Scam letter(s) from Olga Petrova to Theo (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Hello Theo!
As you probably have guessed I'm Olga =).
How are you?
I'm very glad that you have written to me back, I thought that you will pass my message, but it has appeared differently and I'm very glad.
I am 33 years old, I live alone (but I have a cat) as my parents live in village, in that village I was born also a vein long time, but now I live in a hostel in city Zelenodolsk, this city is located in republic of Tatarstan, Russia.
I'm tried to get acquainted with the man on the Internet already, but he has appeared not desirable for me so he searched only for an entertainment.
I wish to find the good friend on correspondence.
You can probably think why I search for the person from other country - simply I wish to communicate to the person who lives not in Russia, so I can study in much new, learn your culture and a life as for me it is very interesting too.
In this letter I send you the photo that you could see my appearance.
I think that to you will be interesting to communicate with me and you will write to me back and will tell about yourself.
Theo I wish to ask you to inform at once to me on that that you do not search for an entertainment, as I search serious attitude.
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