cook. I clean my flat by myself.
I will be waiting for your answer, dear.
Take care of yourself. Kisss. Evgenia.
Letter 4

Hi dear!!!
I'm sorry for so late reply! I went to my grandmother, to congratulate her on christmas, she is catholic. And there I've caught a cold. It was terrible flu! I was in my bed for several days.
I had high temperature. Today I've come back home. I'm sorry again!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, dear! We'll have also the holiday here.
Tomorrow my brother and me will go to shopping, we want to buy beautiful christmas tree and different food for the holiday's table!
How are you? I hope you are fine. I am OK. Thank you for your letter! I am very glad to have it! I like to communicate with you very much. You are very attractive in your photos. It seems, that you are that type of men, which are pleasant to me. And you are for me. You know, I like you, I know that it may sound silly and you may say that we are corresponding for such a little period but still.
You know, I am glad that we correspond. I think we should know each other better. It will be very good, if we continue to communicate with each other. But we can not to know each other better by Internet, and I think, that if we meet we will know each other much better. From the last days I find inspiration in your letters and my desire to see you one day grow and grow. From all men, which wrote to me, I have chosen you. It was very difficult for me to find the best variant, but I thought and decided, that you are the best of all. I wrote you what I want to have from man. And, if you are agree, we will develop our relations. You can ask me different questions, I will answer them. I hope that you will understand me. I wrote, that my dream is to have good, strong family. And if we try, we will have it. I ask you to think about our further relations. I have purpose to find good man. I think that it is you!
Tell me more about yourself. I want to know everything about you.
1.What you dislike to do?
2.What you like in woman?
3.What you dislike in her?
4.What is important for you in your love?
5.What is important for your in your life?
As for me I don't like to idle. If somebody is working, is doing something, I can't just sit and look at him, I am sure to help him if I am not busy of course. I don't like to cheat and to be cheated.
In a man I like such qualities as smartness, honesty, kindness, sense of humor and respect to a woman.
The most important thing for me is to love and to be loved. When I am in love, I feel the happiest person in the world. I feel that I can do everything. I can move mountains if it is needed, I can cross any distances to be with my love, I can swim over any ocean just to kiss my love, to hug him, to look into his eyes and to say that I love him!
In life for me is very important to have kids. I think that every woman should do her duty - to bear kids. I am ready to work and help to my husband with money. I want my kids have everything they need and I understand that for it I need money and I am ready to earn it. But if husband is against my job, I think, I sooner will listen to him as it is very important for me.
I would like to have our own house with garden. And I would like that we all, I mean my husband, my kids and me play there. I would the happiest woman in the world if I could watch my the most beloved people playing together or just sitting and reading some fairy- tales. I know English and I can speak English.
Did you ever had a chance to know Russians? What do you think of them? In my view people in Russia are very friendly. We usually help each other in this life. Without friends you won't survive. If there are a lot of bads in the life, you probably know, people become more cheerful and usually have a good sense of humour. There is also another result of such development - a lot of those who drink ***** and other alkohols. The cities are quiet normal in this respect. However there are big problems in the villages and another deep places. The roads there are usually very bad and there is very small traffic. Farming is also bad there. Russia is culturally diversive. A lot of small nationalities. We never had large ethnic problems. Unfortunately recently we have problems in Chechnia. Nobody knows its reasons - a lot of concepts. Politics in Russia is too complicated. It is more similar to division of values and assets in high circles than governing the country. I'm not interested in Russian politics because it always leads to abnormal results and strange expression of people's choice. Is it different what I told from that you have? I wish I could aks you more and more... And now I am in Kyrgizstan and Iam interested not so much in this country like in Russia.
I am finishing my letter now and I will be waiting for your letter and your photo impatiently. Kisses and hugs. Evgenia.
Letter 5

Happy to hear from you. Thank you again for everything you write me! Thank you for your letter! You know that I am always glad to have it!
Today I have a strange feeling. Last night I was thinking only of you. Your image followed me everytime... You know... you have become so special to me... I do not know what happens to me... You are so good.
Thank you for your photos in your previous letters! I really like you! You seem to be so interesting man!
You seem to have serious intentions in searching for your love! I like your eyes!
They are kind and penetrating! Yes, you seem to be a serious man. You know I was waiting for your photo. Your first letter was so intrigue and I was waiting for your photo impatiently. You know, when I looked at your photo, my heart stop beating for a moment and then it was beating faster with every second. It seems to me that we have met you somewhere, haven't we? You see, dear, I have printed your photo and took it to my home. In the evening I will look at you and wish you good night, in the morning I will say you good morning, dear, how do you do today?
You know, appearance doesn't matter much for me. Even if you were ****, but you are not! If you had a kind heart, I think I could fall in love with you.
I think that there are not many really kind persons unfortunately. As I am looking for my life partner I am interested in his soul first of all, I am interested in inner beauty as I think that only inner beauty is eternal. I need a kind man with strong desire to create a family.
You know, I am looking at your photo now and think what if I could hear your voice now? How does your voice sound? Calm and assured? I am right for sure.
So, what have you done these days? I was at the cinema yesterday. I watched the film "Pearl Harbor". A nice film, I liked it.
What is your favorite film? Who is your favorite actor? It is nice in Bishkek, the sun is shining, it is not very warm but it is not cold. I like this weather. What weather you like? Do you like rain? What do you do when it is raining? As for me I am sitting at home reading or listen to music or just watching at the windows. You know, I like rain in summer. It makes the nature more lovely and colorful. Now I am finishing my letter and waiting for your answer. Your Evgenia. P.S. Dear, I will not write you for several days because of holidays. Don't worry about me and write me when you can! Happy New Year!!!
Letter 6

Hi my sweet!
How are you? It is raining now and my mood is not so good. But when I have come to Internet - cafe and have seen your letter, it became much better. I'm sorry, that I write you so rarely. Internet is very expensive in our country and that is why I can not go to Internet - cafe several times a day.
I think about you too much and about our future relations. I miss you and your letters. You should understand that I do not insist on marriage at once. At the begining of our relations, I can be your girlfriend. We will know each other much better by such way, and then we will decide about our future relations. But if you want we can marrie, I am not against. You also should understand, that it was very difficult for me to make such choice. I dream about the man, who will love me and our future children. I think that it is you! We will go to picnics together, to make different walk, to sit near a fire in summer and to sing songs with a guitar (I can play a guitar). I like children very much and I want to have a good and strong family. I understand that to make a choice is very difficultl for you, but you should try and decide finally. I like you very much and I has chosen you. I hope, that we will be together, I really want it. I am glad, that you are so frank with me. And I also want you to believe me. I like your photo, you are very beautiful man, and I also like your character. Please, send me more your photos.
I wait for your answer with big impatience.
Your girlfriend and maybe future wife Evgenia.
Letter 7

My dear!
I am so glad to receive a letter from you! I am happy that you answer me as it shows your interest in me! I am interested in you too. I am very glad that we correspond! I am so glad that we are becoming closer in our thoughts to each other!
I go to internet-cafe every day now (at least I try to do it) to check my e-mail as I hope that I have a letter from you. And I am very happy if I really have. It is a real pleasure for me to read your letter, to imagine how you was writing it. To know that you think about me, miss me as I do!
Then I go to visit some of my friends, to talk to her and we decide what are we going to do tonight. We often go for a walk in the evening talking to each other, sometimes we go to a restaurant to celebrate some holiday or just to enjoy the service and dishes that are very tasty. I think of you and imagine that you are with me at the moment, that you look at me and me looking to you, we talk and smile or laugh .
Then I go to sleep and want to see you in my dream. By the way, did I tell you about my dream? I think I didn't.
A dream came over me yesterday:
We sit in our room, you hug me tenderly, I look into your eyes and see the most happy person of the world, your eyes are shining, you are smiling, you say nothing but I know what you are thinking about.You are bending over me, I feel your breath, your lips are getting closer.I am taking your hand and thinking what have I done to deserve such a happiness, to love you and to be loved by you, my dear.
May be this dream will come true some day.
I miss you very much, dear! I wish I was with you at this moment! You know, my dear, I am ready to cross any distances and oceans to be with my beloved man! You are my one desire! I am thinking of you only! You know I would be the happiest person of the world if we met somedays.
I kiss you. Evgenia.
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