Letter(s) from Sara Mensah to Jim (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my sweet love.
wow what a mail honey,i have read this mail over and over again i just cant stop reading it honey,it sound soo loving,caring and understandin my love,and i am really happy and greatful i meet you and you are now in my life honey,you dont know how much happy i am to know that i am going to be with the sweetest man in this world my love,you are always in my mind,i just cant stop thinking about you and think about anything honey,i am always having a smile on my face just thinking about you honey.
honey i know this is the love of God honey,and i am hoping that you know that the love of God is and ever lasting love,it never dies honey,if you fine the love of God in the one you are looking for than honey you sould know that,that love is going to last for ever honey,that is the loev i have for you my love,love of God honey.
lot of hugs and kisses to you honey.



Letter 2

oh my sweet love.
i am sorry you get too tired this days ok honey,well you dont have to get up too early to talk with me online my love,you can always call me or send me a text my love,i dont want you to be sick befor i get there my love,i need you as strong as you are befor i get there ok honey.
honey i love you soo much there is nothing that can change my mind about us my love,my love for you is an email lasting love honey,it is the lov of God that i have for you my love and the love of God is an ever lasting love baby,so dont worry my love,our love is already stronge and nothing or no one can take that away from us honey,God will never let that happen honey.
love you honey.
take care.

love Sara.

Letter 3

oh honey.
there is something i forgot to tell you and let you know my love,i am sorry honey,my light,water phone line internet line have been cut off my love,as at now i dont have light in the house nothing no water oh honey,i dont know what to do my love,it is just becos i am owning the some money my love.all the bills are $850 USD but if i can have $500 it can take care of them for the min time honey,i dont know what to do my love,but honey i dont want you to feel bad about this ok if you cant help dont worry ok and dont feel bad becso you cant help i will understand you my love.
take care honey and you can call me anytime ok i can use the libarey some times ok my love,becos i am just mailing you from a libary now my love.
love you.


Letter 4

Hello Mr Jim.

well we are happy you right to us and want us to help Sara come to you n the UAS,you are the right guy to work for you and her to get all the doucment she need to travel to you,here are the document and the prices, she will need to travel to you.and we can get all this documents within 7 working day.

1.Ghanaian paspport.......$100 USD
2.birth cet.....................$200 USD
3.medical treatment.......$250 USD
4.travel insurance..........$300 USD
5.Ghanaian ID Card........$150 USD
6.Air ticket....................$2,695.47
7.total cost...................$3,695.47
well that is the total cost for you,and if there is anything you dont understand you can call us of email us as soon as you can ok,and here is the airline i chick for her,i chick with BA that is British Airways.
06:40 pm 11 Jun from Accra to Heathrow (London) live London at 15:15 am to Atlanta international Airport and will get there at 12:55 pm and it is one way fligh

thank you and we are hoping to hear from you soon.
the MD Mr Travis.