Romance scam letter(s) from Diana Osmanova to Alan (UK)
Letter 1
Good day Alan! I'm very pleased to receive your letter. Thank you very much for it and thank you for your attention. It was interesting to read it. Even now, when the step is already made it seems to me surprising that people can communicate despite the great distance between them. To be honest I have a little bit skeptical attitude to such a form of meeting someone. But I know that some people have found their happiness this way and there is no impossible in this world. Every person deserves happiness and love, but no one can say it for sure where his/her other half lives… Unfortunately so far I haven't met that person, who would be my beloved one. Perhaps I just have been unlucky about it. I really want and I hope to meet the man, who could share with me all the joy of life, with whom I could face not only sunrises, but less lucky days as well… After I read some your lines, at once I had desire to know you better, to share with you my thoughts, views. I've got a feeling that you could understand me. You can call it woman's intuition. It's quite difficult to tell about myself, since it's hard to express the objective opinion. But if to tell in some words about me. As you know, my name is Viola. It is short name for Violetta. My friends usually call me Viola. I'm 23. I do not have children and I have never been married. My height is 155 cm, (5'2") and weight is 45 kg (99 lbs) kg. I work as an assistant in one of the big shops that sells domestic electric appliances. I also take design courses currently and think in future to find a job connected with interior design instead of working here in the shop. I'm hopeless romantic and optimist. I hate rudeness, hypocrisy, and pessimism. I think life is wonderful. Of course sometimes there are dark days in life of every person, saddened by some sorrow, hopelessness, but exactly in such moments you feel it especially keenly, how much beautiful and sunny were the days before it, you know, without comparison, contrast it's impossible to understand what happiness is. Now almost all my dreams are about meeting that special and beloved person, my other half. Maybe it sounds egoistic, but I so want to be loved and to love… I am enclosing two other photos of myself with this letter and hope you will like them. :-)
I would be thankful to you of you send me a photo of yourself in return too. I will close my first letter for now, in hope to receive yours. Feel free to ask me any questions, and I promise to answer them honestly. Sincerely,
Letter 2
Good day dear Alan! It was very nice for me to receive your letter, because it seems to me that with you it brought me a part of your soul, kindness. Even though we are making just first steps towards each other, but I would like our relations to be built upon respect and mutual trust. It is already late evening here now… All things are done… I would like to tell you more about me, my family and background. I love my parents dearly, they are the kind and sweet people. The father and the mother have been living for 25 years already. And they have been able to retain respect for each other, mutual understanding, faithfulness, and tenderness through their life together. How I wish I would have the same wonderful family relationship in my life.
My father's name is Nikolai Alexandrovich and my mother's name is Tamara Makarovna.
I also have an older brother. His name is Sergei.
My full name is Viola Orlovskaya. I was born on February 18th. I used to live with my parents but a few months ago I decided to move to another apartment and live separately. I rent an apartment with one of my female friends and it helps me to pay the rent. My parents raised us in strictness. They have been trying to bring us up to be honest, kind and good people. And I have been always told that a lot of things in a family relationship depend on a woman, and first of all that special micro-climate of coziness, warmth and mutual understanding. I love to read books, listen to music. I try to keep myself in a good physical shape.
In the morning, when I make breakfast, I turn in a tape-recorder, and listen to some rhythmical music. Also I enjoy good movies, especially historical ones, melodramas (I'm sentimental, and I'm always concerned about main characters), comedies with a psychological subjects, about relationships between people, or about some criminal case. But I hate violence in any its form, I prefer to settle all arguable questions in the way of peaceful, confidential conversation. I hate cruelty. I try to make a compromise where it's possible. I highly appreciate friendship and loyalty! I have some shortcomings, I'm very vulnerable, a little bit stubborn (if I think I'm right, I insist in my opinion). The reason I'm writing to you it all, first of all because I want to be absolutely honest with you. If we are not honest with each other, there is no sense in our correspondence. What do you think? I'm not looking for fun in the Internet. I applied to the agency in hope to meet a nice, kind, and decent person. I must confess, it has taken quite a long time to make this step… I had a skeptical attitude to this way of meeting someone, because in this way I don't see the eyes of a person I talk to, I don't see if he smiles or frowns as he reads my confessions. :-) Yes, and besides I understand that we are from different countries, from different cultures, we speak different languages. Unfortunately I don't speak English, but now I began to learn it my own. For the translations of our letters I use the service of translator in the agency. But I consider myself a goal-oriented person, and I will be sure to learn English. For now I will close my letter, since it looks very long… It's impossible to write everything in one letter. I want to tell you a lot of things, but let us continue our conversation a little bit later. I would like to enclose another photo of myself with this letter and hope you will like it too. :-) I look forward to hearing from you,
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