Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Reznichenko to Dameon (USA)

Letter 1

Hello there,
To be honest, I am new to all that internet dating and from the very begining did not completely believe in the idea itself.
But then I heard a story of one of my friends who met a boyfriend over the Internet and is now married to that guy! Then one more girl told me somthing of the kind, then a man...
WEll, I decided to try :-))
Since I don't have an experience of meeting people over the internet, i will try to make it as it is in a real life (after all, an internet connection is just a step to a real life connection, isn't it?)).
When I meet somebody in a real life, I usually start with telling him something about myself..
As you already know from my profile, I am Ekaterina and I am 25.
My birthday - November,15th, 1980. My height 5'7'' and weight 55 kg.
I have never been married and don't have a kids.
I live in a really small place Sidorovo (I can hardly call it even a town:-)
where everybody knows everybody which has its positive and negative sides.
The closest big city to our town is Novosibirsk; though it is not really that big comparing to Moscow or St. Pteersburg, you can at least find it on a map :-).
I work in a local factory which produces furniture details and sells wood.
But I do not understand anything about wood - I am a secretary )).
I ave graduated from the college here with the teacher's diploma, but after 2 months of working as a teacher I gave up - the kids were too spoiled and the salary - too miserable :-)) This doesn't mean I don't like kids; it's just maybe I was not ready to that kind of job at the moment.
At the moment I am quite satisfied with the job (at least I can somehow support myself and the parents wth the salary) though I still can try something else more interesting - I haven't found a job of my dream I think.
..Just like I haven't found a man of my dream yet.
I have had a couple of quite serious relationships in my life but honestly I am not sure we were meant for each other. That is ahy I am still single.
Some friends of mine say I am a perfectionist, but I don't think you should decide on spending your life with somebody when you are not completely sure about it.
To add up, I am very romantic and the men I met were mostly rather rude and were sometimes hurting my feelings without even guessing about it.
But I still believe in love and these are not just words. I believe I can find my Only One; the one I will trust, be sincere to, rely on and love no matter what he does or says or thinks )).
But I also think that just sitting and waiting is simply ******.
So I decided to give it a try )
What else shall I tell you about myself? I live with my parents and love 'em very much;
we've had hard times in the past but now we are good friends and can discuss things.
I do not have any specific hobbies; so in my spare time I usually read, meet friends (when it is summer, we always try to spend some time in the nature); help parents or cook something nice at home.
..I think I have already tired you a little bit with such a long letter but I was really excited to receive a letter from you and that encouraged me alot.
Of course, I haven't told you everything about myself in this letter but you can always ask me whatever you want and I will gladly answer!
Looking forward to your next email,
Truly yours,
Letter 2

Hi John my sweetheart,
I am very happy to get an answer from you today and i decided to write you back. I'm sure that we will be excellent couple. I feel that I'm falling in love and all i know I have never such a feelings before to a man who are so far away. I am so excited and happy and can't wait to tell this good news to my parents. I know that i will not be dissapointed. Thanks for the understanding my financial situation honey.
I will need 600 dollars from you and the rest 350 i will pay them myself.
I have called to bank and asked there how to wire money to Russia safe and fast: Western Union , it's easy and you just need to know my full name, city and country and send cash from any local offices with western union on my full name: Ekaterina Reznichenko
city: Novosibirsk, country: Russia
and as soon as you will send money email me 2 things:
1.Your full name, how you wrote it in western union blank 2. Money transfer control number
I will start making arrangments as soon as i will get the money.
I can't wait to be with you, i will make you happy. I am really excited.I so want to kiss you and hug you in real life.
I have so much love and warmth to share and i want to share it with you. Take care.Love,
Yours Ekaterina
Letter 3

Do you want me there after January 4th? You told me that you'll be on vacation from December 24th to January,4th return in New York, right? So i can travel in January without problems but here is little question when you will send money on trip? I need to start paperwork to make it happend.
Love you too,
Yours Ekaterina
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