Letter(s) from Alsu Muhamethanova to Gerold (Germany)
Letter 1
Hello, my dear! Thanks for replying to me as it makes my day very pleasant. I so glad to meet so interesting interlocutor as you are. Indeed it's a nice surprise to meet a man with such deep soul world,the man with many talent's and skills. I found that we have a lot in a common and mutual things will give us ability to talk about everything!It's nice to be able to think about someone, especially someone as nice as yourself. I really like your life attitude and I hope you are keeping well. I also hope its the start of a beautiful friendship as well, there is a warm feeling I feel inside when reading your letter. Gerold, dear, I want you to know that I am very interested in you, that is why I decided to tell you more about my life and past relations. You know that I had a civil husband. We were together for five years and three of them were really wonderful. I suppose what happen to the other 2 years of the relationship, we grew apart from each other, but I can say that I learnt a lot within this time. After the relationship I have not found the true LOVE I've been looking for so this is why I search for you. I moved back to my parents' flat and now I live with my Mum and Dad. I am the only child in the family. My parents are retired. They were engineers and all their life worked in different places. I thought that it would be better for me if I live alone, but I don't have this opportunity now as I am not able to rent a flat for me. Moreover I believe that I can take good care of my parents as we are very close and I want to teach my children the same values. Frankly speaking I don't like to write those boring letters about the life, the problems and so on. It is better to speak about something we are both interested in. Am I right? What do you think? The only problem for me, of course, is my English. I wish I knew it better, but it turned out not so easy as it is a strange language for me. I think that I will be able to improve my knowledge of it, but now I need the help of some service which helps me to translate my letters to you, my dear. I think it won't be an obstacle for us, as when it is a true love, everything is possible and there is nothing to stop our wish. You seem to have a fun loving intelligent character that is also kind & caring with good family values. I would love to know more about you, like your hobbies & interests ? What do you want from life? What do you like to do when spending time with friends & what there like? & anything you would like to tell me about yourself? It would be great to meet you one day soon.
Letter 2
Hello, my beloved! You are really amazing person! I can to compare you only with a fire. Seems you are in different places in same time. Do you know, we had a holy holidays few days ago it was really funny. I been in bowling club with my friend, but even with them I feel my loneliness. I had only one dream in my head to have you next to me. I was thinking of you last few days ago, such thinks brings positive emotions and light my day. I thought where he is now, what he is doing? Did he smile now or some one makes him sad? Gerold, from your letters I've been understood your feelings to me, honey I know how to read between the lines, and I see the words you do not write yet for me, but you feel it. Ok, let me to say it out first, even I never do it before, I hope you will understand me. Honey, we have started as friends and were growing from that. From now I too want to share in everything possible with you. To have you next to me each morning with you eyes, smile, warm heart, loving arms. I want to be in our home when you come in from work to greet you with a embracing hug and a loving kiss at the end of your work day. Please forgive me for having the following thought so early in our relationship but I want to be with you...To share your crazy life. Dear, there is something I would like let you to know, something I can't hide any more All my Love, Heart and soul to you my beloved from a woman who has fallen for you. I don't know what you did to me, but I cannot set you out of my mind, I cannot even sleep without reading your letters again and again. It makes me sad thinking that we have to wait still to be together. Sorry, dear, if I am too fast, but I just can't stop thinking about you. There is no doubt in my mind I want to spend the rest of my life with you I know it sounds crazy, if I can explain to you how it feels, it is like you in a soul that has been attached to you I know you understand, exactly what I'm talking about, because you feel the same. The way you talk, i have been thinking of nothing else,at the moment you are in everything I do,I long to meet you. i think you are a warm and loving man that any woman would be proud to call her beloved,but i want you to get to know me first not just my letters, but I want you and me to be sure,sure deep down that we have these feelings,not just feelings for a few words,or in the heat of the moment,i want to explore the real you and you me. With all my love to you Garold! Yuliya.
Letter 3
Dear Sir. We want to inform you that your lady is not able to reply to your last e-mail, as her paid contract with firm is over. She has been using the internet resources and the translators of our firm to correspond with you. If you are interested in future correspondence with this lady we can offer you another contract for this purpose. If you are able to help your lady with correspondence fees we will be glad to assists you and are ready to offer you our service. Feel free to contact me or other stuff members if you will have any questions. Sincerely yours,
Kira Voropaeva. The NEW e-mail address of our company currently is:
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