Scam letter(s) from Rhonda Letterman to James (USA)

Letter 1
Thanks for your message, i am glad i could hear from you, i have been waiting for you to call me, Ms Rhonda told me you re going to pay me my money and you re also coming to get her, i am just waiting for a confirmation from you,until i got your message now.. Also i would like to inform you that i have done my best in helping her, but since you will be coming here to get her,i will still have her Documents with me until you re here, and i would be glad to clarify every of her bills with you here. Sir if Ms Rhonda is not real or who she say she is,i wont be doing all this to help her out.
I have done the best i can ,i will be waiting and will be pleased to welcome you to London. I understand how you feel about helping her.On her departure date 16th may 2007 she told me they needed a B.T.A Fee.(BASIC TRAVELLING ALLOWANCE)and that its holding her back from travelling. Sir, i will wait until i get to hear from you on regarding your arrival date and i hope you and i can get this issue resolve when you re here. Have a wonderful Day MGT.
Letter 2
I am so sorry for the late response , most times i am so busy through the weekend, i got your message, thanks once again , and sorry for the late respnse.
Sir, i got a call from a lady telling me that Ms rhonda was in their hospital,so i had to rush down their to see whats going on, she couldnt speak when i got their yesterday, but the nurse garantee that she will be alright, but its going to take her time to get back to herself.
This morning, she could talk for some fews and explain the little she remember was that a car ran towards her and she has to jump away and got hitted by a bike , i had to rush down here to write yu a quick message just for you to know whats going on
Sir regarding the payment, i have done the best i can, helping someone i dont know, even for the fact that shes staying in the hotel where i work, i hav to let you understand that i am a family man, with kids, i have my own bills to pay too, i am doing my best to help her here, Put yourself in my shoes, i have so many things to do with, too , but i am only trying to help because i know i will get paid back, but before i can do anything more, i need to get apart payment, that was the agreement i and Ms Rhonda concluded on, but i understand you as a man, that you re trying to help her too, i dont know who she is to you though, shes in dartsandthelondon Hospital, you can stay in touch with her , or will call you if i am there.

Sir, but if we could work things out, we could be good friends. if you dont understand what i mean i would be pleased to explain more to you .

I await your urgent message.


Letter 3
I tried calling you,but i think i have the wrong number(918-744-2838). you have my number, you can call me or call the hospital (+447045725185).or via email : ( you can look them up on their website as well
Make Enquiry or call me directly, because i will passby to check on her tonight again.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Letter 4

WHAT A CO-INCIDENT! i got an urgent message right now that my mom was also hospitalized today as well,i had to make this quick,because i have an urgency to attend to...... she lives in TOWCESTER, i will be gone for some days to make sure that everything is well with my mom, meanwhile i hope you should be able to give full assistance to your fiancee in the hospital, because right now, there is no one with her at the hospital, she only had the attention of the hospital management,hoping that you will contact them as soon as possible.
I hope you got the hospital email and phone # i sent you in my previous email. Here is the information below again. Email Phone: (+447045725185) For your information, i have inform the hospital management about my departure to see my mom so that is why i gave the hospital management your email address just incase they might need any attention of Rhonda's Family or Acquintance. I will be checking my email from time to time, so as to hear from you about the progress of Rhonda's Health. I hope she could recover soonest and get back to the States. Have a wonderful Day. MGT.
Letter 5
Thanks for the picture, you re so cute, i would like to know more about you , also james i want you to know i am not after your money or something, but i have papers i need to get and pay up my hotel bills too .. booking a flight for me on American airline will be fine. i will like to fly back to you , and how do i pay you back ?? really i have to pay for the hotel bills before i could leave because they have my passport and all of my travelling Doc. if i could get the bills paid, sure you can book a flight on American airline under my name and you could contact the hotel on behave of my hotel bills or send me the money on my name , Let me know what you think ?

Rhonda Letterman

City: London

Country :England
Letter 6
Thanks for your message, i really appreciate your concern and i would like to meet you too, i would be glad if you can help me out of here back home, so i could get on my feet again.
The hotel name is london regents Hotel in London, their email address is and the phone # is +44-704-570-2136.

The total bill for the hotel is 250 Pounds for 5Nights , James the more i stay here the more the bills increases, because they have my passport and other travelling Doc.

I hope you could get me outta here, whats your phone # and the closest airport to you, whats your arrangement for the Flight? i told the hotel to contact you , they should be in touch with you via Email.

Let me know what plan you have towards my coming back .

Letter 7
Good Morning Sir, This is a matter of urgency,I will try to bring you up to date. Rhonda is much better, her fever broke last night, she is still on the antibiotics and medication that she is allergic to, i am not sure when the medical team will bring her off those, but until they do, she will remain on the respirator. we did have orders today to start weining her off. we do keep her sedated pretty much so she won't fight the respirator. Her medical status is looking very worse thats why we have to carry out some urgent medical treatment immediately shes out of the isolation room, I think we have got the staph pretty much wiped out. Her knee wound, the initial site of the staph infection is looking very better. It will require some tissue removal and probably a graft to fill in from the dead tissue removal. All in all, she is doing pretty good. I look for her to leave the isolation room, maybe as early as today or monday for the medical treatment, although she has been treated but their are some medical diagnoses and X-ray she needs to undergo which require some money and as a matter of urgency, it has to be carried out on Monday. Sir, your urgent attention is needed, so that the medical diagnoses and X-ray will be carried out tommorrow Morning unfailingly, also I would like you to know that when she was rushed here, we found some information in her Wallet like, your name and address with some other digits. However, this morning she could barely talk but she was able to let us know that she was on her way to the WESTERN UNION OFFICE before the Accident happened. Due to her health condition, we need an urgent response from you , an advance payment of 450 Pounce Sterling will be made tommorrow before 4pm, so that we can carry out the neccessary medical treatment on her, thereafter this treatment, shes should be Discharged by Wednesday. I am very sorry to inform you that unfailingly if there is no turn up from you or by Rhonda's Family, the hospital management might react otherwise because it is against the policy of our hospital management to admitt patient without turn up by his or her relatives,friends and family after 3 working days of admission. Your swift response is needed . MANAGEMENT Dr Joe Flynn.
+447045725185 Whitechapel
London E1 1BB.
Letter 8
Attention Sir (James), I got your previuos message and i felt so embaraced including all the management of BARTSANDTHELONDON HOSPITAL , i never expected that your kind of personality from the US could refer the service of our highly reputable hospital in the UK as Scam or Fraud. Your previous message seems so disregarding and embaracing to our management. However , this is to inform you that if our hospital management do not receive any correspondence as regard the expenses needed to undergo the diagnoses as required for the recovery of your fiance as mentioned by Rhonda ... then we are very sorry to inform you that Ms Rhonda will be refered to the necessary authority in the UK. The stated diagnoses should be done by tomorrow or otherwise other medical proceedings may not be guarantee by our hospital medical crew. So that is the reason why we have to handover the medical situation of your fiance to the London Commission Immigrant Medical center which you would have to visit by thursday as indicated in your response on coming over to see Rhonda. You mentioned in your message that you have the information of 500pound paid by western union money transfer , Well , i will like to inform you that the said money sent is not to the consent of our management because we never release any information for you to send the money yet .. Moreover , it is understood by you that Ms Rhonda is not in a good medical condition to go out and cash such money. So you are advise to keep the payment and the information to yourself . This is to inform you that our highly reputable medical management have an outstanding record and reputation in the UK and with such we do keep to our effecient and competent service , thus your payment requirement is non-regardless to our management if not rather the our aim and motive to serve human in all medical aspect of life . You are implored with this effect to send the sum amount of 450 Pounce Sterling with the information of the medical Account officer incharge : Name: Broockley Tessy Address: Whitechapel London E1 1BB. city: london ENGLAND As for hearing her voice , well ... I hope she could pretty talk to you for some few minutes but that will depend on the hospital management , but i promise to give you a call so that you can talk to her if i confirmed medically that she could be fit to talk at this time. Awaiting your urgent response. Dr Joe
Letter 9
Attention Sir,

I hope you got our previous message , this is to inform you that we need your urgent response or otherwise Ms Rhonda will be refered from our hospital to the necessary medical immigrant medical center.

Ms Rhonda needs a very urgent medical urgent diagnoses because she is peresently loosing blood and there is NO WAY we could not delay her in our hospital till thursday as mentioned and this is quite against the policy of our management as regard patient medical guides. However , your attention would be needed in our London Hospital unfailingly by tomorrow Monday 21st /Tuesday 22nd May 2007 so as to avoid all this complications because it might be risky to Ms Rhonda's Medical status..

You are advise to send the sum medical expenses of 450Uk Pounds prior 10am-3pm London time with the information as stated by western union money transfer.

For your information , we would not reply to any further disregarding response to our management from you again.

Note : The BARTS LONDON HOSPITAL has over 25 Branches overhere in the UK and its quite very ******* network to locate our overall concerned patient , mostly fresh admitted patient that were only admitted on debit / Emergency case.

Your swift response pls.

Dr Joe.
Letter 10
Attention : Sir,

This is to inform you that we receive your response and concern inrespect of our Patient Ms Rhonda Letterman , However , concerning your puzzle about our hospital in relationship to the information you got from the website .

Mr James , Wether you beleive our hospital service or not inrespect of the treatment of Ms Rhonda , but we will like to inform you that BARTS LONDON HOSPITAL has a numerous branch overhere in the UK and also there are Sub Branch /Affiliated Medical center to Barts London Hospital due to the fact the registration of this aforementioned medical center was approved under the training and supervision of the BARTS LONDON ANNEX MEDICAL ASSOCIATION.

So as a matter of fact you can only retrieve only the information of the BARTS LONDON ANNEX MEDICAL CENTER from the specified website and kindly do not confuse this information for other numerous local branches as concerned by our establishment.

For your notice , we were told by Rhonda that you are her fiancee and you are the one who sent her the money she was on her way to cash when she broke into an accident.. So , we are to work on the information provided by our patient and if at this point you are denying the fact that you dont know much about Ms Rhonda and you have never met her in person , then our hospital management will take the necessary step to handover Ms Rhonda to the UK Immigrant General Medical Center for immidiate step and action.

We are very sorry to inform you that our hospital management can not go furthermore on assisting Ms Rhonda , She is in a critical medical condition and she has to undergo some medical diagnoses which will involve some expenses that cannot be beared by our hospital management. Right now she getting short of blood and we afraid she might loose her life if immidiate action is not taking.

I will have to stop from here , so the decision is yours , now that you claimed not to be familiar with the concern patient Ms Rhonda , But to be candid and for your information , our hospital management have alright reserve to refer the medical case of Ms Rhonda after 48 working hours , so therefore , if we did not hear from you or either any family of Ms Rhonda within the next 48hrs , her medical case will be transfered away from our Hospital with immidiate effect.

We hope you will come to the aid of rescuing the life of Ms Rhonda even as far as still be in the position to help her , Or otherwise , we do solicit your kindness heart to pls contact any of Ms Rhonda's family or relatives to come to her aid with the next 48hrs.

Thank you.

Dr Joe.

Letter 11
Dear Sir, I am still very disapointed by your response , What do you mean by a proper phone number ?? I Dr Joe is the Medical Director incharge of Rhonda's medical case so all medical enquiry and decision should be refered and confirmed by me. Like I already told you that we are operating overhere as one of the local branch center of the Hospital and there are still over 1,000 local branch of the hospital around here in London . So all enquiry and information on the website is meant only for the annex/headquarter of BART AND THE LONDON HOSPITAL and basically she is an Immigrant overhere and she do not have any documents on her to keep any record with our headquarter, we only found her with a western union information which was sent to her on your name . If we had found her immigrant / traveling documents such as her passport on her , then it would have been legitmate for us to pass her medical record to the headquarter in which you could have gotten access to all this enquiry. I am still waiting for an email regarding her medical bill so that we can proceed with the Medical Treatments and X-ray, Ms Rhonda is losing blood but getting reduced now due to some medical application that was applied as a first aid to her . So it is dangerous for us to keep Ms Rhonda in our custody if we did not hear from her family or you, just like i told you in my previous email, the Hospital Management has All right reserved to refer her to the Neccessary Authorities. I must confess at this point that i am so puzzled by your reaction with a patient who is at the point of loosing her life and was descovered that you were the one that sent her some money she went to pick up when the accident happened. If you mr James had not known Rhonda then how would you care to send her some money for her welfare . Well, if it is still a case of you helping her , i beleive its ok and i hope she needs you most at this time of her life because right now we have not yet hear or receive any other contacts from Rhonda's family or friends except you and the so call man that claims he his the hotel manager where Rhonda is lodging and the hotel manager made us to understand that you are the only one he knows in relationship with Rhonda and right now we couldnt locate the manager at the hotel as we are told that he his out of town by the hotel management. Right now , Rhonda is admitted and stranded without no attention from either the hotel manager or by you Mr James. Well , i will stop right here and i hope you will have a second thought about this because there is know time to be wasted again. If non-response is received from any angle concerning her medical bill between now and tomorrow then our medical management would have to take the necessary medical step to get her transfered to the concerned authority. I am sorry to inform you that i will not be interested to answer any further interogation from you . Better you are advise to take a trip down to London by today or tomorrow so as to witness thing yourself becuse i will not reply to your message again if you still seems not sure of our service to Ms Rhonda. I await your response back . Dr Joe
Letter 12
Dear Sir,

We appreciate your understanding and acknowledgment to this matter, meanwhile, we are obliged to pickup the money at any WESTERN UNION OFFICE of your choice overhere in London.
But our paramount Stated below is the information needed by our finance management to pick up the money

Name: Broockley Tessy
Address: Whitechapel London E1 1BB.
city: london
Country : England
MTCN : ?
Amount Sent ???

However , for your information , without the stated western union information above been confirmed by our management , we are sorry to inform you that your payment would not be approved for pick up without stating the MTCN and the Amount Sent.

And by the way , i will like you to explain further on what you mean by MORE NUMBERS!!? We only require one MTCN for the amount of 450pounds which transfer have to made by western union money transfer unfailing today or tomorrow so as to avoid further complications.

Mr James , kindly beware that i am not trying to push you as regard this case as you have your mind to make up in this issue.

Henceforth , if you are sure of sending the money , kindly make sure you do the transfer prior the closing time to be picked up ( on or before 5pm London Time).

Thank you and Good Luck .
Dr Joe.
Letter 13
Hello james
How are you doing? i was so surprise to hear you say that to me even on the phone, well i would believe you re leaving me for me, really i dont know whats wrong with my yahoo email, i couldnt login too so i had to signup for a new one, because i wanna talk to you, and write you something from my mind.
James i want you to know in times like this i need you most and i want you to be with me,i havent been able to check my email ever since the accident happen. i cant write much , but i just want to know your mind and if you still want me,the hospital as well told me if they didnt hear from no one, i will refered to the neccessary authorities,i need your help and i hope you will find a way out, its not that i am been pushy on you, but the fact is that i need you most in my life now, i would rather prefer you come here yourself to see things for yourself.
I still love you ,deep in my heart.
James they re somethings i need to know about, do you still want to meet me ? because i will be taken out of here tonight to another place,i dont know how its going to look like, but i need you now baby
you mean so much to me
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