Scam Letter(s) from Elena Tkachenko to Gerold (Germany)

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Letter 1

My stunning Ken,

Thank you very much for sending me your wonderful photo, my dear Honey! Your are brining so much tender and warm feelings to me...I read few words from your letter and then stop and try to imagine how you would be telling me this words...I am thinking of how would it be to be talking face to face with you. How would it be to walk in the streets with you, to go shopping with you, to be sitting next to you in a bus. I know that I am a lady who is not 15 years old and I have a daughter already - I need to be more serious, but I guess because of luck of romantic and tender feelings in the earliest years or just because I need to be romantic and want to be this way...I want to experience lots of things with you. And I think it is great!!!

As for the Black See, so I think you'll like it there in Crimea. It's a resort coast where is everything to enjoy the rest, summer & sun! There is a wonderful & mild climate in Crimea as well as a very beautiful nature. I was there for several times & believe it's impossible to forget that time!

I belive that in you I have found the man I have been searching for... And actually I have not expected it even from myself, that I will feel so attached to you so fast. Days are running like wild for me now and it helps me to overcome the time I have to wait to come to the firm office to read your letter. I am really looking forward to the time when we will one happy family...

I think that I am going to tell my Mom and Dad about us as they will know about us anyway, Sonia knows and she will tell them:-) She is a smart young lady, but there are no secrets between her and me and her and my Mom - her Grandma, so she will know it pretty soon. I think that me and Sonia will go to visit them on a week-end. They still live in the house where I was born and all of my sisters and brother, this house remains me of a happy childhood that I had. They have been and are the greatest parents, I hope that I am the same for my little girl. I have always tried to be like my Mom - she is really wise and nice to everybody, she loves Dad a lot (they are married for about 40 years:-) - it impresses). When you will see my parents yourself you will understand this - they act like they are just dating - they are both so caring and so supportive, my Dad still makes surprises for my Mom. He bakes cakes for her and gives her love cards...but no matter what - his kindness and love to us kids he has been always fare and strict.

I really want you to meet my parents someday - they will love you. I am sure. I will be missing you till the next letter that I will get from you. Also, do you have any pics you could send me?

Many kisses from Lora.

P.s. On the picture near the Christmas tree - me and two others girls from our dancing group - Vera and Nadya.

Letter 2

Dear Sir.

We want to inform you that your lady is not able to continue correspondence with you, as her paid contract with firm is over. She has been using the internet resources and the translators of our firm to correspond with you.

If you are interested in future correspondence with this lady we can offer you another contract for this purpose. If you are able to help your lady with correspondence fees we will be glad to assists you and are ready to offer you our service.

Feel free to contact our company if you will have any questions.

Sincerely yours,
“Lingvo Company”

P.S. Our office e – mail address has been changed to:



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