Letter(s) from Valentina to Wayne (USA)

Letter 1

Hello,my name is Valentina.
Before writing about myself I decided to look up at what other women write about themselves.
I was truly amazed how everyone is trying to describe themselves in the best way.
And what if you write and realize I am not as perfect as you thought I was?
I know I am attractive for men but it doesn't mean that I am the best looking in the world.
I am smart but probably not Einstein.
I am kind but I would never let anyone hurt me.
I am confident woman and I know I am worth of nice man.
Not perfect, just nice.
I like to spend free time with my close friends.
I like to get to know about the culture and traditions of other people.
Tell me about of your country?
I enjoy dancing.
I love pets.
I like nature, outdoors, hiking.
I like music, cinema, museum.
I am active person, but also value nice family evenings..
I want to meet a man who enjoys life no matter what life bring, who always has fun but at the same time who can be serious.
A persons beauty is measured from the inside as well as their outer beauty.
I want to meet a man who wants to build a family and make it happy and solid.
Please write me about of your life,your dream?
You like me , but i want to know you and maybe in the future we have a strong and happy family?
Do you agree with me?
And if you have any questions ,please write me and i tell you anything of my life,about of myself,my dream...

Friend or more...?

Letter 2

Hi my new friend !!!!

It is pleasantly that you wrote me a letter and it is desirable to me to know about you more. Sure that our correspondence will be interesting and intriguing...To me it will be very pleasant, if you will send me photos in each your letter,it very much will facilitate our acquaintance.
I do not know what to write to you in my first letter because I never wrote letters and did not get acquainted on the Internet before. But I think, will be correct if I shall start to speak about me from the very beginning because I was the first who has written the first letter.
I live in Ukraine, I was born and live in not big town Lutugino. Do you hear about this town? It is not a big city where live good and sympathetic persons.
In our town everybody knows each other very well. Tell me about your country! Your city!I wish to tell to you, that I the optimist at heart and it - often help me with my life.
Anyway, I hope, that you just as I, we have interest in our dialogue, and I shall wait your answer.
As to my job, I finished the College, So I am a hairdresser. I like my job very much. I behave to it as a creation try to find to every client an approach and special way to every person. I make different hair-cutting and appearances.
As to my character I am a romantic and sensitive girl with thin verges of the soul. I listen romantic and tender music, and rest poems...
"We are each of us angels with only one wing. And we can only fly embracing each other....."
What kind of music do you like? Do you like romantic?
I love life!!!!!!!!!!!!And I want to be happy with my future husband!!! I am looking for serious relationship and honest man. I want to me my knight and make him happy. What do you wait from relationships? And what do you want from your future wife? And married life? Do you want children and if you have children tell me about them, it is very interesting for me, be honest with me please, do not hurt me, I hope you are serious man or if you want be just friends, tell me I must know!!!
Dear maybe I asked many questions I want know about your life and your interesting, is it ok?
You ask me too what do you want and I will try to answer to you with big desire!!
So, I am waiting for your answer and I hope we will be together and happy!!!!!!!!!!

Letter 3

Hi Dear!!!

I am so glad to receive your letter!! Your warm and tender words make me happy!How you? How did your spend your day? I'm all right.
I want to tell you about my first day of life..))
I hope that it will be interesting to you. I was born in May, 28 , 1981 in 5 o'clock in the evening. It was in a maternity hospital of city Lutugino. On the street it was still cold, but it was sunny also. My mother told me about that day of my birthday!! It was the most impotent day in my parents life because I was the first child. There was a lot of pleasure in day of my birth. When I was born that was very happy for my parents and grandparents too!!!
Till a kindergarten,my mother could not be with me for a long time because it was difficult time in our country and it had to work much and while I have not gone to a kindergarten, I was with my grandmother. Then I went to the school. In school I was introduced with my best girlfriend Olga.
I studied well teachers liked my very much! In the school, it certainly the first love, the first experience in kisses was remembered. It cannot be forgotten never. It was not so long ago.
After I left school and before me there was a choice what to do further, to go in university or to go to work. I have made a choice and have gone to College.
It were the finest years in my life. I finished College And tried to find the job.
After 4 month I searched for work. I certainly happen to pay hardly for it cause at me not the big wages... it suffices me, but all the same sometime to have to borrow. I still live on my rent flat and I work. To you I have told about all my life as I was born as I grew also what now. I very much would like that you to me also have told,where you were born? It is very interesting to me. I want to know about you all. Do you alike your mother or father?
I must to say you that I am happy that I met you in Internet, I do not want to think how many people speak in Internet, but I am glad that exactly we introduced and I hope will be good couple together! Thank you for your letters and care, I feel you think about me always!
Dear I am waiting for your answer!!!
Hot kiss for you Honey!!!

Letter 4

Hello, my Dear!!!!

How are you? What is your mood? Thank you for your letter, I was waiting for your answer with impatience!!!!
I am in good moon health and smile!!!
I hope you are well and that the sun is shining upon you.
How do you spend your day?
After work, I meet with my friends and we went to the cinema. Saw interesting film, and what about you? Do you like to go to the cinema?? If, you like, why?
Write me about you favorite writer, please.
I like very much Shakespeare

Why write I still all one, ever the same
And keep invention in a noted weed,
That every world doth almost tell my name,
Showing their birth and where they did proceed?
O, know, sweet love, I always write of you,
And you and Love are still my argument....

I like spring! When after a long winter we yearn for warm sunshine , first flowers and cherry blossoms. Spring gives place to summer with its fruit, long sunny days, a gentle breeze blowing from the sea in our faces...Oh, these dreams so pleasantly for me when it is snowing on the streets. Ok. And what season do you like? Write me please about your last summer vacation. It is interesting for me, my Dear!
I am waiting for your answer!
You write me very romantic letter, so you are the man that I always want!!!!! I like you very much!!!!
I often dream about you!!!! I do not what happened with me.....Maybe you can answer!!!!!!!!!!
Write me, I am waiting for your letters!!! Send me please more photos!!!

Many kisses for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your Valentina!!!!))))

Letter 5

Hello my Honey Wayne!!!!!!!!

How are you? How did you sleep tonight? I am all right!!!! But one thing do not give me retire and tranquillity.
It is thoughts about you, my Dear!!!!
How did you spend your day? I and me friend Olga came to the theatre.
The tickets were so cost, but we so like theatre, that could not stay at home. It was Chekhov play.
Theatrical parties said us about unhappy love of the main heroes, about their broken hearts...
It was rather a wonderful play or actors! We are satisfied!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do you like Theatre? Also, I like cinema, but theatre .. it is something unaccountable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is seems that I stay one of a heroes of play and all things that happen with them occur with myself.
Do you understand?
What plays are popularity in your country?
What is the weather today in your city?
We have cold weather yet. And I still hope, that you can warm me and my soul by your hot heart and by your sweet dreams...dreams about the girl, who all time thinks and remembers about you, my Dear, and this girl is I am !!!!!!
I hope, in one day we will see each other and We will happy say straight to ours faces : " I love You! And I want be with you all my life!"

I kiss You Sweet,

Letter 6

Hello Sweet! How are you?
I want to tell you more about my inside world..

I do not like people with big mouths that love themselves to talk a lot but not saying actually something or keep on talking without taking any actual action
- I do not like people that drink too much and become very irritating to others
- I do not like people that smoke a lot, especially in small surroundings for example in a car!!!
- I do not like people that are jealous on somebody else for example in a relationship. I think a little bit of jealously is okay in a relationship as that shows that you really love each other, but you must trust each other totally.
- I do not like people that think that they are more important than other persons
- I like to have dinner in a fine restaurant and drink something afterwards in a caffe with my love
- I like sitting on the coach with my love and watch TV
- I like going to the cinema’s and theatre to watch (romantic) comedies
- I like traveling and see a lot of the world
- I like walking / cycling in the nature and smell it
- I like being romantic and share our feelings and emotions
- I like visiting my friends
- I like doing sport, especially cycling, spinning and fitness
- I like going to me bed on a rainy Sunday afternoon
- I like going to the beach for a long walk
- I like going to the forest for a long walk
- There are many other things I like to share and do with you.

I think I told you know really a lot about me, I hope you will do the same.
I really want this relationship via e-mail turn into an actual relationship and we can meet each other in real life very soon. What is your opinion, your idea? How do you see our future?

Awaiting for your sweetest reply and I hope to receive another letter from you very soon.