Scam letter(s) from Maria Wasileva to Lee (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Lee! I waited for your letter, it seemed to me, that I waited eternity, but you have written, and I am happy! I spoke many times that your letters are not an empty place for me, probably you're tired to listen to it, but I can repeat it again and again... I have read your letter and havn't believed the eyes, I have re-read it once again. You want to meet!:-) I am very glad to this! It means that I am necessary for you, that you feel affection to me! Probably I exaggerate but I feel it to you... I never was outside Russia. And consequently, Lee, I would like to arrange to myself small travel and itself to arrive to you. I could see as you live also what country at you. It so is romantic! Do you think so ? :-) Zoya has advised to address to me in travel agency. I'll soon go in this agency and I lI find out as we can meet you and how much it'll cost for me. I wasn't in holiday about 2 years and I think that it's good time to do the first travel and to meet my prince! Lee, I cann't invite you to myself yet. I live with the family and for the present I know you not well enough. There were only our messages between us and I think that it's better to us to meet all over again in the other place. I hope you'll understand! I'm very glad that we'll meet you, and it's necessary me conversation with family about my future trip, I hope it'll pass smoothly and I'll tell to you about it. Your letter has forced me to feel, that I have wings. Last time I felt like so when it was employed. I shall remember this day for ever, this hard conversation with my boss. But nevertheless she isn't such severe as it seems at first sight. That day I have been very much excited, my mum prayed for me, and I have justified her hopes, I was employed. For me the period after the device for work is represented with a new life: new city, work, I a little that knew in this city, the truth and now I know each corner or the house. Sometimes, when I receive the salary, it seems to me, that at me small wings, but now I feel the big wings, as at an angel... How do you think, am I similar to an angel?:-) Thanks for the letter, Lee, I shall wait for your letters! Maria
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