Letter(s) from Natalia to Kim (Denmark)

Letter 1

Darling Kim,
forgive me for delaying the answer, please. I miss you greatly, and sometimes, it seems to me you're very near, and I could touch your hand... Have you made up your mind about the date of your coming? I want to see you, of course, and I'm waiting for the day we will... And - I want to thank to you, too, for that we've met one day, and that you're in my life since then! Hope, you will be, for a long time. Dear, I have kept silence, because didn't want to write to you in a bad mood, for not to upset you, too. I will just say you I'm waiting for your coming here, for us to be together within the day, to talk about everything, to look into each other's eyes.
Why I'm not very good - because, I'm available from work now, and several saloons and hotels I've asked for work at, said they had this place busy already. Also, I have to pay for my flat for the next 6 months, as I do usually - and I'm not able to do this now, as I haven't been given my wage for the last month, and now, I'm without it, at all, now, and if I'll give to the owner what I have - then, I'll have nothing left. It's all very sad, and I'm upset, and thinking over what I am to do further, and what I am to do if I'm asked to leave the flat. The worst is that it's all very unexpected and have come at once, and all together, that's why it's difficult to decide for me something now - I have to think about everything at once... Please, Kim, dearest, say to me the exact date of your coming, and where we are to meet, and if you can, before your coming and my leaving for Kiev , help me with any sum you could, for me to be able to be back to my home.