Letter(s) from Lenara Safiullina to Chris (Netherlands)

Letter 1

Hello my unique and most loved peach Chris!!!
How you today my lovely? At me all is good due to you and your today's letter.
I loved yesterday very long thought of us with you. I long did not sleep.
My prince, thanks for all your fine letters.
You speak such fine words. I love you very strongly!
In the first date of my birth: 11.11.1977.
I am open and fair with you.
I had no never sexual illnesses.
Also is very glad to hear, that you also had no it never.
My prince, I can arrive to you in June.
Because this month I shall have holiday.
After I the first to visit you,
Then it will be necessary for me to come back home.
And you can arrive to me, it will be our second meeting, and we shall stay together for ever.
I can live at you in your country. I want to have family with you!
As you already know, yesterday I was engaged in mine documents.
I have have found out, that I shall require the passport for travel abroad, and the visa.
The total sum of all cost of trip to you, will make: 600 euros.
Lovely I have to you offer. Yesterday I long thought of it.
Even it was inconvenient for me. Whether I do not know I can offer you it whether or not.
I all over again thought that now to you it I shall not speak.
But I could not overcome myself. And nevertheless I have decided to tell you.
I am slightly embarrassed but lovely I very much would want to meet you soon.
Yes I want to ask you you want to meet me in the person shortly????
It is important for me because I very much love you and for me am intolerable to be far from you.
In general I loved mine want to visit you to your country and to begin to build our future with you????
To you probably it is interesting why to me so difficultly to offer you it??
I to you shall answer me very difficultly to you it to speak because if to me to go to you that it it will be very expensive to cost for me.
And I understand that fact that I itself can not pay all my trip to you.
And I should hope only for your help. But I as understand that for you it too probably difficultly.
And you at all are not obliged to pay my trip. And in general my education does not allow me to insist on it.
And on the other hand I so want to be near to you!!!
In general my lovely and sweet peach I very much want to meet you and your help in it is very necessary for me.
I hope that you do not take offence at me lovely. I operate from the cleanest and sincere promptings.
You are necessary for me only and all other is formality.
I nothing am excited except for you with my prince!!!! Probably I even live now only for the sake of you and if I you shall lose that I shall die.
And I want to live that is I do not want you to lose and I hope I shall not lose never!!!!!
I know that it is really serious step a meeting!!! But it is very important for us I thinks.

Sweet mine I shall wait your answer to my offer.
I hope you seriously will approach to this step.
And we shall begin to plan our meeting!!
I send you the most gentle and strong kisses!!!!
I embrace you for one century yours Natasha!