Scam letter(s) from Elmira Israilova to James (USA)

Letter 1
Greetings James!!! I was very happy to receive the letter from you. You Seem to me very interesting person, I would like to know you better And to continue the correspondence to you. I think, it in my the first The letter I should tell to you more about me directly. My name is Elmira Israilova, To me of 29 years, I attractive youth, the cheerful woman with a beautiful figure. I Alive in Russian city Ioskar-Ola, in coast beautiful River Kokshaga, it Is in 850km from Moscow, it is a small country town. I work as The manager in computer firm, I love my work. I live, because I have lost parents several years ago, they have been lost in automobile refusal. I - at a leisure, borrowed on sports meets, meet in the certain aerobics, I go To campaigns, sometimes at theatre or I - simple Walk, like To listen To music and to read through books. I love all which does my life Interesting. I search for a kind, love, reliable for the person. It There should be a clever, interesting interlocutor, with Love to To children. Age, color of hair, a figure not so it is important For me, the most important - its character And the good relation to I. James, I hope, that it has given you small representation about me and It interested you. James, I would like to receive very much Particularies on you, on your life, describe in more detail Employment and the purposes in a life... All this will inform, it you for the person. I send you a picture, I hope to you, it is pleasant. Well, I finish my letter, and I shall expect your answer! Have the big day! Also answer the letter soon!!! Expectation of your answer, Yours faithfully, Elmira!
Letter 2
Many thanks for your good letter, I was very happy to receive it. Your letter has decorated my day my day, and I feel well very much. James , you allow me to inform you, that the good person with interesting experience of a life.
I think, that I can tell to you too much from interesting. I would like, also you knew it about me more, I wish to open before you, I shall try to tell to you in detail:
I support a figure in a high level, and me to like to be borrowed on sports meets, meets. At a leisure I go to a hall of aerobics 3 times in one Week, and in free days 2 times in a swimming pool. I receive from it pleasure and loading of forces and revival. To free days try to lead the active image, and I have some rest: I watch TV, or I read the book sometimes Listen to music. I such, the same as all: I love a life, I love walks on fresh air, I like to receive and love to Give gifts, like to go with friends to go to cinema and on dances, in museums and at exhibitions, to like to study Which, in what, like to work, I do not love lie and a deceit, violence and laziness. I kind and gentle, sensitive And cautious, understanding and sympathizing. I love fair, and I open people, tactful and made. I do not love those Who plays double game. I live in an apartment with rooms one, sometimes to me there there there arrives my sister. I watch TV, but In very rare last time, I am tired, and I have no forces and time with this purpose. I like to look historical film or old The Russian film - is more. I love everything, that does my interesting life.
Now I wish to find second half what to create strong family, I - very lonely, I wish to meet very good person, that the special person to whom I could present all my love!!!
And now it is interesting to study to me you better. Similarly to to I have told to you, are expanded about me directly It could, I to hope, you soon will write, I shall wait. Write, that to you did not love, or opposite to it was Pleasant, I simply spoke you, that it, I think also, that I feel it. I once again wish to repeat, you are very interesting to me, also I study with the great pleasure you Better and I very much would like, which our attitudes developed in good management.
James, you can tell to me to all about you directly, it is very interesting to me, to speak about plans, that you think From me and about the future?
Well, I finish my letter now. Have the big day! I expect your answer now.
With the best regards, Elmira!!!
Letter 3
Greetings James!!! Thank you very much for your letter. It was very pleasant to receive for me it. Thanks what to speak me it is more about you. It was very interesting to read. I would like to know you much better in sew the future correspondence. James I do not understand why my picture dissappeared from, I shall necessarily contact these a site and I shall understand with it. Now I would like to tell to you more about me. I am very joyful person, and I like to try something new, thus I have various interests. I like to listen to music, various kinds, from classical up to popular and a rock music. It depends on my mood. If I would like to relax, I listen Mozart, Chaikovskii, Bethoven. By “ the Lunar sonata ” Bethoven - my favorite.
You ever heard about it, James? I like to dance much, it is one of my favourite things to make. I have made dance within a year which was greater. Now I do aerobics. In general, I can tell, that I like to be in the form of, I go to gymnastics, to hold my figure thin. You love sports meets, James? I also like to hold my house convenient, it is important for me. Other important thing in my life - the communications. I like to make friends, to learn new people, to speak with them, I like to spend time with my friends. We like to be outside, to spend time by the nature. I love the nature and it is a lot of animals. It calms me and to force me to think of the most important things in a life. You know, James, I would like to find serious, fair, caring and the decent person, I could divide my life and to create the strong family, based on kindness, love, understanding and tendernesses. But in my opinion, the most important thing for me - love, I think, that two persons cannot create family without that big feeling. I want, that my future husband loved me and cared of me. And I shall make the same for it back. I have greater love and tenderness in my heart, but there is no person about me, I can give it. I would like to find that the special person and to be happy it together. How each normal woman I would like to love and favourite. Well, I finish my letter now, and I with impatience shall wait for your following letter very impatiently! Successful day!!! Do not forget to smile :) Your friend Elmira!!!!!!
Letter 4

Greetings James!!! What's up? How - all? I hope, that you do fine there, well here. Everything is all right, except for the fact, that I grieve without you and your letters very much :), you know, James, I think much of you and when I write the letter to you, it seems to me, that I speak, you as you - about me, not while, and it forces me to feel well. James I never were to Florida, I am assured, that it is very beautiful city, there can be I shall visit this city. I never heard ***, but I think, that it is very good music.
rob, I would like to tell to you more about me and my life now. I always was interested in foreign languages. I have studied English language as to me there were 7 years. I had the remarkable teacher, it knew how to make its students the interested subjects, we were in the habit to play various games which was the big entertainment. I can tell, that I was the best student in a class :), I very much loved English language, and I have solved researches on norms of deep studying of English language. It seems to me, that now my English language is good enough:), What you think? How to you my English language? It - how I know English language by the way :) I think, that it - needs today to be spoken about me, I would like to know more about you, your internal part. You know, James, I have a question for you. What fine attitudes for you? As to me I would like to find, that the special person, the person who is going to understand me in everything, the one who is not going to deceive me or to not injure me never. I think, that trust - very important thing in attitudes. I think, that if two persons do not trust each other, nothing is possible only for one simple reason, they will not open their heart to each other, their attitudes on 100 % will not be happy. I do not know, whether the rights I, but it is my opinion. I think, that fine attitudes - when two persons trust each other completely and do not operate the friend the friend, you know, how it happens sometimes when one partners always wish to check up that another does. I would like to have attitudes when both have full freedom to make something, that they want, but both of them only wish to be the friend about the friend, they do not want anything more, they do not require someone. I think, that it will name love. When two persons - together all time and if they are separated within an hour, it seems to them as, they did not see each other the whole eternity. You know what I mean, James?
I hope, that you do. :) Well, I finish my letter, and I with impatience shall look forward to hearing from you! Successful day!
Also answer the letter soon!!! Impatient expectation of your answer,
Yours faithfully, Elmira!!!!
Letter 5
Hello James!!!
Many thanks for your sweet letter, James, I was very happy to receive it. It has forced me to feel very good, and you know, I receive this feeling, each time I open my mail box and I find the letter from you. So big to know, that there is a person in this world who thinks of you and to worry about you, with what you can speak about something.
It is really pleasant to me to correspond with you and to learn a lot of interesting.
James I already told to you where I live, I once again repeat - I alive in Russian city Ioskar-Ola, in coast beautiful River Kokshaga, it Is in 850km from Moscow, it is a small country town. I work as The manager in computer firm, I love my work.
James, I see, that I can speak with you easily, you the one who forces me to wish to know All of you more is interesting to me. I would like to know your soul, I would like to know all about you. I see, that you do not play with me or comic around, same from our ideas same, our values - are very close, and we search for the same things. I see, that I can establish emotional communication with you, I can speak with you on any theme, it is very easy for me, such feeling, that I know you during long time.
I seriously concern to that we write to each other and it is interesting to me very much.
. Every day you surprise me with the letters I. I still never heard anything similarly to.
I feel, that from you there are fine warm feelings,
To me it is pleasant very much.
WELL, James, I finish my letter now, and I hope, that you have the big day!
I think of you, and I am really happy, that we have met! This idea forces me to smile:)
The hope to receive news from you is fast!
With embraces,
Sincerely, Elmira!!!
Letter 6
Hi my dear James!!!
Forgive me that I yesterday have not written the letter to you, I very badly felt myself, I have been a little chilled, I had a heat, today to me I letter am better also could write to you, I have got used. As there was you weekend, than you were engaged, because of illness I weigh Weekend has lead houses.
Many thanks for your letter. It decorates my day! I hope, that you have the same feeling when you receive mine. And certainly, I enjoy our correspondence, and I am serious. Thanks, being fair with me and from my party, I can speak, that I shall be fair with you also. I think, that we should try to inform each other so much, how many we can.
You know, James, I should inform you something. I never thought before, that who is possible to find very good The friend, - that special by means of the Internet. But now I can speak, that it happens with me, I have met You, and it seems to me, is similar, I know you during long time even, that we have exchanged only a few letters.
Now I think, that there is a person in the world who understands me, mine a position of a life whose dreams and Intentions - are close to mine. You should know, that you are dear to my heart, I am always ready to listen, Understand and try to help you if you demand it.
You can ask me any questions which you want. I think, that it is very important for attitudes if both from partners want that attitudes grew. I wish to find out you better, your position of a life. What do you think of me as about the woman? It is interesting to me very much.
I would like to know you better from an internal part, rob because you seem very interesting to me so I have a question on you: you estimate What qualities in people most? In my opinion, honesty, fidelity, kindness, sincere and understanding it is very important in people. I think, that in you there are many positive qualities rob, please, informs me more on you. What your purposes and dreams?
What do you search? And what - your intentions? It will be very interesting to me, that the nobility. If it - not difficultly, please, answer these questions on me. Also do not hesitate to ask me something, I shall answer you with the great pleasure.
Well, I finish my letter now, and I wish, that you had the big day!!!
Remember, that there is a girl in this world who thinks of you and smiles for you:)
I shall expect your letter!!!!
Sincerely, Elmira!!!!
Letter 7
GREETINGS my dear James!!! I'm fine, how you???? I am very glad to receive your letter, your letters always bring to me good mood. You know, honey when I look outside of my window now when I write to you this letter, I feel, how much I grieve without you, and I require you, James. You know, you have, has taken very big place in my life and in my soul, I think of All of you time regardless of the fact that I do and where I. You are always on my opinion. I even see you in my dreams :) Before I have met you, James, I never thought, that such big feeling of care and tenderness could appear in my soul and heart but when I have started to speak with you, I felt from the very beginning, that there is something special in our correspondence, something, that has forced me to write to you letters every day. And the sight now which I cannot be without it ;), It is that you have made to me, James!!! :) I do not know what to tell to you, a candy because all I can think, - YOU, James, and our meeting. I am valid with impatience I wait for it, and I am assured, that my eyes will tell to you more than words. I cannot find, that correct speak you as I feel and that you mean for me. Well, I finish my letter now, and I with impatience shall look forward to hearing from you, my dear!!! With all my offer embraces also kisses,
Yours Elmira!!
Letter 8
Hi my sunshine :)
Many thanks for your sweet letter, James, I was very happy to receive it.
It has forced me to feel very good, and you know, I am always happy to open the mail box and to find the letter from you.
James in my city now very bad weather, in the street coldly and it is raining, now at us the spring, but temperature of air is no more +10 degrees. Rob I never went to other country, I was in other cities of Russia, on in other country I never was.
James, I see in you the person on whom it is possible to rely, you very good interlocutor, I think, that you very good friend. I see, that you do not play with me, I am assured, that at us the same purposes of a life, I am happy that we have met.
I like to read your letters very much, you always answer all my questions in details, I feel your interest and the warm attitude to me. And I also feel, that you have a plenty of qualities, I would like to see in my future assistant to soul. I want, that it was decent and direct first of all, and I think, that you - this way. I love it, you straight lines and are fair with me, James. I think, that it is very good quailities your character, you care, you always care that you write to me, you try to not offend me. I am very happy, it is very pleasant for me, I feel, that you open your soul to me, and I do the same thing for you. It is the big feeling. I am very raised about it, but I also am afraid a little. I have never tested something similarly to it.
I finish my letter, and I shall expect your following letter, James. Do not forget, that I think of you, and I hope, that all only will be fine between us in the future!
Expectation of your answer!!!
With the best regards and warm embraces,
Letter 9
Greetings my dear James!!! Many thanks for your letter, I was very glad to receive it. I grieve without you very much, and I was very happy to read through your kind and gentle words. Your letters mean much for me, I cannot live my normal life without it now. You know, that, but I wished to tell to you this more than time. James Forgive me that I have not written to you yesterday, but yesterday in Russia there was very big holiday - DAY of the VICTORY OVER FASCISTS!!!!! Here 62 years, to Russia, on May, 9th very big holiday, it not the working day, all people have a rest, in all cities of Russia passes celebratory parade, and in the evening always there is a celebratory Salute. Because of this holiday of internet-cafe did not work, but today again the working day and I with pleasure can write to you my fine letter!!!!!! At me today the bad mood, but Is only one thing which will be valid to do me happy-it your letters. I think, that you know, what it. :) It - you about me here, my dear James :) :) :), I cannot wait till the moment when I shall read through your next letter. Today I shall possibly go to films with my friends or something. If you were here we could find, that something has made, but as you not with me, I shall go with my friends. I think, that we shall spend good time together. You know, James, I like to be in the good company of people which I love :) You know, I think of All of you time, has no value, that I do{make}. You are always on my opinion, I care of you much, James! Now I write to you the letter, I think of you much and I understand, how much I grieve without you, my light. I am so happy, that you are in my life now. You and your words in your letters do me by the happiest girl in the whole world! Thanks for it, James. Well, I finish my letter now, and I with impatience shall look forward to hearing from you!!!! I wish you to successful day!!!! Do not forget to smile for me :) With ideas on you,
Yours Elmira!
Letter 10
GREETINGS my light :)!!! What's up? What is new with you? I do fine here, thinking of you it is a lot of. I was very glad to receive the letter from you. You know, James, that your letters always bring to me pleasure! James as there was your day? What did you do? Today I have left on walk with my girlfriends. We went in park, and you know, that I always had an idea, how much good could be, if we (you and I) went together. How you think, James, unless it would not be good? :) Thus I have decided to arrive the Internet-cafe and to write to you the letter at once, now I have a little more a free time, thus I can write to you almost every day or each two days! It forces me to feel better because I used for your letters, and I grieve without you if I do not receive news from you, you know, James? You know, James, I have told to you before, that I wished to find my true love, my soul mate, I think, that I have found it. I very seriously concern to you, there is only one left thing. Our meeting. It is very important, in my opinion. Also it is the best way to study much more about each other. I dream of it, about time, we can see each other for the first time, study each eye of others …, It - only my dreams while, but I want, that all this was carried out. You, James? Well, I finish my letter now, and I shall search for your following letter very impatiently!!! I grieve without you! :) Have the big day and answer the letter soon! Elmira!!
Letter 11
Greetings James, I have not understood you, you accuse me in scam????? For what you have shown me these photos???? You look better, really you are assured, that on a photo I am represented, I do not know these girls, I in general know nothing about scam, you compare these photos to mine, between these a photo and mine of anything the general, you very strongly have upset me, as you could think, that I deceive you, you very much, very strongly have upset me, you offend me by these words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I for the first time correspond to the person through the Internet, For me this all is not known. James you, accuse me, that I Deceive you, I wish to tell to you, that I not such, I cannot play Feelings of people, it is very serious, I the usual Russian woman, I Easier to find desire happiness, I simply wish to be happy, I Very unsuccessful, I had very complex life, I have passed many Complex situations in a life, I the same has been many times deceived Men, therefore I shall never meet the Russian men more.
Sincerely Elmira.
Letter 12
Hi James, I wait your letter, I very much hope, that you have understood, that I do not deceive you, I am very fair with you, I have really been very offended by that you have accused me of lie, but now I understand, that in internet it is a lot of deceits and consequently I forgive you, I am not angry with you, I wait your letter, I ask you write to me as soon as possible!!!!!!!!!
With the best regards yours Elmira!!!!
Letter 13
Greetings James, you have offended me, you very strongly have upset me, still never, anybody, so did not offend me, I do not wish to communicate with you more.
I ask you do not write to me!!!!!!!!
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