Scam letter(s) from Marina Balabaeva to Justin (Australia)

Letter 1
Hi Justin,
I am so pleased, that you have again written to me the letter. I have received your letter and I hasten to send you the answer. I write to you because I for a long time wanted to find the serious and clever person who understood me and concerned to me with kindness and tenderness. Me your photo which you very was pleasant to me have sent also I with the big interest studied you and not hiding from you and I want to notice myself that you very nice the man.
Justin, I write to you letters at once in English as earlier I taught English language and not bad I know, therefore now I can write to you letters without the translator. But there are words., which I do not know also I translate from the dictionary. Now I want to write to you as at me passes usual day and as it is a little about me. My day begins in 6:30 mornings and first of all I go in bathing. The ambassador, I as well as all women bring myself to the order, i.e. I do a make-up, in fact any woman needs to look beautifully. Then I have breakfast and at 7:30 I leave from a house and I go on a stop. I go for work on public transport, but sometimes at a stop there are many people, and I go for work on foot. In general I like to take a walk before my work, from a house 20 - 30 minutes of walking. My working day lasts from 8 o'clock till 19 o'clock and by the end of the working day I come tired and at once I go to accept bathing as after that I feel restoration of forces. Now in my mode of day visiting Internet - cafe was added to write to you letters to that I am very glad.
I the unique daughter and at me was not present neither sisters, nor the brother. I live separately from the parents as in the inheritance the apartment has got to me from the grandmother and I have moved there to begin an independent life and I I solve the vital problems. I very much love pets, and at me very small kitten, his name is Baklan recently has appeared, and we well are friends together. I very much love him, he tender and likes to sleep with me at night under a blanket. I have found Baklan, to be exact he has found me, he has simply melted at my door and mewed. From such plaintive miaow, I think, each person would shelter such small lovely kitten. And since then we live small amicable family.
I have many things to tell to you Justin, but for today I shall finish my letter as I want to inform you, that I like to laugh and smile, and your letters it that forces me it to do. I love a life, to be happy and healthy. Write to me about itself all that you will want, I with pleasure shall read your letters. I wish you remarkable day and I shall wait for your following letter. Your familiar from Russia, Marina. P.S. I have sent still more some my photos where I had a rest on a summer residence at the girlfriend in that summer. I flight near a wooden bear, and we have nicknamed it is Baloo.
Letter 2
Hi Justin,
How are you doing? At me today remarkable mood, it because I again have found your next letter today. I am glad, that again I write to you the letter. I with the big interest read your letters and I want to learn about you as much as possible and as I shall try to write to you about myself that you could study me as it is possible better. It seems to me if two persons in all are fair to each other and they have mutual understanding then they will have easy dialogue even if they from the different countries.
I did not speak you about the parents, therefore I want to tell in this letter a little about the parents. I very much love the parents, as they at me the best parents in the world. They live together and love each other 29 years. They are pensioners. Earlier my mum worked as the nurse at school in which I studied. And in breaks between lessons I frequently came to her. My father up to pension worked as the turner at a factory and even has been awarded with the letter " for quality ". My father for me - an ideal of the man as he all life cared of my mother and about me. My parents very good people, they have provided to me the joyful and happy childhood. Even now they help me, both in moral, and in the financial plan. I am very grateful to them for their support. I have some photos, where I with the parents and if I shall not overlook in the following letter I shall try to send them to you. They live as in Yaransk, but only in other end of city. Certainly we often go to each other on a visit.
I think, that to us still early to speak about a meeting, in fact we are still poorly familiar and practically we know nothing about each other. Will agree, that time is required to us to learnbetter and to be closer. In the further I wish to meet you, but it only after will pass time that we could is closer learn each other. I hope what to hurry up to us there is no place also you will understand me correctly
I was never married and consequently I have no children though I would like to have the child.It is interesting to me to know, why you Justin have decided to find to yourselves the woman through the Internet? Really you could not find to yourselves the good woman at yourselves? Probably it is interesting to you to know, why I have decided to get acquainted with the man on the Internet? Well, I with pleasure shall try to answer this question. One of the reasons why I search to myself for the man on the Internet is a present condition of Russia. Now in Russia there is very complex situation with search of the favourite person. Alcohol, smoking and a drug have made the Russian men not capable for the big and real love. All these factors for last years have affected Russian men and now it is difficult to find to itself the man for creation of attitudes and high-grade family. Therefore many women search for themselves for the special person in highly advanced country where the big attention is given to health of the nation. The men living in the countries where are well advanced moral human principles, in the majority decent people. I for a long time heard, and as as far as time saw programs on TV as many Russian women married foreigners and have found to myself loved on the Internet. Now they live with the husbands - foreigners and perfectly itself feel with them. For this reason I have decided to try to get acquainted through the Internet. Here just at me it to turn out, already time will show it.
Well all Justin, I finish on it the letter. Continue to write to me letters and if you have photo I with pleasure of them shall accept. I wish you to spend pleasantly, reading my letter. Good-bye. Marina.
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