Letter(s) from Victoria Reznichenko to Ton (Netherlands)

Letter 1

Hello my sweet Ton!

Thanks for your letters. First of all I should tell you I was so disappointed that you doubted in my feelings for you, as I am so interested in you and the only thing that does not let me communicate with you without any help is that my English is not perfect... I am so sorry that our women have the reputation of scammers and I much more sorry that it influences everyone else who really wants to find love...

I am sorry you had your troubles with scams but I also had my past but never the less I never compared you to someone else!!!You are the best for me, the perfect one!

I am not surprised to find my pics by different names as they must be stolen while printing in photo salon.... and now the make money on my beauty... Sucks but I am not surprising. It is very popular here. I am real and honest with you and I am sending my scanned passport to prove you that!

I understand that you have to think about it and I am not going to hurry you up... I just want you to know that I will be waiting to hear form you...

I wish you to have a nice day.