Scam letter(s) from Anastasia to Joshua (USA)

Letter 1
Joshua, I knew that you will write me! I felt it! It really brings me pleasure, that I have received the answer for my letter!
I want to tell at once, that I also have written to two more other men. However they have not written back yet. Probably later they will write me. I hope, that you are not against I wrote not only to you. I can't speak about it. You wrote me first and that's why I will concern your letter especially closely!
My first letter to you was short. I do not know if I can write you much. I do not know what tell you. Our dialogue on mutual questions and answers will be probable. Besides I want you to tell me about your life! Joshua, I want to know if you understand my purposes of our acquaintance? I want to explain you the purposes of my acquaintance.
I'm now 28 years it's a good age to create a family. I am searching for my soulmate. I want to marry to an American. I want to live in America and I want to have a happy family. In the USA I can give more to my family and children. For this reason I want to live and work in the USA. America is a beautiful country. I want to believe that your purposes are the same and you also want to be married to a human being. I hope, that you also search for love and happiness. I shall hope, that both of us want to live a worthy life in love and happiness. It was about my purposes and I probably should speak now about me. I shall write only the truth about me.
I do not think, that there is any sense to tell a lie. Are you agree with me? Both of us search for love. I want, that my love was strong, pure, true and up to the end of my life!
The Internet featureless and I shall hope only for your honesty and I shall trust you. I in general have got used to trust people. I do not trust the Internet however, but I heard many happy histories about other people. Those people spoke, that they found each other in distance of several thousand miles and fell in love. Now they are happy and live together.
My work allows me to use a computer and I found time to read about it.
I even idn't imagine how many people search for love in the Internet!!!! There are a lot of web sites which suggest to find people. I could write you independently from my computer. It coasted me approximately 30 dollars to be a member and to write to you. I wanted to open again today site of acquaintances but I was told that I should pay money again and I refused the service. I cannot send the letter any more and that's why I hope, that you will write me! Otherwise it will be necessary for me to pay 30 dollars again!
I want to tell you so many things! Please excuse me if I won't be able to tell you much today. We will have still time to speak! Before us still it is a lot of time to learn each other! Today I had a lot of work. We will soon have meeting and I should prepare the report. By the way! I told you nothing about my work.I work in the small building company. Our company builds small constructions in our city. I work as the senior manager of a commercial department. I am on this post for 1,5 years! My work gives me good money. I have worthy living. I work, I got tired at work. I receive fair money for the work. Joshua, tell me about your work. Are you pleased with your work? It is important to like the work.
Today I want to send you some pictures. Later I will send you more pictures. I have also a computer at home and there are more pictures. My home computer is not connected to the Internet and that's why I can send you my pictures only from work. I will take measures to send you more of my pictures. OK? And I want to see your pictures also!
Well, I will wait for your next letter. You probably already have many questions for me? Write soon! Have a nice Day! Anastasiya.
Letter 2
My Joshua, I am pleased to receive your letter. Even more I am glad, that you understand me.
I think, that between us there should be a trust and understanding. Now I am completely ready to go to Moscow. It is good, that you will be capable to help me with tickets. Now our meeting will take place really soon. I already called today in the station of trains and I ordered tickets up to Moscow. Tonight after work I shall go to my parents and then we shall go in the station of trains. I shall go to Moscow. I already took a vacation on work and tomorrow I shall not work any more. My parents will see off me to Moscow. I should collect also some things for Moscow.
I love you, and I know, that you very much wait for me!!! As soon as I shall arrive to Moscow I shall immediately find Internet - cafe and to inform you, that I have arrived to Moscow. I so am pleased, that all things approach. It means, it soon we shall together! I so want to arrive to you more soon and to connect our hearts! I promise, that I shall take all things correctly when I shall arrive to Moscow. We shall take together happy family and me to hasten to our happiness! Wait for me, my love!!! I shall hasten to our happiness. Our love to be only in our hands. I shall hold our love and to care!!! I should tell, that I now understand, that between us there is a trust. I sincerely understand, which you want, that I have arrived to you. I the strong woman and my love to you shall help me!!!! I on a correct way fortunately and I shall struggle for happiness with you!
It is very important for me to feel your support. I was solved on distant travel to meet you. I want that you wrote to me every day detailed letters. I want to feel you, that you want, that I arrived also you very much wait for me. I do not think, that I shall be for a long time in Moscow. Probably 5-6 days. I do not know precisely, but I every day shall write to you and to inform on all affairs. OK?
Well, I shall not write much today. I shall be going to go for Moscow.
We on a correct way.
My next letter will be already probable from Moscow. Write to me also. With love forever, yours Anastasiya.
Letter 3
Hello my loved Joshua,
How are you? I have so many news to you! I took already many things. I arrived to Moscow yesterday at night without problems! The way took around of 2 hours only. From station I took a taxi and went to the agency where I rented a room in the appartament. I was seen off by the daddy and mum.
I took with myself some things to Moscow, but I did not take many things. I think, that I can take all things here quickly and then I shall go home and to wait for a house while all things are not carried out.
Now you should read closely. I today went by 10.00 in embassy and I wrote the application on that to me allowed the visa of the tourist. Also I applied my pictures for this purpose. They asked also about a place of my work, on posts.
I took the certificate of the property on my apartment. They also have now data on my earnings. Lady who accepts documents has told, that now I the candidate on reception of the visa. By the experience she has told, that I have more chances to receive the visa.
She already to me allowed probability of 90 percent that I shall receive the visa. Lady has explained to me, that will transfer documents to experts on work with clients now. Also it will be necessary for me to speak with psychologists and to pass medical examination.
I got acquainted in more detail today with rules. It is very important, that I had tickets to the USA and back to Russia. I should have roundtrip ticket. This obligatory condition on reception of the visa. I have told, that I already about it know and also I have told, that for me will order tickets from the USA. Lady in embassy has told to me that I did not speak about it aloud. She has explained to me, that I receive the visa of the tourist and consequently I should take all things independently. At reception of the visa of the tourist I should not have any guarantors.
I should prove personally my serious intentions for visiting with a view of tourism. Also I should prove my material stability. The embassy to care of it. It is expedient. I go as the tourist and I should have a stable financial position to have an opportunity to live in the USA.
These are very complex rules and I should submit to this because I want to arrive to you. So, today I have written all applications and also I gave all data on me. Following my step, is purchase of tickets. You understand about it? You also should understand, that I should buy tickets for cash money from my name here in Russia.
I should bring tickets in embassy as soon as possible and also receipts that tickets were bought by me personally. You understand? I shall prove this my material stability and embassy will be confident, that I shall be capable to go back to Russia. I should speak nothing to them about you because I go as the tourist. Now I should as it is possible to buy tickets soon.
It is good, that you have money for tickets. You should send me of money for tickets to Russia and I shall buy tickets here.
I shall go now in the airport and to find out cost of tickets. You checked cost of tickets? If all will be under the plan approximately in 2-3 weeks I can arrive to you! You understand about it? On May ,10 it can be day of our meeting! This day I shall consider my tickets! My Joshua, I shall require from you the help.
Tomorrow I shall find out, how many money is necessary for me. I shall consider the tickets cheapest and convenient for me. OK? I do not want, that had the big charge. I shall inform to you tomorrow how many money to you it will be necessary to send me and also I shall allow to you then the information on tickets that you could meet me!
I am confident, that we shall take all things soon! We shall soon meet.
By the way, I thought of that as I can I shall receive your money here. I have no bank account and probably we should use the western union? I used it earlier and it is fast, convenient and reliable.I used it when I sent my money to my mum, it was when I sent my money from my travel to Prague. We should be confident safety of money and consequently it is a good way.
You asked me to write to you my address? OK!
Russia, Ulyanovsk area
City Ulyanovsk 170060
Well, I shall come back now. I want to eat already! I got tired today and I want to take rest. By the way weather here good today same as in my city! Here it is very beautiful also. I live here on 4 floor and many houses are visible to me!
Write to me soon! I love you! I do all things only for us and our happiness. Do not overlook about me. I need in you.
Yours forever love, Anastasiya.
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